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Big Mistake - TD a Fiat Linea Tjet+

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by FFF, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Welcome to TeamFiat and Fiat family! Go for the Jet!

    Of course, you will get addicted soon, drive a lot, and you might regret for not buying a MJet. While driving, you will forget everything and enjoy the moment.
  2. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    Go for T-Jet. Its is much much better than City in many areas and mostly in all important things like safety etc. Also, how can I forget words of Mr. Vijyant (aka AXN) who drove a brand new city from Chandigarh to Delhi.... He said "What is this car...?, no connection between me, city and road. I'll never consider this for me". And Mr. AXN is knowledgable man for sure.

    I am not sure about FE of T-Jet but I know my FIRE 1.2, it listens to my heart simply and give FE accordingly. I've cloced 21.7 KMPL on highway with 100% AC on. ;). I'll upload pics this evening.

    PS: Do proper PDI, check for rust in doors, bonnet and engine cabin etc. Get anti cavity treatment done immediatly if you buy this car.
  3. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I think you want our confirmation that you are not an individual on your thoughts. So much of media favor, long list of buyers turn out fake against something which is hardly talked about & understated. You actually got it Bingo!! Tjet+ is what a C+ segment car should be. It simply rocks & ahead of the competition by a good margin in all aspects.

    Avoid taking advise from repeaters & listen to your heart:mrgreen:!! Since you have already test driven, it is just a reassurance. For After sales, don't worry. FIAT is planning big time & they can only have more presence from here on. if one knows how to drive FIAT, apart from servicing, these cars are not meant to visit service station like other. Very forgiving, no matter how poor the roads are, how fast you are driving, how steeply you are turning etc etc. Basics of these cars are built for ages. I have nothing to say on some screw creaking in the dashboard, that's not a deal breaker for me. When it comes to Chassis/Suspension & Mechanics of the car, next step on the ladder is BMW/AUDI worth 30+ lacs. All those slanted H, T etc cars are no match.
  4. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    I have a 2009 Punto MJD and a 2010 Honda City A/T.

    I do agree that the IVTEC engine is a beauty - smooth & refined with very good performance. Unfortunately, the Chassis, Suspension, steering & brakes let the engine down. I always get the feeling that Honda knew what a nicely set up driver's car the city could be but decided to dumb down the car to make it a comfortable point A to B commuter car. The City performs best between 80 to 100 kmph. Sure, you can do more then that, I have done 140kmph in the City but at that speed the car pitches, bounces and shakes you all over. Brake from speeds over 100kmph and the brakes scare you, it doesn't have the bite of the Fiat's brakes. On the twisties, you will be resorting to frequent steering adjustment's to keep the car in it's line. The seats are short on under thigh support & long drives result in my backside aching. Every service has cost me Rs.5,000. That's Rs.5000 every 5,000 kms! What this means is that from the next time, I have to keep a hawk's eye on the dealer so that he doesn't charge me for un-necessary items. The car is corporate registered so maybe they are taking their chances. Surprising that Honda's dealer's are not the epitome of honesty since the transparent Japanese processes is what's hammered into our heads day in and day out.

    Yes, reliablity is what Honda excels in. It wouldn't have the niggles of a Fiat although I am not sure whether you will have non fast running spares like some cables readily avaliable with your Honda ASC. Having said that, even if it's not in stock, rest assured, a Honda dealer will get it in stock quicker then a Fiat dealer.

    Yes, you are short changed in a Honda. The interior's feel like from a toy car and the car isn't built like the Euro car's but it will give you stupendous reliablity.

    It is a queston of heart v/s head. If I were you, I would listen to my heart.
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  5. I am a fresh T-Jet owner... done some 1100 odd kms on her... and...
    This car GROWS on you...
    She is equally good.. as a Cruiser as well as a Spirited Ride..
    And about FE... Well I am still in the run in period, but my latest trip to agra from delhi, once I left the city, I could manage a FE of upto 18kmpl (ACC Set at 26)...
    It is THE car if you are in love with roads and driving...
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  6. FFF


    Hey guys thanks for all the comments and suggestions really helpful.

    Got a TD lined up for my folks today so lets see how that goes. As they only have 3 colours left (i.e. black, white and azure) I think I will have to decide on this asap as they are already running thin on black stocks. I know black is a very difficult coulour to maintain but I really dont like any of the other colours available.

    Will keep you guys posted.

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  7. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    FFF, go for the TJet. No other car in the segment can match the TJet. Once you take it onto the highway, you just wont be able to stop smiling. As far as mileage goes, people have reported high mileage with a light foot. But then, you do not buy the TJet to drive with a light foot. You buy it to drive it with a hard foot (money saved due to discount can be used for 'fuel'ing your desire (hard acceleration)
  8. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Hi FFF, white T Jet is awesome color , you can see many of our TFI photo shoots in the forum , Also it will give u rich and showing linea as big feel.Tjet gives the best mileage compared to all sedans under 10 l category you can check all the owners of tjet in forum.
  9. FFF



    Thanks for all your replies much appreciated.

    I booked back to back TDs of the jet and the city for the folks and they loved the jet. My dad could'nt stop raving about the build quality of the car especially the way it handles the craters on mumbai roads.

    I have decided to go for the tjet+ ;). I am negotiating with the dealers right now and will keep you guys posted.

    PS - If there is anyone in Mumbai who is getting a tjet let me know I am sure we can get a better deal if we book 2 or more.
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  10. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    Congrats and officially welcome to the Fiat Family!

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