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Bellezza Italiana - Punto Sport

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by fire_blade, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. fire_blade


    Fiat Grande Punto Sport Ownership Report


    A fun to drive car period. Preferably a Hatchback as it will be driven by me and my wife and mostly in city. Looks that should kill :p. No compromise on security, Airbags & ABS were must. And it should come with all the bells and whistles. I wasn’t bothered about the fact whether it should be a diesel or petrol and neither the mileage.


    Fiat Punto 90 HP, VW Polo 1.6, Skoda Fabia 1.6, Skoda Rapid Diesel, Honda City.

    VW Polo 1.6:

    Likes: Very good looking car, Superb build quality, Fit n finish, Premium feel, Good high speed stability, Best in class gear box.

    Dislikes: Lack of equipments, to name a few No USB or Aux-in or Bluetooth connectivity on OEM ICE, No climate control, Steering does not inspire confidence on high speed(even my wife felt that after driving Punto). Engine doesn't feel as it is 1.6 right from the word go, felt there was a initial lag when you press on the gas. I feel if one is compromising on mileage then the acceleration should compensate that.

    Skoda Fabia 1.6:

    Likes: Superb build quality, Fit n finish, Premium feel, Good high speed stability.

    Dislikes: Looks (No offence to existing Fabia owners) i don’t like the front of Fabia, its not that i don’t like quirky design(i love Yeti :)) but in this case i don't. This was the major factor not to consider this car.​

    Skoda Rapid Diesel(Ambition):

    One fine day i thought let’s stretch the budget and consider Rapid even with the budget stretched to max limit i was only able to touch Ambition variant.
    After driving both Petrol and Diesel Rapid there was no question of going for Petrol :)

    Likes: Excellent diesel engine, has very good drivability, lag is very less hence city driving is a breeze, NVH

    Dislikes: Interiors, i feel Fabia has better interiors. Ambition variant has only driver side Airbags. Equipment level, as due to my budget constraint i was not able to go beyond Ambition variant hence NO OEM music player, no climate control etc.​

    Honda City (S Variant):
    When i was considering Skoda Rapid i thought why not Honda City, after all its current pricing makes it look very VFM.

    Likes: Its a Honda :), Looks, fit n finish, premium feel, fun to drive petrol engine yet fuel efficient, though an electronic steering but it's nicely weighted and don’t feel uninspiring as the one in Polo.

    Dislikes: Lack of features in S variant.It has become very common now a days.​

    Fiat Punto 90 HP(Sport):

    Likes: Looks, i don't know but i just love its design :), feels like a tank, brilliant steering, high speed stability, blu n me, loaded with features and no compromise on security.

    Dislikes: Poor plastic quality, Gear box, Turbo Lag​

    Other cars which i had in mind were Swift and i20.

    Swift has the FTD quotient but it is too common, boot space and waiting period made me stay away from it.

    i20 is a good VFM car but no FTD quotient ​

    Buying Experience:

    After all TDs and several hours spending reading reviews and ownership reviews decided to buy Exotica Red Fiat Grande Punto Sport.

    Special thanks to fellow teamfiatians who helped me clearing my doubts during my hunt for the car ::T

    Booked the car from Prerana motors lal bagh road, bangalore. Bought the car under company lease policy. The car was delivered within 2 weeks after the formalities from leasing company. Did a PDI, Prerana motors have arranged a car for us to go to the stock yard and there was no major issues found during PDI.

    Got standard freebies and managed to get a FREE reverse parking sensors (original fiat accessory).

    Overall satisfied with their service.

    On second day there was a problem, MID always showed “Boot Open” message even though the boot was closed properly. It was an issue with the boot lock, the sensor wire got cut. They replaced the lock and the issue was resolved.





    Initial Impression:

    I got the delivery of the car on 21st June 2012 and I have done 1600 km so far. Its a great feeling to own a Punto :) and i am loving every bit of it. The solid feel, high speed stability and the steering feedback is an absolute delight.

    Mostly driven the car in bangalore city and MID shows an average mileage between 12-14 kmpl in city. I get 12 kmpl during spirited driving.

    Did few short highway trips. On highways its very hard to go slow :) and i was unable to control myself.

    First trip, odo at ~500Kms and i have taken her to 120 - 130kmph.

    Second trip, odo at 1000 Km and again maintained speed b/w 110 -120 kmph. Once i touched 170kmph when me and a skoda laura had an ego clash ;). During this trip it returned 15 kmpl.

    Doubt? touched 170 kmph will this cause any damage to engine?

    Turbo Lag:

    I have few queries here.

    Initial first week(when odo ~300km) 2nd gear was taking time to reach 2k rpm mark and the lag was irritating in traffic but after rpm reaches 2k mark there is a sudden surge of power.

    2nd gear does improved slightly when odo was around 500 - 600 km.

    After all the short highway trips mentioned above now odo is at 1600 km.

    From past few days i am feeling the sudden surge of power(in all gears) have reduced after 2k mark.
    Here i am having doubt, i sometime feel the power delivery has become more linear or is there a problem?

    I also have a feeling that power delivery below 2k mark has improved but again i am having a doubt whether its really the case or is it now that i am used to it so i feel so?

    Is this a normal phenomenon with Multijets or is this a problem in my case?​

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  2. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congrats !! I never expected so many takers for the punto sport when i saw the price n no offers policy of fiat for the sport !! already 5 sports booked by TFIans shows that price is not a barrier to Fiatism !!
    It ll take some time till you get accustomed to the second gear problem , slowly you ll get acquainted to it :D. Once you cross 5k kms mark, it ll be a lot more more easier with it, it ll become smoother and you will feel more power surging. Its the prob with punto gearing n not with multijet engine. Try to quickly shift to third without revving up in second more than 2k rpm , you ll just fly pass everything !!
  3. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Congrats on the car. Its raining Punto Sports on TFI :).
    More bigger size photos would be great. I struggled to locate the decals on your car. Do post more pictures.
  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Yes please post larger pictures.. I'm not seen a punto sport yet.
    TASS also doesn't have one (Concorde, mys rd)

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    Just a note, since you're car is very new , If you do have intentions of changing tyres please do so right away , you will get great deals for them.
    If you wait for 2-3 y rs (like i've done) you will get peanuts ;)
  5. asif


    Congratz on your buy,perfect decision.Punto is the perfect hatch we could buy in India today.:D

    From ma experience 2nd gear in ma Linea has improved a lot after 5000km.Now i wonder why people complain about the 2 nd gear.:cool:The engine is a gem,its improving with every Km.Its hard to keep our emotions under control when we are out on the highway with a Fiat.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2012
  6. fire_blade


    My apologies for not posting more pics :). Was keeping busy at work so pics are on the way.

    So as i understand in 2nd gear everyone has similar experience and things would improve.

    And is that the case with the sudden surge of power also? i mean will get reduced over the time? or is it being more linear :)

    I am having a fear that i took the car on high speeds that has caused this.

    ---------- Post added at 09:17 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:06 AM ----------

    Yeah thats right Varun there is nor barrier for Fiatism :). Lot of people discouraged me from buying a fiat but my love for Punto over powered everything.

    Also i bought it through company lease so i just had to worry about ex showroom price, rest is taken care by leasing company.
  7. sungoa2010


    Congrats for your punto.Red punto is something which people don't dare to see on their ORVM. It has a dominant personality on road. :)
    I think MJD doesn't have the turbolag like VW/skoda. Better feel in rapid is because of their superb gear box. My openion. I didn't feel much turbolag when I drove MJD.
  8. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Happy miles with more smiles.

    Atleast for first 5K Kms maintain within 2000 Rpm and i know this cant be resisted :D
  9. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore


    After you cross 2 or 2.5K...you will feel ur car changing big time..

    I was struggling to go beyond 120 before 3K...but after that 140/150 is cruise speed now...:)

    Being a 90HP...you will be easily able to do more than 170kmph..but please remember safety is FIRST..

    Not advisable to do 170 so early in ur engine life..but do not worry much..wait for few hundred more kms and then ENJOY!!
  10. fire_blade



    I have got Good Year tyres as stock. Is it recommended to change the tyres? If yes, which brand?

    I have read that people switch to Michelin.


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