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Best Petrol Car Under 7.5L

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by amargawade90, Jan 28, 2012.


Fiat Punto 1.4 Vs Honda Jazz X

  1. Fiat Punto 1.4

  2. Honda Jazz X

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  1. gopscreative

    gopscreative Amatore

    Even 1.3 MJD (75hp) can do easily around 140-150.And there is nothing which matches the fun provided by MJD while driving.Test drive and feel it yourself.
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  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Punto MJD is capable of doing speeds upto 160.

    I am still confused over your comparison. You started off with a hatch vs Sedan. Now Petrol vs Diesel. Before thinking about the options, list down your priorities and proceed further.

    Comparing GP 1.2 (Hatch with 68 BHP) with City 1.5 (Sedan with 116 BHP) itself is absurd.
  3. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    @ramjn: as i already said, actually i want to TD punto 1.4 but its not available now , therefor i just TD 1.2.....nothing else...
    i ( and my dad too)never driven any diesel car....so i asking question here !! today , I may going to TD punto mjd for comparing( how's feeling ) diesel Engine compare to petrol !!
  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    To feel the potential of the MJD engine, you need to do the TD on a highway. Take her to triple digit speeds and you could understand the fun of driving the MJD. If your monthly driving is less than 500 kms, its better to stick with Petrol and if you have budget go for City Corporate. Punto may perform better on mountains, but the question is how many times you will be taking your car to mountains. For Petrol, better stick with City if you have budget.

    Note: I would always prefer T-Jet rather than going in for SMT/VMT. City Corporate pricing is attractive though.
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  5. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    @ Amar- if you have a budget of buying a honda city in lieu of punto 1.2 ofcourse , but obviously , blindly go for honda city.

    if you have budget to buy a linea MJD, it will be a better buy than honda city in all terms.
  6. Pramod N

    Pramod N Amatore

    Dude, i have a Punto Petrol 1.4 Emotion Pack 2011.
    I have touched a max of 170+ with 5 adults and luggage... No problem at all
    And if ur usage is less than even 1000, stick to petrol... U will enjoy it
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  7. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Sorry this statemement is applicable to i 20 crdi which has huge turbo lag
    MJD gives better low end torque than anyother diesel hatchback.
    MJD gives enjoy at double digit speed also.

    @ amar

    Don,t give importance to triple digit speed,top speed etc

    Are going to play race? No. Then wash it from your brain these useless norms

    In my college life, I was using premier Padmini

    I had beat Opel Astra & had not given pass Opel for 5 KM.

    Once I had given dust on flat road to Scoda Octivia on my former 75 BHP Punto.

    In ghat section I always give dust to M Swift,Tavera,Safari etc.

    Swift, Scoda, Saffari are only made for flat bedded road

    Drivability,low end torque,min.gear changes,
    min throttle input these factors are important while choosing engine.

    It is not important that how much power & torque you get.
    It is important at which RPM you are getting power & torque

    Power & Torque at less RPM is always wise choice
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  8. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    Ok Mate , I'll TD both punto 1.4 and punto MJD back to Back and will Decide Go to petrol or Diesel !!( within 4-6 days punto 1.4 coming then i TD both....to compare both car by My Self !!)
  9. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    First of all it is not the top speed thread but still let me tell what happened during TFI Chail meet....

    Myself and Varoon9999 started racing on GT Karnal road.. Varoon9999 22Ji was in Phew's punto and i was in my 1.2 FIRE... We were neck to neck at 170kmph when i switched off my AC and crossed him... Suddenly there was a breeze and a car car passed both of us, that was Anesh in his 90HP and he was at 180+ then...

    Now the reality is whether 1.2, 1.4 or 1.3MJD or 90HP all can reach 170 easily on a straight stretch as the body support these speeds bcoz of excellent handling and stability.

    Coming to your TD of MJD, please don't expect the engine to be as silent as 1.2 or City. Don't compare the noise with Petrol. Drive for 15-20 minutes as then the engine gets hot and the noise reduces... MJD is anyday a fun to drive car then petrol cars (Except TJET) as the mid range torque just drolls you over.
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  10. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @shashanknathani ,
    180kmph with P90hp....How strange..!!

    Manufacturer stated maximum speed of Punto 90hp as 165kmph .
    Myself with all my muscles could do only172kmph in my punto 90hp in stock condition at 4200rpm.I wish it was not electronically Locked it could have done 195kmph.

    possibly there is problem in my punto 90hp and manufacturers specs.

    or you guys are lying .


    BTW those might 90hp does do it whatever it can so incredibly that it brings a smile on your face.

    Punto1.4 is also 90ps I guess but for higher rpm benefit of petrol engine, I believe it can easily outperform Punto90hp IMO
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