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Best Petrol Car Under 7.5L

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by amargawade90, Jan 28, 2012.


Fiat Punto 1.4 Vs Honda Jazz X

  1. Fiat Punto 1.4

  2. Honda Jazz X

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  1. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    When you read this thread from beginning you will notice that I have recommended Jazz to you and not a Fiat car. But, one should buy a car he loves a lot. Go for i20 if you love it. I have owned Hyundai for 4 years. I know about its stability, ride, service, etc,.

    Hyundai is good and I strongly recommend i20 to you. Drop Punto from your list. A Fiat car would not be a correct fit for you.
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  2. I also agree with this.. even if you end up buying a punto you will keep on finding one or other fault in it and in return you will ruin your mental peace... which no one wants to after spednig so much on a car...
    I too will recommend you 120 to you..
    you will atleast have a peace of mind....
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  3. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    You are right dude, If you like i20, go for it, As said by our mates that you will tend to find more issues in Fiat if you are not happy with it, and we are the other way, we resolve the issue and enjoy it..
    You can enjoy the i20, as its also a good car, but be with us in the forum,,,
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  4. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    We have Maruti ZEN ( Maruti is known For Cheaper maintaince), 5-6 Years Ago , we Have One Big Dent ( ~12-15 cm) on Front Left side of Bonnet.....When we goes to repair it , Maruti cost us 13K ( this our 1st and Last insurance claim , we just needs to pay 1.2K)(we needs to wait 7+days for this)( Maruti says 13K for removing dents/paint for this area and U saying just 15K for Four Doors.....is u trying to say....Fiat is cheaper than Maruti ???:eek: )

    Next Time , when our car get Dent on Door then insteed of going to MAruti ,we going to LOCAL Garage , They Just Remove Dent/Paint at Just 3K within just 2days . Now whenever we get any dent , we always going to this garage...( Garage workers Doing Great Job , No Problem Till Now after painting this areas )
    So MORAL , Of Story , we dont care about how car company charges for repairing cost , if we can do it outside at Very LOW COst!!
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  5. tushargn

    tushargn Amatore

    Amar, you have owned and enjoyed zen/alto for years, I am surprised what makes you think of the top limits of segment leading cars when you are no way going to touch it or experience it? There is no BAD car today in the market for 500-700km running range of a month. go with what pleases you, what brings smile on your face.

    I had booked i20 Sports CRDI, cancelled after 40 days out of 2 months waiting period and went for Linea MJD base model. It was the looks that got me in.
    By the way, have clocked 9k+ km in last 4 months of ownership and happy for the decision I took!
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  6. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Moms are Moms, let's rest them at home when maniacs feel like driving something. Never mind, you never see any MOM in world with "yahoooooooo:dancing!! We will set the road on fire@180 km/hr!!
    until she is one gone maniac like her son:mrgreen: They will never agree, isn't it!!

    But for the above reasons you mentioned, would they be enough for you to love your car more than a week. It will be a liability later on because you have spent so much of money, nothing else.

    Caution: When you will see a Linea MJD/90HP for the same amount of money, zooming by, you would feel like smacking head into that top quality Dashboard Mann!!!

    Nothing else but this is certain, take my words!! Still i wish that your heart should come out blooming instead of mind. The Heart is permanent, mind changes every second & is loyal as a prostitute. Try to manage some long test drive of i20, may be 3-4 times & you will be pretty saturated with this stuff. Why to spend 8 lacs? I want your money be saved too. Instead opt for an i10 petrol. After a week or so, you will realize that you have saved lot of money at least.
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  7. I have the bill i can produce it here if you want...
    yes FIAT painting and dentinf=g work is way cheaper.. and they deliver me car in 2 days ....
    this time i gave on tuedsay moring and get back on thursday evening(yesterday)....
    i even have all the images of the dent if you want to see and assure..
  8. teky

    teky Esperto

    Moral of Story can't be found until you buy & own a Hyundai. Just check the spare part prices and child part policy of Hyundai and come back to us. I'm not discouraging you from owning a Hyundai and I don't want you to buy a Fiat either. Just research a bit more on the AC Cooling issue & Steering rattle before putting your money on i20. Jazz to me looks like a far better option than the i20.

    Lastly, A Fiat car deserves to be earned and not bought!
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  9. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    When I 1st Time saw Punto and Its Features , I Loved Too Much But New i20 Defeat It Now !!
    Our Running is too Low ( 3000km/Year , One Trip Of 1000km in May and 1000km Trip in Nov or Jan , Means Remaining 10 Months Running is just 1000Kms ). And we Doing Only Two Highway Trips Per Year , car Mostly driving in City Only.
    Why Punto is behind my List ::
    1. Interior/Dashboard is Still Behind i20 , Polo or Even Swift too.
    2. Now Features are Less Compare to i20 ( Blue and Me useless For Us , I DOnt Like to Listen My Conversation by anyone )
    3. Still Not TD of Punto 1.4 for Me.... Even after Calling Pune too!! Posted On FB wall 10+ times , requested on online for TD 7-8 times...STill Nothing Happened , Even I called Some Mumbai Dealers but They also DOnt have car.....
    4. Little less rear Space ( Its Not My Top Priority )
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  10. tushargn

    tushargn Amatore

    Right Sanjeet. After a bad experience of accident where I was sandwitched, I got my front and rear bumper replaced, bonnet replaced, radiator top grill replaced.... I was handed over the car in 4 days where I ended up paying merely 7k through insurance.
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