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Beautiful. Brilliant. Solid

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by chethansgangoor, May 29, 2011.

  1. shams

    shams Esperto

    Tony, that was a nice one!! :):)

    Chethan, I feel u downshift to 2nd gear a little late and let the rpm fall somewhere around 1000 by not having little bit of clutch pressed. maybe i m wrong but thats just my opinion.
    Swift guys are not able to do that to me!!:)
  2. Guys, today i spent my whole day at Tass.

    During my upgrade to alloys yesterday, the wheel alignment and balancing report showed a -1 degree camber error for the right side wheel. .

    Took my car to the TASS, URS CAR, Mysore today. I showed SA the report i had on the camber error, he took a note of it and asked me to come back and collect the CAR at 5 PM.
    I also described the other problems i had with my car.
    1] Gear shifting was pretty hard and some times i found difficulty in slotting to 5th gear.
    2] RPM would fall from 900 to 700 with my AC on during idling some times and was recovering back to 900.
    3] Bad smell was coming from the AC when i turn it on for first few seconds.

    I went home leaving the vehicle expecting that every thing would be ready on time.
    Got a call from SA that "nuckel" [Pardon me, i have very limited knowledge on automobile parts] is gone and they dont have the stock to replace it. He said it would take a minimum of 2 weeks to procure it. And also he advised me NOT to drive the car more till the problem is resolved otherwise my right tires would be eaten up.
    I went to TASS immediately and asked him to show how the culprit part looked like. A senior guy came with me to inspect the vehicle and by looking at it he said the original culprit is the "Strut" and luckily they had this part in stock.

    SA was bit reluctant to put this part under warranty and said it would be caused by physical damage like rash driving. I had to spend 30 mins of my time convincing him that i have never driven badly. He spoke to many of his managers i believe and for one of the manager i had to tell that i would write to fiat if necessary.
    after 2 hours they took my car back to repair shop and changed the strut.

    i visited a hotel near by to have my lunch and came back to collect the car. Within one hour SA said:

    Airfilter cleaned
    Pollen filter cleaned
    Gear problem is resolved.

    Then came the bill with Struct charge included. He said i have to pay now and if at all the company "approves" my warranty claim on structs they would refund it. I know once given i have to forget my money, i stood my ground and has to spend close to 2 hours again waiting for "Manager" to come. After a long ordeal, he finally gave me a bill with 0 rupees charged.

    By the time i got out of TASS it was 5.30 :(

    while coming out, i saw a fiat linea multijet towed to the TASS, it had covered just 11000 kms and clutch was completely gone. I felt sad looking at the owner's face, meanwhile the SA has already started to explain him that it would cost close to 8000 rupees to repair it and clutch wearing out is a physical damage, I could not speak to the car owner guys, i think he is also being fooled by the SA.

    Tomorrow if at all i see the owner i am going to tell him to contact fiat people directly.

    Mean while the AC/RPM problem is solved. but the gear shifting problem remains. SA said he has "bled the hydraulic gears", i dont know what it is though.

    At the end of the day,i got the skoda type Bosch horns installed to my car.

    Cost of horns 550rs, installation 50 rs.
  3. Horns that come pre-fixed with the punto aren't that bad that one needs to change them. How are Bosch horns different ?
  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Yeah Chethansgangoor, visit the TASS if you have time, and meet the Linea owner and tell him the way to handle these guys, He would be grateful to you, and will be proud of his car instead of been disappointed, and invite him also to join the TFI.
    Happy that your problems are solved, Its not the Fiat, Its the TASS who is spoiling the name of FIAT,
  5. Well here is an important thing that happened when i went to upgrade the horns.

    Vendor: Lexus Car Channel [ one of the best in mysore]

    Visited the shop at 5.00 PM, I wanted to have the SKODA type horn for my car. My neighborhood is pretty silent and the double horn that comes by default for Punto are really very good but they are also very very vocal. I wanted something that suites the car profile, mild but a good note.
    Dealer asked me to for Hella make, cost was 1500 Rs, he said they are the best in the world [i am not sure though], i was not in a mood to spend that kind of money for the Horn, and asked for other models, there was Bosch make- Symphony Horn. I liked its tone and being bosch, the quality is also good. Bosch is 549 MRP and after bargaining a bit he settled it down for 500 Rs and 50 Rupees for installation. The guy took close to one hour to remove the front bumper, he was shocked to see so many screws for the bumper!! and there was a huge crowd too just to see how to remove the front bumper. The guy also said it is the first time he is removing the bumper of a Punto but he praised the way the bumper is fitted in Punto, close to 16 screws!!.

    After removing the bumper i found the horns of punto were actually made of Hella!. Fiat i believe has not compromised on components quality [except for some plastic], even the socket for the horn were very modern and i asked him not to cut through the original wiring. He did the same by attaching a female pin [extra accessory] and the sound was really sweet to hear.

    Bosch comes with a warranty of one year, which i believe is worth the investment.

    Total cost at the end of installation was:
    500 for Bosch horns
    50 for fitting charge
    Female pins given for free.
  6. Right Tony, but unfortunately i could not find him in TASS today. I had to visit TASS today as my Cars' wiper started to make some strange noise. I attribute this to the work done yesterday by the mechanics while removing the strut. I saw them yesterday removing the wiper set completely. Today there was rain and i felt bad by the strange sound. Immediately called the SA and took the car to TASS. He checked it and said wiper blades are gone. I told him to double check and also informed him that the mechanics were removing the wipers yesterday. He checked the wipers and then again informed the mechanics remove the blade. Blades were replaced under warranty and also the sound disappeared.

    Not sure what to blame here, bad quality wipers or poor workmanship of TASS that causes the parts to actually FAIL.
  7. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Well i can say only one thing, These IDIOTS are doing experiments our Cars and waiting for our blood to boil. (Nothing to say)
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  8. Guys one question though, after changing the wheels and tires from 165/80/14 to 195/60/15 will the ground clearance of the car increased or its just my imagination?
  9. 8 Months and 9000 Kms on the odo

    Here is the story of my baby



























  10. Following are the mods planned:

    1. One of the front grill is broken, planning to get the grill painted similar to emotion pack.
    2. Changing the badges to Abarth ones.
    3. K & N air filter [If its really worth the money]
    4. Racechip [129 Euros!!, again if it is worth the money]
    5. Upgrading the headlight bulbs to 90/100.
    6. Any other suggestions :)

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