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Beautiful. Brilliant. Solid

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by chethansgangoor, May 29, 2011.

  1. @Sat, i had been to Jog on Saturday and Coorg on Sunday, journey was awesome. I am not a racer but thoroughly enjoyed the "kick" in long drives, car builds momentum very easily now.
  2. Good to know that you are enjoying your ride.OEM clips on turbo hoses gives up very much after remap.I would suggest you go for a intercooler clening once with better clips on in let side of intercooler.Getting complete EGR/manifild cleaning along with Abro injector cleaner will give you best results.

    What kind of remap you have now?
    Is it low-mid and top or mid-top?
    What is the gains as per TOT?
    Has he blanked the EGR?
  3. Sat, I had the EGR cleaned up at 30000 kms, the mechanic said it was clean and no need of cleaning it till 60000kms. Not tried on intercooler cleaning yet, but have taken a note.

    Any link to know more about Abro injector cleaner?

    What kind of remap you have now? Is it low-mid and top or mid-top?
    Powerized tune, mid - top, peak boost from 2200 rpm to 4000 rpm.

    What is the gains as per TOT?
    93 HP and 245 NM

    Has he blanked the EGR?

    The boost is addictive!

    Sat, what is the gain in your car according to TOT?
  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Dont use injector cleaner if you dont think there is a need for it.
    in my case i needed it so used it just once. if you feel that the car is lagging in top gear then use it or else dont
  5. The car is running superfine, no issues at all. I have noticed one thing and I am not sure whether it is same with all cars. If the car is driven very slowly for few kms and given a sudden push, it does not respond the way we want. On the other hand if the car is driven in aggressive way, the car continues to respond beautifully for throttle inputs. This is not related to remap and i have observed this behavior earlier also.
  6. Chetan,
    Mine has done 53000 kms I am on my 4th map,102hp is at crank and 93hp at wheels.
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  7. Sat is your set little above the limitation or is it ok to have it this way?
  8. Peak power is set at ~4400 RPM, I hardly go there and power band is setup from 2400 RPM to 4400 RPM.

    So at city speeds turbo doesn't come into play unless I push the car beyond 2400 RPM, it's kind of racing tune solely did to get top end speed of 180 kmph+ and good in gear acceleration from 80 to red line.
    I opted for it to satisfy my ego on highways, where in I would surprise some body driving at 160 kmph by over taking them at 180 kmph.I might have done it few times too.

    But now I want to bring down the power band to say 2000 or 2100 RPM to 4000 RPM, and a top end speed of 170 kmph is more than enough.I see no point in revving this diesel engine to 4500 RPM.

    All the things like timing chain are heavy may not be able to support fuel needs at 4500 RPM unless I change to bigger injectors.
    It's all learning.
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  9. The way car is tuned now, i am happy with that as it satisfies my needs. Gives enough punch to over take the trucks and buses easily in top gear and i dont have to downshift. Great work by Sid and appreciate it.

    Having a very bad headlight beam set up. Even when it is set to the highest level i see it very low and always have to drive with "high beam".

    Any suggestion guys to increase the length of the spread?
  10. Fiat-Yamaha

    Fiat-Yamaha Superiore

    Get the HL upgraded to 90/100 setup & get HL alignment done.

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