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Beauty @ Home: Linea - Tuscan Wine, MJD, Emotion PK

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by sly.cooper, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. First of all I would like to thank everyone who helped in boosting my confidence for getting the Italian Beauty home. I am now a proud owner of Linea Tuscan Wine - MJD, Emotion PK. The 4 month long research and waiting finally ended:cool:. I have recently completed return trip from Mumbai and here is my experience so far,

    Things I liked:
    - Ride quality: It is amazing ride. The car feels solid and stable on highway at high speed. I have been driving swift for 5+ years and I can easily feel the difference in terms of build quality. I have not driven swift since last the time I got Linea ;-).
    - Shock abs: What is mean by pot holes or bad road???
    - Interiors: The inside light slowly getting bright/dim looks and feels awesome. It gives rich feel whenever you open or close the car - especially at night.
    - Blue & Me: Worked very well and useful. I never able to dial a number successfully though :(. How do I prevent the system from turning on auto when I start the car? Will it damage the system if it continues like this?

    Things I did not like that much:
    - Speedometer: It looks cluttered and should have been brighter. I personally like black background vs. the white one. It should have been bit more wider or circular to accommodate 220 KM/hr numbers.
    - Bluetooth placement: It is really weird and tough to slide in USB. I had tough time inserting it for the first time. Later on I realized that there is backlight which can help with guidance. I can understand that it would have been difficult to get the USB directly on the HU in 2009 however things have change over 2 years. Fiat should get the USB on HU itself. The "protecting USB" reason provided by SA sounded kiddish to me
    - Driver Seat: I didn't like the driving seat and still trying to get adjusted. I am not strongly build and hence there is always some gap either near hip bone if the back is rested and vice-versa. I never got head touching the head rest. I now have a small pillow to support gap near hip bone. I am also planning to get head rest support. Thoughts ?
    - Ground Clearance: I don't think I need to talk more about that. I am trying to get adjusted as suggested by everyone. I still kissed the road twice. At one stage there was no option to avoid at all. How do I know how serious the hit is? Do I need to worry about each and every brush?
    - Low beam: Low beam really makes you feel "low". It is of no use. Anything that can be done to make is better without cutouts?
    - Horn: It is too stiff. My fingers are paining. I have a habit of using thumb for pressing horn on swift. The pressing point (from swift) is not taken over by audio controls on the Linea. I have to stretch a bit and it is hard to press. Is that how it is? Will it become soft after usage?

    Overall experience:
    I enjoyed every km of the drive. I also loved the way the car drove on hilly road. It is part of expressway (Lonavala) and cannot be called a true "ghat" section. Most of the time I was in 5th gear and did not feel sluggishness or loss of power. I even tried by getting on to low speed on the climb and then again getting into speed - no stall or lag felt. I just wish to sit at back and enjoy the drive. I am the "designated driver" in the family and don't think will get that opportunity soon :(

    - The steering wheel vibrates considerably between 90-100 Km/hr: As suggested by few of you before the thread closed, I will get the wheels balanced. I checked with service station and the guy told me to get that done during first service. Is it OK to keep the car running in same condition. The steering wobbles only at high speed. Also he mentioned that I will have to keep the car there for a day.
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  2. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    Congrats on your new MJD! Do take care of it.
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Awesome, dude. Hearty congrats!

    Buddy you're the first one i've come across who has aspirations to sit in the rear seat of the Linea and relax. I get very envious if someone else is at the wheel instead of me!

    Get the wheels balanced at some reputed balancing shop. At the max its a 20-25 minute job, including wheel removal and re-fitting.

    As for the low beam, it really isn't upto scratch. You can try Osram Night Breaker Plus. We've heard good things about it.

    Plus, if you want, swap out those Goodyear GT3's for some better rubber.

  4. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    guess what. the very first pic outside pandit with tuscan wine linea empk is same as mine. ditto, just no plates are diff. i will post the pic here
    congrats and take care of your beauty

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  5. Thank you all.
    @Italia-Linea - Yes looks like they use the same spot for delivery. It was raining when I took the delivery hence could not take more pics. I am wondering why Fiat is not having ribbon on the new car. I got a feedback call from TATA who asked me about ribbon or ceremony. All new cars now a days have ribbon on them.

    My car is returning mileage of 12 Km/ltr in the city which I feel is very low? Is this normal? Do I need get it checked?
  6. rajesh karia

    rajesh karia Amatore

    Congrats Sky.cooper, yur Tuskan Wine looks a stunner, me too liked that colour, but my mother & wify prevailed over me & bought the BNW, which too is classy in its self.

    I agree with you, the Mumbai-Pune Express highway is one of the best spots to enjoy your ride.

    cheers ;-)
  7. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Vishal here you are. We communicated lot of times.

    Congratulations for your Linea. Do maintain her ( Tuscon Wine ). Have a word with Italia-Linea. Have a look of what gadgets he has to maintain his car.

    IMO Head Rest Pillows are recommended. Whenever you are going to put seat covers ask them to give FOC :). BTW it will cost you near about Rs. 200-300.
  8. sly.cooper
    congrats on the car

    driver seat: you will get adjusted to it slowly. you can use the smaller handle on the right side of the seat and adjust the base height and see if it helps.
    low beam light: get philips or osram.
    horn: the spring for the button is bit hard. it will become very little soft but you will get used to this thing very soon.
    low groundclearace: nothing much can be done. drive showly over poth holes.

    also if a hump is there on the road dont center it but go over the hump this will reduce the scrapping.
    but if a pothhole is seen, center it and dont enter it.

    there is no specific way to check the damage but you can bend and see the scrapes on the engine guard.
    if you have a hard hit the bolts might bend/become loose.
    then there would be a squeaking sound coming.

    get the wheels balanced. this will solve the issue. dont cross 100 for the first 1000kms atleast.
    blue&me starts off in my car eeven when turned on. think there is no other way.

    12kmpl seems to be atad low. drive with a lo=ight foot. see if it helps.

    +1 kedar saab. use micro fiber cloth with lots of water for cleaning the car. there are a few complaints of the paint peeling or getting scratched easily

    drive safe. take care
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2011
  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    You can also use Instantaneous Consumption on MID. Using this you can optimize the mileage of the car.

    Agreed to Srikar that dont cross 100kmph until 1000kms. Take care of her. Use micro fiber towel to clean the car & not the normal cloth. It will damage the color of the car.

    You need to be extra careful with this tuscon wine color.

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