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Belur , Halebidu - One day Trip

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by svvickky, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. svvickky

    svvickky Amatore

    With both my wife and kiddu been unwell for 2-3 days, we really needed a break the next weekend. Usually my trips will be well planned, analyzed on various conditions ( Routes, Hotels, Places to visit) etc. This one happened with an hour of discussion, check with colleague for accompanying us. All this happened friday evening and we were all set by saturday morning 6 AM to leave. We didn't even check the temple timings, This clearly indicates the need of break for us :)

    Preps for Trip:
    1. Snacks for us and kid - Checked
    2. Packing of medicines for kid - Checked
    3. Car wash - This was long pending, so start my car wash around 10 PM. It feels great when we have neat looking car smiling at you early morning when you are all set for the trip :)
    4. Checklist of all documents - Checked.

    On Time Start
    We had a timely start of our trip this time :). Left Bangalore by 6:30 AM. Took Kanakapura road to take NICE Road.
    Did a tank up at shell in kanakapura road and we zoomed off our journey

    Route Taken
    JP Nagar - > Kanakapura road - > Nice Road -> Nelamangala -> Hasan - > Belur

    Belur ->Halebidu -> Hasan -> Nelamangala -> Nice Road -> Kanakapura Road - > JP Nagar

    Journey more hassle free, awesome highway !! .. nice climate, it was cloudy overall.

    We were cruising good speed without any hassles

    bellore 004.JPG
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    Breakfast Break:

    This was my third time on this highway in recent past I preferred Swathi restaurant this time too. As it had a kid's play area which is a boon for us to feed our kid :) , Food there was good as usual and we spent an hour finishing our's and my kid's Breakfast.
    Our Plan was to reach belur by 11 AM as we saw temple timings were as below

    10 AM -11 AM- Main Shrine Closed
    11 AM-1 PM : Open

    We stumbled upon a flower garden on way, couldn't resist clicking pics there..

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    Clicks of the Garden

    Screenshot from 2015-07-13 15:02:57.png

    Screenshot from 2015-07-13 15:03:13.png
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    We reached the temple by 12 AM only to see the main shrine closed till 1 PM, we spent remaining time in clicking more and more pics, then some rest.
    Had a good darshan and left for lunch.
    Enquiring on a good restaurant, we ended up in Vishnu Regency , they served very good food. I will definitely recommend this place as it had ample parking too.

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