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Bitten By The Wolf, I Am Now A TorqueAddict! (User Review[75ps] - WolfMoto Remap)

Discussion in 'Engine and Drivetrain' started by Harsh, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. Another One Bitten By The Wolf!

    This is my review of the most anticipated things we MJD owners can think about. The WolfMoto Switchable Remaps.

    Let me first explain what Wolf Moto Remaps Actually Are.
    WolfMoto Switchable Remaps are basically Magic Tricks of the Sorcerers Rajiv & Adarsh.
    They come to you, take about 3 of your hours and your vehicle and return your vehicle with a new heart. With this new heart comes "Oh-my-my-Oh" power and drive quality. One thing I Noticed is that the 75ps owners will be left a little dry as compared to the Linea or 90hp fellows. But what 75'vers get is way more than you can imagine your ride could deliver to you.

    I got the wolf bite on the 7th of December and made little test runs just to make sure that I'm paying money and I'm seeing something more than my Temperature Gauge move in ignition.
    The Test runs left me shocked :-O. Though I did not mention it to the Wolf Guys, I could hardly wait to rip the throttle. (While I Say this, It is difficult to Imagine I'm referring to a diesel engine.)
    The Following day I was to depart for my much anticipated roadtrip to the Great Rann of Kutch in my dad's Tjet. Well, Thats a tale to be told some other time.
    Continuing on the quest I've begun here;

    I returned Sunday night and was almost closed to dead after driving Bhuj-Mumbai nonstop. First thing Monday morning I went for a review drive.

    I shall now begin explaining my experience and opinion on each map.

    To Switch:

    Put the car in ignition mode, observe the Temperature Gauge. Pumping the accelerator paddle will enable you to switch through the maps. Crank the car to drive in the chosen map.

    Apart from stock map, if you rev the car to post 4100 rpm in any of the other maps you are automatically elevated to Map 4

    1. Stock Map.
    Very negligible difference is noted. Though the turbo spooling happens at slightly lower rpms that normal. This could have been my psychological side acting up in anticipation of what I was to expect in the coming Maps.
    To Identify the stock map, you have to correspond the Enginge Temperature with the Temp. gauge needle.
    You have an option to completely delete the EGR, but Rajiv says that could make the remap traceable. So basically the map runs the same stock map that came along installed with the car when we bought it.

    2. Map 1
    Rajiv Calls it the Mileage map, though no fancy names have been given to the maps. To identify the Mileage Map, the temperature Gauge is at the "C" level.
    In this map, there is no visible difference in the lower gears, namely; 1st and 2nd. What changes is the deliverance of power in the higher gears. The turbo spike is made linear and the tachometer climbs slower. turbo lag is almost extended to eternity. Statistically I plan to drive entire tanks or at least 250 kms on each map. Thus statistics will be updated in a later phase. It makes no sense to rev your vehicle to Higher rpms in this map, as mentioned upon crossing 4100 rpm you will shift to Map 4. The Drive feels sluggish and squishy almost throughout to all 5 gears. It is pretty beneficial if you are a daily traffic mule. It almost restricts you from ramming the guy ahead of you in frustration. ;) That said, this map is hardly one that I'd drive on.

    3. Map 2
    My Favourite Map. This is one of the peppiest maps amongst the ones on call. Turbo "seems to" spool repeatedly and more often! Thats the best way I'd describe it. The right amount of power and torque to zip through light-moderate traffic. WolfMoto suggests that this is a balance of Mileage and Power delivery. Again, statistics are yet to be detailed. The car climbs flyovers and slopes more joyfully, there is instant throttle response and there is power in every gear. One doesn't need to down shift to overtake another vehicle if you are cruising at about 2-2.5K rpms. The Engine sound may or may not seem to rise. In my case I sense the noise has risen. I am currently driving through traffic and open roads on this map.

    4. Map 3
    It is the introductory map to the power map. In this map you will notice the turbos pooling range delivering more power. The spike is more enhanced and the lag is noticeably reduced. Throttle is well responding and there is joyful power in the gears. Zipping through traffic now becomes a necessity because you will be faster than most traffic around you. Faint smoke was observed initially but was not prolonged. Smoke is observed when you are at high rpms and speeds. The amount of smoke is what you would notice in stock while trying to reach a set 3 figure speed. The engine is so responsive it became more difficult to believe I was driving a diesel and not a petrol. FE is almost to be neglected though by the end of it you will not swear!

    5. Map 4
    The Beast is unleashed. Immense power is slapped to you. Do not expect your top-speed to go higher but be rest assured that you will reach your top speed faster. The car is much much lighter and handles like a dream. I almost felt I needed a stronger pair of brakes to tackle so much of power. My brakes being in pristine condition, I suggest you do the same before you exploit this map. The EGR operates sparingly and is almost as good as deleted. Considering EGT, Rajiv recommends that you do not keep the throttle pressed for a long time. Short bursts of speed is more enjoyable rather than searing down the expressways. Smoke is not an alarming issue as would have been expected. The drive quality is commendable and adrenaline filled. FE needs to be overlooked.

    A complete long run on this map is yet to be tested.

    Statistics on every map shall be updated later.

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  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    There, There. Looks like one wolf is happily enjoying the drive.

    Thanks Harsh for the detailed review of the maps. So ideally there are only 4 maps leaving the stock map out of the list. So is the EGR deleted for the 4 maps?

    Would be interesting to read your review of each map with statistics. Glued to this thread.
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  3. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Hay Harsh thats nice write up.

    I am also working on my review. :up.
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  4. Egr is minutely operational on the maps and at higher rpms it is automatically deleted.

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  5. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Hold your horses...! :evilsmile Well, I dont think that is going to work on you now, is it? Enjoy the remap mate!

    Nice to know Kedar Bendre too is working on his review. About time the forum needed some adrenaline pumping news..!

    As expected it looks well worth the effort and money spent.

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  6. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    How is smoke in map 2 and 3??

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  7. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    Congrats Harsh.

    Mind to share the total expense incurred? You may PM me if it's OK.
  8. Joseph

    Joseph Novizio

    Congrats on the Remap.

    By the way could you share your experience with the punto as of now. The initial review was wonderful and very well detailed.

    Joseph Bejoy
  9. Okay...details in 24...I'm not on type"able" machine....ASAP :-D

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  10. muralidharmr

    muralidharmr Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3

    I am thinking of getting my 75ps punto remapped.. Some how i had missed your review, read today.
    Your words "One thing I Noticed is that the 75ps owners will be left a little dry" has made me think all again on my remapping decision.. Is it worth getting 75ps punto remapped? Does FGT Vs VGT makes so much difference for remap..?

    In general have noticed difference between 75ps V 90 ps only at high speeds; in fact at lower rpms felt 75ps is less sluggish..
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