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Belleza Clara - The beautiful Linea TJet comes home!

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by JayKis, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. JayKis

    JayKis Timido

    This is not an everyday car buyer story. This story represents some convoluted and unreasonable thinking. This is a story of philosophy, denial, reality, chaos and fantasy.

    Poet: Nicknamed thy for his penchant for writing limericks. The poet has a rebellistic streak in him. Freedom is of paramount importance to him. Freedom to do whatever he wishes is the basic essence of his life. He loathes authority and is finicky about any one intruding into his den of freedom. He has a bullet and a strong sense of wanderlust. The freedom that the bike gave him was second to nothing in his life and he used to embark on extra-long trips on the bike. The bike gave him a sense of warmth, relationship with nature and the adrenaline rush every time he put his balls on it. His motto in life was “Rain, Shine or Pain – I ride fine”. In his quests for a faster ride he uses a ninja 250r and the wanderlust did not stop with it either.

    The only thing in life that scares the Poet. Some say the devil is definitely Indian. Nobody believes she isreal. Nobody ever saw her or knew anybody that ever worked directly for her, but to hear the Poet tell it, anybody could have worked for the Devil. You never knew. That was her power. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world she didn't exist. And like that, poof. She's gone and she becomes the poet’s usual wife.

    The Plot
    The Car was the exact antonym of the poet’s expressive self. Practical, comfortable and convenient. Poet resisted everyone’s attempt to make him buy a car. He lived in eternal denial that he would need to be caged. Top of the list were his father and the devil who were conspiring ever since he had got married.

    Two years later, he had to give in after succumbing to a complex web woven by the Devil and the search for a car began. The Devil had insisted that the poet buy a bike which can carry groceries, pick up people from the airport, transport her relatives and travel comfortably during the rainy season. The Poet was stumped by the question. His search across seven seas and the World Wide Web did not yield a single bike which could inherently carry out the Devil's exercise.

    Tata Nano was the poet’s first choice since at 2.0 lacs on road, it would solve all the problems and give him a great peace of mind. But the devil had issued the ultimate dictum –
    “ Tum Tata Nano kareedoge tho mera kutta bhi nahin aaoge usmein”.

    He took the pains to make her understand that Tata Nano is indeed a good car and it’s just the perception that the car is cheap. A cheaper car doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad car. It would be cheaper to own, maintain and would be a breeze to drive as long as it is in the city. But she wanted something with a boot so that the luggage could be tucked in and four people seated comfortably. The Nano was not a luggage carrier and hence had to be ruled out. Also on the highway, the Nano was not a safe car.

    The focus had now shifted to a hatch back with all bells and whistles. Swift and I20 were ruled out because they were too common. Polo and Figo were looking good. Then all the hell broke loose. The Devil wanted an SUV. She was head over heels in love with the woodland brown Duster.

    Now this was the heights of chaos, husband looking for a hatchback and wife wanting an SUV. There was bound to be friction. It was time to do some practical reasoning with the Devil to streamline the requirements.

    1) Safety was of prime importance – Airbags were a must
    2) Ground Clearance needs to be good
    3) Should be a driver’s car – The Poet’s addition- Since he was spending his hard earned money on the car, he might as well get something that would be fun to drive.
    4) Good boot space would be a nice to have as prescribed by the Devil.

    The news of the Ecosport launch had seeped in and the Poet went to check out the Ecosport. She had a fantastic ass but the bosom was upto different people’s taste. She was also good to drive, being a ford. The ecoboost engine sounded awesome and test drove it. The Ecosport was matching our requirements to the “T”. After taking the Devil’s permission, the Poet booked titanium plus one on the day it was launched.

    The Poet and the Devil waited.

    Then they waited again!

    They still waited.

    It was close to three months and then the vehicle had arrived at the dealer’s garage. The day after the Poet went to submit his documents, Ford got greedy and increased the prices by a humongous 45K for the vehicle . That was the last nail on the coffin. The Poet revaluated his priorities and wasn’t ready to spend 10+ lacs on an ecosport.

    Now the Poet was on the lookout again. The Thar appealed to his manly instincts. But the Thar as a primary vehicle was rejected by many on this forum and was not especially a safe vehicle at highway speeds. It had to modified to make it a really comfortable one.

    That’s when a friend of his advised him to try FIAT. He had never included FIAT in his requirements but he thought he might as well try it.

    The Poet and the Devil chugged on the bullet to Pandit automotive in Pune and saw the Punto and the Linea. The sales person asked which one are u intending to buy? They replied that they will test drive both and decide later. He might have thought that they were one of the jack asses who just hop showrooms just to test drive the vehicle.

    The Punto looked big for a hatch back and the Poet was worried about the size of the linea. It was a huge car. He was thinking in his mind that turning this thing would be similar to taking a turn on the scorpio getaway.

    They got into the Punto Diesel and test drove it along a 2km stretch. The Devil was not happy with the vehicle because of the boot space.

    Then they got into the Linea T-Jet. Got a straight bit of road and the Poet pressed the pedal onto the metal. The acceleration was orgasmic. The Devil was simply blown away. When she got out of the car she had “that” smile on her face and not to mention that the Poet had a wide grin on his face as well. The only problem with the Linea was its size and lack of head room for the rear passengers.

    They parted ways with the sales guy, saying that they would come back in a couple of days and do the booking. Personally, the Poet wanted to book the Punto. It being lighter on the wallet as well as being a diesel.

    But there was something about the Linea the Poet couldn’t resist. It was like one of those women whom you meet in your life who embodies that often suppressed male fantasy about an elusive, mysterious, and whirlwind of a woman with substance and who always leaves you with more questions than answers. She had a confidence about her. She exuded a certain grace and panache. She might have a 6 year old design but the design is so gorgeous that it hides her age. Belleza seemed to be an apt Italian name to describe this exceptionally attractive but mature woman.

    Two days later the cheque was handed over. A Linea TJet was booked.

    One month later the Poet and the Devil get a call from the showroom in mid October heat that Car has arrived and is yours.

    The Poet and Devil chugged along on gud gudu and it rains in freaking October. So they decide to name her Clara (as in the mallu movie "Dragonflies in the Spraying rain").

    Thus Belleza Clara came into the life of the Poet and the Devil and the rest they say, is in the pictures. :p

    Copy of IMG_0622.jpg
    Copy of DSC_0667.jpg
    Copy of DSC_0668.jpg
    Copy of DSC_0669.jpg
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  2. Sujay

    Sujay Amatore

    New Delhi
    Many congratulations and welcome to the Jet club.

  3. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    I am very happy to see another T-Jet joining the family. Congrats.

    I am ecstatic to see someone who can write good English join the family. Enjoy your stay here.

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  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    COngrats and welcome to TFI, and keep Jetting around
  5. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    I read about your purchase on Team-BHP. Great to have you here.
    The Jet looks great. Congratulations.
    Did you get the audio remote?
    And do post some interior pics.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2013
  6. Volt

    Volt Novizio

    @JayKis, superb write up mate. Your prose is as good as your poetry!! OB Linea looks absolutely stunning and superb pictures too.
  7. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Jay, congrats. Read your thread on TBHP yesterday itself and absolutely loved it.

    Enjoy your Jet. :)
  8. Puntoed

    Puntoed Amatore

    Austin / Blr
    Enjoyed reading your story. :)

    enjoy your ride also in the same way
  9. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Jayanth, many many vcongratulations!!!!
    What a writing sir just superb, loved every word of it. It is very easy to satisfy an angel but you satisfied a devil hats off. :)

    Seems like we have to have a tjet meet soon :)
    Happy jetting!!
  10. bins

    bins Amatore

    hey super write up!!

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