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Best engineered car - FIAT PUNTO MJD - Ownership Review (15K KM Update)

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by PuntoMJD, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. PuntoMJD

    PuntoMJD Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3

    What do you think about best engineering in your car? Its Exterior/look,Interior,price,A.S.S. or niggle free car?
    No Its engineering behind engine - World class FIAT 1.3 MJD
    Its engineering behind dynamics - Punto offers best in class handling and ride quality
    Its engineering behind steering - Punto comes with best in class hydraulic power steering (This is the part of car which is most of time with you)
    Its engineering behind the braking - Excellent breaking capabilities of Punto

    I realized this after driving my beauty around 15K KM :p. Excellence of Punto never realize in short test drive. You always feel sluggish performance, long clutch, heavy steering (compared to others), large turning radius etc etc. But after driving 15K KM i am felling Punto clutch and steering is the best class in segment.



    My first car was ALTO LXI BSIII and while selecting alto, I was not choosy about the cars. This was my first car so don’t wanted to take any risk. Closed my eyes and decided alto lxi. This decision never regrets me. I was very happy as an alto owner and enjoyed every moment with my alto. Since November 2010 I was thinking to replace my ALTO LXI with some big hatch. My yearly running is 10000 to 12000 KM (40% city and 60% highways) so no problem for choosing either petrol or diesel vehicle. I did not consider that I need to pay 80K to 1 lakh extra for diesel vehicle. I decided my budget and tried to get whatever is best in that budget. Budget was 6.50 lakh and extended up to 30/40K. Mainly 4 peoples always traveled with the car.

    Primary requirements –· Engine/Power – Petrol - 1.2 lit and Diesel 1.3/1.4 lit
    · Rear space (better legroom and headroom), Adjustable rear headrest

    · Decent mileage - 16/17 KMPL (petrol) and 20/22KMPL (diesel)
    · Best in class interior
    · Build quality, handling and ride quality
    · Effective AC for front as well as rear passenger (not necessary
    · ICE/Music system with USB and Aux
    · ABS,EBD
    · 4 door central locking only (not necessary remote locking)

    Secondary requirements –
    · Safety features like airbags
    · Minimum NVH and better engine refinement
    · Better Ground Clearance (not faced too much scraping issue’s with
    my alto)
    · Exterior/look of car
    · Alloy wheels with tubeless tyres
    · Defogger
    · Internally adjusted OVRAM (Electrically)

    Wish list –
    · Both OVRAM with blink indicator
    · Rear wiper
    · Glove box cooling
    · 4 decent bottle holders
    · Boot space (not too much worried about boot space)

    As per above requirements short listed some hatch

    1) Hyundai I20 1.2 Asta / 1.4 Magna CRDi
    2) New Swift 1.3 VDI
    3) Ford Figo 1.4 Duratorq
    4) Skoda Fabia 1.2 Elegance (petrol)
    5) Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Highline (petrol)
    6) New Honda Jazz
    7) Nissan Micra 1.5 dci
    8) Fiat Grande Punto Emotion 1.3 Multijet
    9) Chevrolet Beat 1.0 TCDI
    10) New Tata Vista 1.3 Quadrajet
    11) Toyota Liva V 1.2 / GD 1.4

    Took test drive of all above vehicles except Volkswagen Polo 1.2 and not considered Suzuki Ritz for rear look. Here I am not going to mention TD experienced for all vehicle because I am satisfied with all dealers for immediate TD.

    Some observations -

    1) Ford Figo 1.4 Duratorq

    1) Better Handling
    2) Effective AC
    3) Bluetooth connectivity
    4) Reasonable price

    1) Absence of rear power windows (at least should have been
    provided for ZXI and Titanium)
    2) Absence of driver seat height adjustment
    3) Absence of alloy wheels (at least should have been provided for
    4) Heard that Maintaince on higher side
    5) GC

    Why Rejected - Only due to rear power windows and GC.

    2) I20 CRDI

    1) Superb interior
    2) Spacious
    3) Better Build
    4) Top notch fit and finish
    4) 6 speed gearbox (now comes with 5 speed)
    5) Endless feature list
    6) Reliable ASS network after Maruti Suzuki

    1) AC not effective (especially for rear passenger)
    2) Ride quality
    3) GC - 165 mm
    4) Overpriced (Magna - 7 lakh OTR)

    I20 1.2 Asta felt underpowered as compared to competitor but not bothered too much.

    Why Rejected - Horrible stories of steering rattling and front suspension problem (even with 2011 model).

    3) Skoda Fabia 1.2 Elegance (petrol)

    1) Superb interior
    2) Spacious
    3) Better Build
    4) Top notch fit and finish
    5) Effective AC (also provided rear AC vents at rear foot level)

    1) 3-pot engine
    2) High NVH as compared to competitor
    3) Cost cutting in features as compared to previous version
    4) Overpriced
    5) Less Mileage as compared to competitor

    Why Rejected - 3-pot engine and expensive to maintain

    4) Beat Diesel 1.0 TCDI

    1) Bold Front view
    2) Better build
    3) Mileage (claim 24KMPL)
    4) Decent interior and sporty front panel display
    5) Decent boot space
    6) Light weight steering
    7) Better suspension

    1) 1.0 Multijet (would have been better if 1.3 Multijet)
    2) Not appropriate door handle for rear
    3) 5.75 lakh OTR for LT seems costly (especially when compared to
    Vista VX)
    4) Hard to push beyond 80

    Why Rejected – Lack of punch for highway drives.

    5) New Swift 1.3 VDI – Booked 1.3 VDI before launch (8 August 2011)

    1) Best tuned Multijet engine
    2) Great handling and improved ride quality
    3) Effective AC
    4) Mileage
    5) Improved NVH as compared to previous version.
    6) Best ASS network

    1) 3rd gear surge missing (compared to old swift)
    2) Boot space
    3) Costly - 6.18 lakh OTR without ICE and ABS (Figo, Vista and Punto
    looks VFM)
    4) Waiting period
    5) Rear legroom not improved as per expectation

    Why Rejected – Waiting period, lot of expectation before launch but could not fulfilled and effect of Honda Jazz price cut.

    6) New Honda Jazz Select – Cancelled New Swift 1.3 VDI and booked Honda Jazz Select (4 September)

    1) Best in class 1.2 iVtec engine (not bothered about low end torque)
    2) Minimum NVH
    3) Effective AC
    4) Smooth gear shifting
    5) Mileage
    6) Excellent handling
    7) Decent interior with lot of goodies
    8) ICE support with USB and Aux
    9) Jazz select model comes with all safety features and alloy wheels
    10) Boot space
    11) Magic seats
    12) Honda reliability

    1) GC – 160mm
    2) Expensive spare parts as compared to competitor
    3) Painful service interval
    4) Waiting period

    Why Rejected – Expected delivery was at 6 October 2011 but later dealer said 4 months waiting period and may be extend up to 6 months. Other reason was not sure about spare part cost.

    Meanwhile my Alto LXI was sold before cancellation of Jazz and only available with me till 6 October 2011. Next one was Toyota Liva recently launched model.

    7) Toyota Liva 1.2 / 1.4 GD

    1) Very spacious at rear seat
    2) Exterior/Looks
    3) Smooth gear shifting
    4) Light weight power steering
    5) Better handling
    6) Short clutch (better for city driving)
    7) Toyota mileage claim for both engines
    8) Turning radius
    9) Decent boot space
    10) Decent engine power for both petrol and diesel

    1) Interior (Biggest disappointment)
    2) Central mounted console not up to the mark (Vista has better console)
    3) High NVH for diesel option
    4) AC not effective (always need to put knob on 2nd position)
    5) V and VX model looks overpriced 6.24 lakh OTR and 6.74 lakh OTR respectively. Lot of better
    option available in market at this price. Same story for 1.4 GD model

    Why Rejected – Interior and Overpriced

    8) Nissan Micra 1.5 dci XV premium

    1) Excellent 1.5 dci diesel engine from Renault and Nissan
    2) Great city drivability
    3) Good handling
    4) Better build
    5) Very good fit and finish
    6) USP like push button start
    7) Decent boot space
    8) Mileage (proven in Logan)

    1) GC – 154mm (too minimum)
    2) Rear seat not comfortable (especially low height seats)
    3) ABS is missing in top model and no ABS for diesel model.
    4) Limited service network
    5) Seems overpriced (even with discount)

    Why Rejected – Minimum GC and rear seat comfort as per not expectation

    Meanwhile refreshed vista had been launched and also Fiat Punto yet to be tested.

    9) New Tata Vista VX Quadrajet

    1) Proven Multijet engine
    2) Better handling and suspension
    3) Best interior after I20 and Fabia
    4) Good feature list like Bluetooth and audio control for lower variant
    5) Reasonable price (VX Quadrajet – 5.84 lakh OTR and 5K
    accessories free)
    6) Very cheap to maintain
    7) Mileage
    8) Best in class rear space

    1) Taxi Image
    2) Little bit hard gear shifting
    3) Unknown about long term durability

    Why Rejected – Not taken any decision. Looks VFM as compared to competitor


    10) Fiat Grande Punto Emotion 1.3

    1) Proven Multijet engine
    2) Best in class build quality
    3) Exterior/Looks
    4) Great ride quality
    5) Effective AC
    6) Reasonable price after discount (6.15 lakh OTR for 1.3 Emotion)
    7) Long term durability
    8) Decent boot space
    9) Comfortable rear seat (especially position of rear headrest is perfect better than Swift, Jazz)
    10) Decent feature list
    11) Hydraulic power steering (perfect for highway drives)
    12) GC – 171 mm
    13) Decent mileage

    1) FIAT ASS and spare part availability (only heard, not experienced)
    2) Interior not up to the mark as compared to I20
    3) Long clutch
    4) Not easy to drive in city due to heavy steering and large turning radius (first impression)
    5) Resale Value (I think worst in segment)

    Later not considered Polo 1.2 highline due to same engine as Fabia.

    It was really tough competition between Vista and Punto. I was totally inclined towards Vista for interior, VFM tag and unreliable ASS service of FIAT otherwise Punto stood strongly against Vista. My wife was not happy with vista for its taxi image. Meanwhile one of my friend booked Vista Quadrajet VX. Lots of debate/confusion happened between Vista and Punto. Finally we decided to go for FIAT Grande Punto 1.3 Emotion. We don’t worry about resale value of Punto because I’ll keep this car around 7/8 years but little bit worried about FIAT A.S.S.

    Why Selected –

    1) Build quality
    2) Exterior/Looks
    3) Comfortable rear seat
    4) Great ride quality
    5) Proven Multijet engine
    6) Decent feature list
    7) Reasonable price after discount (6.15 lakh OTR for 1.3 Emotion)

    Booked on 24th September 2011 from Hem motors, Satara (Native place). Pandit auto Pune (PCMC) quoted me 6.38 lakh final OTR that’s why preferred Hem motor, Satara.
    Booking amount – 5000
    Color – Bossa Nova White
    Expected Delivery – 6 October 2011 (vijayadashami)

    Final Quotation –

    1) Ex-showroom price – 590275
    2) Insurance – 18000
    3) RTO – 46000
    4) OTR – 654275
    5) Total discount – 40000
    5) Final OTR after discount - 615000

    What I got free –

    1) 50 months road side assistance
    2) Floor mats
    3) Mud flaps

    Done PDI on 1st October 2011 (not done PDI in details just checked few things). Checked VIN number, its July 2011 manufacturer car. Done rest of payment by DD (610000) and filled form no 20 for registration.

    Delivery Day – 6th October 2011 (Vijayadashami)

    Delivery day arrived. First task was to take delivery of friend's Vista from Pandit auto
    Pimpri (Pune). On that day all delivery was scheduled at Bhosari workshop because it was crowded day. Took the delivery of vista at 11 AM. Filled the diesel at shell pump near Pimpri
    and was flying towards Satara (110 KM from Pune) for my Grande Punto delivery. Reached Hem motor, Satara at 2 PM. Lots of crowd at showroom but most of people had taken vehicle delivery in morning. Delivery experienced was neutral (neither pleasant nor bad). SA attended us and shows the vehicle. Took short drive. Some observations

    1) Car was cleaned from outside as well as inside
    2) Floor mats and mud flap was provided as per commitment.
    3) Speedometer was connected after short drive.
    4) Owner manual and warranty book inside glove box
    5) Where is ICE remote? Later realized Punto doesn’t comes with remote
    6) Satisfied on AC, Car electrical and ICE

    Done small ‘Puja’ and took the car delivery with temporary registration number (registration had done but number was pending).

    Accessories fitted at outside –

    1) Fabric/velvet Seat covers – 3200
    2) Garware Ice cool Sunfilm (excluding front) – 6200
    3) Floor mats (including boot) – 2100
    4) Perfume - 260
    5) Vacuum Cleaner (12V) – 700

    First experienced at TATA-FIAT A.S.S network

    While car at parking place (covered parking), someone broke (or may be by mistake) my rear wiper. I lost my rear wiper of brand new car within week . Only my fear was whether I get rear wiper or not. Without rear wiper brand new car looks very bad. So next day I visited to Pandit auto, Bhosari for rear wiper. They informed me FIAT spares are available at Pandit auto, Akurdi workshop. I reached Akurdi and enquired about Punto rear wiper at receptionists. They sent me at store department. Again I enquired at store department. They informed me to visit Pandit auto, Bhosari. What is this? I politely told him that I did come from Pandit auto, Bhosari. Store executive started searching and finally I got rear wiper. I Paid 412 rs for rear wiper. Store executive sent service mechanic for assemble rear wiper. He tried lot but could not succeed. Later service representative sent another mechanic. He told me that ‘Pusher’ is required to push wiper nuts/screw and we don’t have ‘Pusher’ at this service center. But somehow he managed and assembled the rear wiper successfully. Definitely this experience was not pleasant but I am not saying this was bad experience but definitely below my expectations. Hopefully I’ll get pleasant A.S.S. experience for 1st service at TATA-FIAT.

    I put same thread on another forum. I provided this link to avoid misunderstanding across the forums.
    My First Diesel - FIAT Punto 1.3 Emotion - Initial Ownership Review

    Disclaimer – The short listed cars pros and cons are totally based on my assumption/observation/perception. May be I am wrong in many cases.

    Some snaps of white beauty DSC00630.jpg

    DSC00651 - Small.JPG
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  2. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice write up....
    Keep Driving...
    Happy Miles with more smiles :)
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  3. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Congrats and enjoyed reading the post.
    Happy Puntoing round

    ---------- Post added at 03:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:51 PM ----------

    Congrats and enjoyed reading the post.
    Happy Puntoing round:p
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  4. sungoa2010


    It is a rare occasion in life were we can use "Best in class" for a product that we use at reasonable price. Our Fiats are one of such item.
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  5. krishnasinh7229

    krishnasinh7229 Timido

    you had made a wise choice, Sir. I gaurantee that when you will feel the power , pickup and control of your white stallion at + 140km/hr, you will surely drop all your grievence and u would be proud for selecting fiat.
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  6. Lovely review Brother.
  7. PuntoMJD

    PuntoMJD Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Thanks Ganges. I am enjoying my Punto on every moment

    Thanks Tony

    Exactly said. Thanks to FIAT for world class products like Punto and Linea.

    I did 160 KM/hr on Pune-Mumbai expressway. Excellent stability.

    Thanks brother :)
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