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Beautiful. Brilliant. Solid

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by chethansgangoor, May 29, 2011.

  1. Redbull, you are right. I was looking for a PUNTO OE alloys but stumbled upon Linea alloys. I also love their design. Simple yet beautiful.

    Karan: Since you own a Linea, admiration guranteed without any mods also :). BTW you can also play with grill colors right, probably a black grill would look awesome on white linea.

    Kiren: The exhaust tip was 450 Rs, after market one but it is good enough and better than the OE accessory. Earlier i had a L shaped exhaust, some how i did not find it gell with my punto and hence removed and bought this one.

    Headlight is white now, awesome at night but the headlight when turned off and during the sun, looks little bluish.
  2. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    thats right chetan. for the grill i prefer the current ones. especially the silver goes well with the vocal white as both are metallic.
  3. Mansoon free check up: good, bad and ugly


    I was really feeling irritated with the hard gearshift of my punto mjd and went to TASS today.

    I was not aware that there was a free check up camp.
    I complained about gearshift problem and also about the wipers. Even after recent replacement of wiper blades, the wipers were shaking a bit and also making a scratching sound.

    The rear left beading were hanging loose as well.

    SA recommended to replace the clutch slave cylinder, and i was ok with that.

    Went in the evening to collect the car.

    1] clutch slave cylinder was replaced to steel type ones, SA told me to check gearshift and if the problem still persist, advised me to come back and he would get the clutch pressure plate replaced.

    So far looks good not exactly sure that clutch slave cylinder was the culprit, attaching few pictures below.

    2] Wiper blades were replaced, but i still believe the blades were not the culprit, rather the porper fitting of the wiper arms.

    As part of mansoon checkup they said they have replaced the break fluid free of cost.They also said the headlight alignment was tuned.

    I enquired abour Emotion logo for my car and it was available. Cost was 332 Rupees INR, got them and headed towards home as it was close to 6.30 PM.

    While parking the car i noticed that small droplets of water has entered into the left headlight assy and formed condesation.[See pictures]

    I never saw this happening earlier, even with full body wash and heavy rains. I remembered that they have adjusted the headlight beams and i suspect that they have handled the lamps roughly and due to which sealing of the lamp might have gone kaput.

    How big the problem is guys and can i get this replaced under warranty? 21072011(001).jpg 21072011.jpg 21072011(002).jpg
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  4. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    Oh that's bad! they might have removed the head light assembly and might have left them open in rain or some water source. When the lights were fitted back, the water droplets were dropped and due to the engine heat, those became water vapors. All you can do is take out the bulbs, dry the headlight in direct sunlight.
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  5. Well the problem is not curing it, i want a preventive measure. How can i make sure that it does not happen again :(
  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Chethan, make sure there is a round rubber boot at the back of the headlight. The dealer guys could have forgotten to put it back on after adjusting the headlight.

    If not a rubber boot, there would be a plastic cover at the back.

    If the rubber boot/plastic cover are not missing, then moisture is seeping through the plastic dome and the headlight body. It'll require a reseal i think.

  7. Did a quick check now:Gurji you are rigth, I can see a rubber cap behind the right headlight cluster, while the left one is missing it. Would call SA today and inform him. I can also see some screws on the floor :(. These guys have forgot to fix them back i think. Long live TASS!
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  8. shams

    shams Esperto

    ^^kudos to this forum.
    which other brand can boast of such a forum where the members are so knowledgeable about their cars and help their fellow members.. example of which we just saw in the above posts
  9. +1 shams!

    Alrighty, Checked with SA and the answer was to turn on the headlamps for while. He said the clusters can only be replaced if the condensation stays even after switching the headlight for a while, He also said tata recommends 20 mins of headlight use for condensation removal, lol.
    But i just want to eliminate it completely and never want to see it happen to my car again. There is no water seepage though, i delibirately asked him to spray jet of water against both the headlight cluster with standard approach to simulate rain. The bonnet was not open at that time. After that condensation was observed but no water seepage. I have also found that one of the rubber cap behind the headlight cluster is missing, but the otherside unit with the rubber cap is also showing the same problem. is there a permanent fix for this?
  10. First Oil Change

    Ok, i got the missing headlight boot cap finally!

    Engine Oil Change:

    I was viewing the thread on engine oil in this forum. As suggested by many of you, thought of changing the oil as my car had covered close to 9700km mark and never had a change of oil, went to TASS.

    I asked the SA to fix an oppointment to change engine oil, air filter and oil filter only.
    He said it would not take more than a hour to do so.

    When i enquired about oil change, both SA and his manager said that there was no need to do the change now. I had to literally force them to change oil!! :boxer.
    SA asked me whether to bill this as second service[which is due on November] but i asked him to make it a paid one.

    Car was taken inside and a mechanic was alloted for my car. The car was first lifted and the mechanic inspected the underbody. 2 nuts were missing from the front bumper [not sure whom to blame!] which he fitted back.

    Since I was aware about the oil goofup by TASS from this forum, i asked them to show me the oil they were planning to put into my car.

    The oil shop inside the tass had a barrel of Petronos Selinea 5w40 WR oil [sold as "LOSE"].

    1 litre cans of seleina 5W 40WR

    4 litre cans of selenia K oils

    3 Castrol barrels

    25072011.jpg 25072011(002).jpg 25072011(001).jpg
    I asked the oil manager to give me 4 cans of 1 litre selenia 5W 40WR. He said "Sir, this is for petrol engine" :eek:

    I asked him to tell me which oil he was planning to use for my car. He showed me the Selenia barrel 5W 40 WR.

    I asked him again to explain me the difference between the 1 litre can and the barrel.

    Here came the answer " The oil in the barrel is for diesel, diesel oils comes in barrel". The one litre cans were for petrol because they are kept in the stand named as "For petrol cars" LOL

    I dont know what to say to him but asked him to goahead with the LOSE oil. As it was the same Selenia 5W40WR

    See pictures above.

    Hearing my questions, SA came in. He shouted at the oil manager that for diesel cars he has to use Castrol oil :evilsmile. I got almost fainted, but regained consious and told to put the oil from the selenia barrel itself.

    Oil was charged at 396 Rupees per litre plus tax

    Airfilter- changed
    Oil filter - changed

    When the old oil was drained from the engine, I asked the mechanic whether the oil had life in it. He touched the oil and said "NO". I think he was guauging the thickness of the oil with his fingures before concluding its life.

    The oil was golden brown in color. After the oil change, the car was kept for idling for 5 mins. The mechanic checked for oil leakage. All good.

    He inserted the dipstick to check the oil level. To my surprise the oil was already turned black :anyone. The mechanic said it is normal with diesel engine. Happy with his work, paid him 100 Rs tip.

    Everything was done in one hour and my car was ready to take off!

    One thing i need to mention about the car:

    After 9000 km, I can really feel the turbo punch of the FGT especially in third and 4th gears. The turbo pull of the car is addictive and gives me a "kick".

    Earlier the turbo was linear - with more gruff. Now it is butter smooth.

    Fiat Friends:

    Linea man:

    While the car was being serviced, I got to meet a linea owner. He was there because 2 of his front tyres were completely worn out and the car was wobbling at 140kmph.

    The car was linea mjd epk.

    4 months old, 8k in odo and tyres were bridgestone 205,65,15, which he changed in the showroom itself. He seems to come from a fiat family. He told me about fiat cars his family owns: Uno, palio d, siena, punto and linea. He said Fiat is so addictive that it is difficult to switch to anyother brand :)

    Linea man's name is Mallesh and he runs a resort in coorg.

    I gave him information about this forum and asked him to join us!

    Punto man:

    This guy [old man] was shouting at SA about the faulty car.

    Punto emotion, BW. Complaints were:
    Car was scrapping oversmall humps
    door handles were coming off
    Rattles inside the Car.

    He was happy with the mileage though.

    I checked his car, found the problem of scrapping. It is due to the low profile tyres earlier emotions had. Asked him to replace the tyre and go with 195/60/R15.

    He turned to me and asked me "Are you from Fiat?".

    I said had to laugh out and said "Yes, but from teamfiat india!"

    Door handles problem - went there and looked at it. What he was pointing seems to be a problem with all fiat puntos and lineas. He was trying to pull handle doors from the left most end!.

    I tried it on my punto and found the problem aswell.

    Rattles were due to speakers/tweaters which had fallen off inside the door.

    Overall, when i enquired him about his previous cars, he said he had cars starting from ambassador till ANHC.Some how he likes this car very much, even more than his fav innova!!!

    Gave teamfiat address for him :)

    After cooling Punto Man, SA promised me to find the light boot cap from the scrap yard. He honestly did found one and fixed it to my car.

    I learnt a lot from this forum, I did not knew anything about automobiles, but now I feel more confident on automobiles. Many thanks to this forum and members.
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