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Big Mistake - TD a Fiat Linea Tjet+

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by FFF, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. FFF


    Hey guys, heres my dilemma:

    Been a hardcore biker all my life and was presently more than happy with my old crappy zen or hitching with a friend when I needed to use a car. Now I have been looking for a new C+ segment petrol sedan (don't run my car that much so diesel does not work for me) for a month and have pretty much test driven every car in this segment. This is where I am today:

    1. Nissan Sunny: Well it gives the best mileage for a reason. The engine really did not click or connect with me when I was driving this. However one thing I loved was the rear space. I'm quite tall but the leg room was more than enough. Its a great car for anyone looking for a driver to lug them around town but not for me. Out goes the Sunny.

    2. Skoda Rapid: Really liked this car but the petrol variant really does'nt have the power compared to a city. Also they do not have the safety features in the base version which is really unacceptable. Out goes the rapid.

    3. WV Vento: Once the skoda did'nt cut it for me there was no point looking at this car. However TD it anyway and yeah this was not the car for me for sure.

    4. Hyundai Verna: Love the fluidic design that Hyundai have adopted across the board. Lots of features but the interior to flashy for my taste (hate fake wood finishes). TD it and there was no feel from the steering at all. The engine also does'nt match up to the city and plus there is a month or so waiting period. So long verna.

    5. Toyota Atios: VFM car. But no power or driving pleasure. Plus the tab cabs in Mumbai are atios so no way getting this car.

    6. Maruti SX4: Well first of all I dont like the idea of driving a MAN around town. There is a reason cars are considered feminine they are supposed to be beautiful have lines and pleasing to the eyes. IMO this is the ugliest car in the segment. I guess if you want reliability and cheap spares this is the car for you. Nothing special to drive and boring to look at, perfect for everyday driving mayhem (you would'nt care even if you scratch it!). Nice VFM if your just looking for something to get you from point A to B no fuss. Not for me though out goes the SX4.

    6. Honda City: What can I say? The ivtec is a gem of an engine and is just superbly refined. What I did'nt like was the interiors and the washing machine a/c knobs. Come on man its a 9 lakh car your selling here I'm sure you can do better than slapping some chrome on it even if I go for a V version. I anyways decided that I will get the corporate edition (CE) and do it up myself as there is no ICE, alloy wheels and interior design in this version. BTW no Honda dealer is pleased when you say you want the CE as there margins are really low on this variant and will do anything to try and sell you a higher variant. You can get only a white or silver car if you go for a CE that's how much Honda does'nt like selling this car.

    Never considered the TATA and FIATs heard bad things about them as far as reliability, spares, service etc. Well why the hell would I buy a FIAT if I can get a Honda at the same or cheaper price right?

    So after all this I decided that Honda City CE is the car for me. Ya I would be the 11th Honda City on every signal in town but what the hell there is a reason this car sells so much. Plus getting lenzo alloys, custom ICE etc. so should look a little apart at least.

    So I get my finances in order and off to the Honda guys to book my car. But that morning see an ad saying discounts upto Rs 2.36 lakhs on Fiat Line tjet+. Of course the discount nobody would want them in the first place. So I'm on my way to Prabhadevi to the Honda guys and start thinking to myself a turbo petrol (like the higher segment skoda's) should be good fun to at least TD (if FIAT have got it right). So on my way I pull in at Concorde and ask for a tjet+ TD.

    So I walk towards the car and there she was. The car looked great, fantastic lines and a really nice front grill. Get into the car, love the interior design (understated but really classy), leather seats (nice!), steering buttons well placed, centre console etc. I know people complaint about the driver seating but I was really comfortable just slid the seat back and got strapped in. Perfect.

    So began the TD, the turning radius wow this takes some effort but then the sales guy told me that the length of the car was that of a Innova, I felt a little better and understood that this probably is something FIAT have not goofed up on. I swear I could have a donut in my zen in that much place but hey if the car is big its big right.

    So expecting further disappointment, I took her out of the parking lot onto the main road. Boy the turbo kicked in and I forgot about the crappy turning radius at once. The gear shift a little rubbery but compliments the engine nicely. The car just spoke and connected with me and was a joy to drive. I could not stop revving to feel the turbo kick. The brakes are just fantastic and the car is really stable. Unlike the city this one wants you to throw her around bends and just grips and grips and grips. Love the handling and steering feedback. As I said it is difficult to explain but the car just connected with me you know.

    TD ends and I have a huge smile on my face. I just want to drive it again. BTW I also forgot I was out to book a Honda that day. :wink:

    I was thoroughly impressed by the build quality too, the metal used looked like it was tough and the car felt very secure. Compared to the city (which feels like it was made of wafer thin sheet metal now) this was so much more car. Started reading reviews online and totally loved the ownership threads on this forum and team-bhp.

    So now I think I'm a FFF i.e Fresh Fiat Fan. Now the main problems:

    1. Spoke to the folks about this and they think I'm bonkers considering this over the City.

    2. Notorious for niggles, no or ridiculously priced spare parts (examples Palio, Uno etc.). This becomes important especially all the cars in my area are mauled by rats. Not sure if I can rat proof this but if they chew through the cables and stuff I can't wait for spares all the time.

    3. TATA/FIAT break up. While this is the best thing FIAT could have done, where the hell do we go for services in the meantime. Well if we still have to go to the TATA guys they are not give a damn about the FIATs anymore (if they ever did).

    4. No resell value (usually don't sell the car in a short period so not really bothered about it).

    5. Mileage. Well don't run the car that much to feel the difference, if any, over the City.

    6. 2011 May model. More chances of problems as the the cars have lying around in the stockyard for more than a year.

    I TD the City again after this and even in the V variant TD car I was feeling completely short changed compared to the Linea T-jet+. I am thoroughly confused now as the head says city but the heart says Linea.

    I know this is a FIAT forum so the views may be biased but you guys are also the right people to opine on the problems mentioned above as you guys are using these cars.

    Apologies for the ridiculously long post but just had to explain everything going around in my head :wink:
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  2. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    If you liked Fiat Linea T-JET, then just go for it. Honda City is no match for a T-JET. Linea is a car that pampers you till the core. go for it! All Linea T-Jets were made before june 2011 so all T-Jets will be manufactured before this date. there's no problem going with the car but take a PDI (Pre-Delivery-Inspection) to check the car is in good condition.
    Best of Luck!
  3. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    I had heard similar comments from others about thin metal Honda citybody :)

    iVTec is a very refined engine for sure..and City will fetch more resale value...and more praises from a common car buying crowd...

    But,what u get with TJect is something totally different...sheer driving pleasure and an urge to drive more...

    One I drove my colleagues TJET wit turbo & blown over...

    There will be niggles in all cars..but Linea for me is the most beautiful car in town...period.

    When u buy a Fiat u don't buy just a car...u buy a companion..u'll have an emotional connect...

    True we are TFI'ans and we may sound biased...but note...we are TFI'ans because of our cars...and not because of TFI we bought FIAT...

    FIAT cars make u addictive to driving and addictive to such forums where u search for an internet connection in the middle of forest to upload ur drive experience. :)

    Finally,its your personal decision ..weigh ur options....and decide..

    Both are supreme cars..with TJET with an edge..
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  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Go for it +.
    Its one of the Masterpiece which is ready to charge, As the FIAT is all set to go for the independent sales and service which have already started in Hyderabad and in full swing process going for the startup in many more cities.
    People are surely tend towards the city as they see many on the streets than the Linea,
    People having city always complaint for its FE, But one having a Tjet will never speak up on the FE, but will boast on the sturdiness and the comfort of the car.
  5. Ferrariscdr

    Ferrariscdr Amatore

    your story is similar to mine - the difference is i was about to book Verna but then took the TD and drove this car again again. Finally decided this is what i want. Regarding your queries you should not consider much for service as it may not be big issue as of now. T-Jet engine is fully imported and very refined. go with your heart. make sure you do a thorough PDI before you buy as you said it is May month make.
  6. sungoa2010


  7. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Welcome FFF!
    Yes,all your observations are correct.Car is fantastic but service and spares availability is an issue.
    But go with your heart and you can never go wrong and service and spares problem will no longer appear before your eyes.
    Also ask other friends in the forum and Fiat,if Fiat is not discontinuing this car-T Jet,when it will become a problem.
  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Let me try to answer your doubts -
    True, but once they sit in T-Jet, their perception bound to change.

    Niggles are there, more in older cars, but all are minor.
    Spare parts is much cheaper, and if you calculate 15K service interval, the cost of maintanance will be less than half of City.
    JV is still intact, and decision to separate out is also joint decision.
    Yes sales and service is going to be separated, but since Tata is still involved, there should not be issue with current service centers.
    Also, most of the Fiat service center will be opened by existing dealership.

    This should be true, Honda should fetch more resale value.
    City should give little more mileage, but difference will not be significant.
    If PDI is done properly, should not be any issue.
    Just have a look at ownership reports - Linea 1.4 T-Jet
    Some reports are pretty exhaustive and should provide all details.

    You know the answer.

    BTW, which city are you from?
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  9. FFF


    Many thanks for all your responses really appreciate it.

    I am in Mumbai. As suggested, I already have read the ownership reviews in detail after my TD and I completely see why they are so passionate about this car.

    I am planning to take my folks for a TD too so hopefully that should seal it :)
  10. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    Welcome FFF to team-fiat. As the title of this thread says, you have made a mistake of TDing a FIAT (and what more ! a TJet). This injection of FIAT will haunt you until you finalize your decision. It will take a real strong will power to go for Honda City now. All the best.
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