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Belleza Clara - The beautiful Linea TJet comes home!

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by JayKis, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. deepakhon

    deepakhon Amatore

    Congrats Jayanth! I have booked my black Tjet and am awaiting its delivery. The wait is killing me!
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  2. bsrej

    bsrej Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    Congrats Jay, Your Belleza looks gorgeous :D. Welcome to the T Jet club !!!

    Are you a mallu by any chance ?
  3. JayKis

    JayKis Timido

    THanks Sujay!

    THanks Rajan. Its all a matter of mood and then the words follow! :D

    Thanks Tony

    THanks Arkin. I didnot get the remote. I have already told them and they said they will give it once i get a chance to go to the showroom. Will post some interior pics in the next post.

    Thanks Volt.

    Thanks DRIV3R. Nice to know you liked it!

    THanks Puntoed.

    THanks CHanna. Plz do let know when u guys meet up next.

    THanks Bins

    THanks for the welcome Sat-Chit-ananda

    Thanks Ghodlur.

    Thanks FLywheel. Plz do let know when u guys meet up next.

    Thanks Nadeem

    Thanks Shri!

    Thanks Bala

    THanks BHarath.

    THanks Mahesh. Would try to make it to the meet ups.

    THanks C_S.

    Yeah it killed me for sometime. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is Tjet! :)

    THanks Bsrej. There were enough hints in the story and you caught it right :D
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  4. JayKis

    JayKis Timido

    This review is going to drive you nuts for sometime and then it will all start to make sense sometime later!

    Note of thanks

    The Poet would like to thank the following people for their role in the contribution to help buy the Linea.

    All the models.jpg

    Chitrangadha Singh – “Where Beauty meets Quality”. The most gorgeous lady in bollywood. Looks great. Has great poise, a distinguished sense of style and oozes class.

    Kim Kardashian – The best posterior in the business. Period.

    Sunny Leone – The raunchiest moan you could find in India at the moment.

    Jean Claude Van Damme – One of the biggest action stars ever. If the Volvo advertisement of his split doesn’t impress you, then nothing will. Epitome of Stretch and agility.

    Captain Vijaykanth – The Bullet Proof Man of India. If you don’t believe me, watch this

    Florence Griffith Joyner – Called ‘Flo Jo”. One of the fastest women in the world in the late 80s. Still the current holder of the ladies 100m and 200m.

    Linea Review
    The other day Poet was browsing through the newspaper when he saw his favorite actress Chitrangadha’s advertisement for the Gillette shaver. That beautiful and captivating smile got him thinking!

    May be she was getting a wee bit old, may be it was because of print quality of “The Dames of India”, may be it was in the Poet’s mind!

    May be he could tweak Chitrangadha a bit to make her better.
    Wouldn’t it be sexy if she had the butt of Kim kardashian?
    Wouldn’t it be orgasmic if she could moan like Sunny Leone?
    Wouldn’t it be hyper if she could stretch and be agile like Van Damme?
    Wouldn’t it be too good if she had the bullet proof ability of Vijayakanth?
    Wouldn’t it delight you if she could run as fast as Flo Jo too?

    Now that would be some deal!

    Chitrangadha with the posterior of Kim, moaner like Leone, moves like Van Damme, bullet proof build like Vijayakanth and could run like Flo Jo.

    That Chitrangadha is what you would call the “FIAT LINEA TJET”.

    Welcome to the Poet’s review on the Tjet.

    This is based on a 5000 km driving experience of the Tjet on some extremely smooth and winding roads, dull and boring straight national highways, rough roads, really bad pot-holed roads and no roads as well.

    The Goodies:

    Stunning looks – It’s the Chitrangada of all cars under 20L! Period! Absolute corker from the front and a nice bubble butt at the rear. You will be hooked (pun intended). The only other car worth a mention is the Chevrolet Cruz which might be the Hugh Jackman in this segment.

    Bullet Proof build quality – If you ever get hit it by car while walking on the road, hope that it’s not a Linea. The Linea at 1230 kilos is one hell of a heavy car. We have certain short strips of rubber used to slow down the vehicles when they go around the office. The Honda city rattles over those strips whereas the Linea makes a small purr and consumes the strips like cigarette buds under the shoes. The doors are heavy and the boot is extra heavy. Closing the door can be a pain as most of the times it requires a bang it approach to shut the door completely.

    The Raunchy moan- The sound at 2000 rpm when the turbo kicks in has to be experienced personally. It feels like a true blue sports car. Its slightly loud as well.

    Agile Dynamics – One of the best thing about the car is the steering. Its precise on the corners. The brakes are excellent. Reminds the poet of his brakes on the Ninja which are killer. Four disc brakes all around means that the stopping power is extraordinary. An excellent driver's car!

    Acceleration like Flo Jo - It’s the most addictive thing about this car. First gear tops at 48. Second gear at 90. Third at 140. Your head will go back when you press the pedal onto metal on this car. This coupled with the raunchy turbo will give you goose bumps. The pull till 140 is great. 140-170 is good and it would top at around 200. (Tested till 190 with some more to go). You wont realize the speed unless you look at the speedo or the disappearing vehicles in the rear view mirror. The third gear is the best gear in the car. Can pull the car from mid 20s to late 130's with ease!

    Posterior: Its huge at 500 litres but good looking. Looks good on the car too unlike some bad ass sedans we have in the market.

    Stilts: The car has a huge ground clearance at 190mm. Very unlikely you will rub it anywhere unless you climb over a divider.

    The Baddies:

    Bottle Holders: This is a very athletic car. There is no fat for you to hold around which means there is no space for you goof around. This means that the bottle holders are small. You cannot put bottles on the side of the door, nor in front of the gear. There is no under the seat tray as well. There are two coffee cup holders in front of the gear but they are too pint sized. There are two medium ones on the hand support at the back. Hope there is some aftermarket bottle holder for the Linea. The glove box too is real small. You cant put a decent sized tablet in the glove box.

    Driver’s Seat: This car should have come with racing seats as an option atleast. The side support on the seat is missing and if you are carving bends like Schumacher be prepared to make some adjustments in body position to adjust against against the gforce on the corners.

    Turning Radius: Is quite high since the length of the car is high. Had a wee bit problem when going down at the phoenix mall in Pune.

    Fuel Efficiency: Firstly it’s a petrol and spirited driving can yield you 8-9 kmpl or even lesser. The efficiency is determined by how hard you accelerate. Mild acceleration and maintaining speeds of 80-100 on the highways can actually give you in the range of 16+.

    Interiors: If there is anything that is remarkedly inferior in this car it’s the interior dash board. It looks real plane jane. The Honda city is miles ahead and looks business class. The orange lighting of the dash board thou looks good. The leather seats though are real comfy and looks plush. Its imported Italian leather apparently.

    Some more pics

    Doors Wide Open

    Door Panels

    The footwell with a dead pedal on the side. One problem is that your foot may touch the steering rod. Seat adjustment and foot positioning can help you over come it.

    The beige seats. The Poet loves it. Might be a lil difficult to maintain it though. Since it is leather, a leather cleaner should be sufficient to remove any dirt on it. Its imported Italian leather apparently.

    The hand rest for the driver. This is comfy. Poet's cousin brother, "The Cricketer" was sold on this feature. During spirited driving you may have to put this up as this may interfere with the hand brake pull if you decide to use it suddenly.

    Back Seat space is decent. The head room is not for very tall people though.

    Back seat is quite comfy as per the Devil. The poet hasnt had a chance to sit on it so far. Notice the arm rest cum cup holder in the middle. Great feature to have.

    Rear seat leg space with the driver's seat maximum behind

    Dont you love the looks of the front grill

    Look from top. The suction pad is a go pro one.

    The tyres are huge. 205 is real big and replacing them can be expensive at almost 8K per tyre. If you are not fond of this and leather seats and alloy wheels and some other functions, go for the dynamic version. It comes shod with 195 tyres and they should be easy to live with at 4.5K per tyre. the dynamic version comes with Airbags+ABS+EBD as well and is some 50-60K off the emotion variant.

    Those are the Poet's three musketeers. Clara would have been a hip hop black as well if it wasnt for you know who. Yes, the Devil!

    So you have a car which looks like Chitrangadha, with the posterior of Kim, moaner like Leone, moves like Van Damme, bullet proof build like Vijayakanth and could run like Flo Jo and all are more worried that she drinks like the Great Khali. Ah, these Indians!

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    @Puchoo and @Flywheel

    Know that you had left some comments on the original post but had to get it deleted because the photos were messed up. Sorry about that. Anyways have recreated the post for you :D


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  5. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Mouth watering pics!!! Just too good. Enjoy your beauty,
  6. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    the best review i ve seen till day in tfi !! thumbs up jay ! :D
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  7. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    That is the best one line I found describing the T Jet, great write up :cool . I liked the "Bullet proof like Vijayakanth" the best though ;)
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
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  8. JayKis

    JayKis Timido

    Thanks Mate!

    Am honoured! Thank you.

    Good to know that you liked it. Yes Vijaykanth is special :)
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  9. JayKis

    JayKis Timido

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  10. C_S

    C_S Amatore

    Very nice video, good driving skills by both, I would have found it difficult to drive fast with that kind of visibility..
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