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Beautiful. Brilliant. Solid

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by chethansgangoor, May 29, 2011.

  1. Remap done today. O:)
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  2. Fiat-Yamaha

    Fiat-Yamaha Superiore

    Got remap done from Tune-O-Tronics?

    OT: Chetan went through ur thread found you punto is running 100pcd. How is the ride. Any wobbling issue at high speeds?

    Im planning to go for Lenso project D1 100pcd alloys wanted to knw your views on 100pcd thing.


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  3. How does your car feels after remap?
  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    dude Chetan, I was and all were expecting a story about your remap not a one liner!! :)
    please do justice
  5. dipen2003

    dipen2003 Timido

    I got my ecu remapped for my Punto 1.3 Active by Tune-O-Tronics few months back and i can see significant difference after 2k rpm...I had to courier my ecu from Siliguri to Banglore...
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  6. Depen 2003,

    welcome to TFI, please open a ownership thread of your own and remap experience.
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  7. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    chetan, we are still waiting for your review on the remap. its much needed please do it
  8. 22 July: Called up Vivek to check whether he is travelling to Mysore on 23[SUP]rd[/SUP] for the remap. He confirmed that he will be reaching mysore at 9. I left a note to my boss that I have an “important” work tomorrow and would like to take a day off. He knew that I take “off” more for the car related work rather than anything! can’t help it.
    All prepared for 23[SUP]rd[/SUP], I informed my colleague who owns a Punto 1.2 to get ready. I see him exchange texts at 10.30 in the night with me – the excitement could not let us sleep.
    Expected things from remap were documented.The list goes here:
    1. Engine refinement, want a free revving engine, can NVH be reduced?
    2. Turbo, don’t want a linear one, instead I wanted to feel the turbo spooling and torque building up and feel the kick.
    3. Reduce turbo lag.
    4. Good mid-range and top end pick up, reduce time to 100.
    5. No thick black smoke from exhaust after remap
    6. Ok to compromise on mileage
    23 July: Called Vivek in the morning at around 9.30 and he said he will be leaving Bangalore at 11.30 as there was an Audi turned up from Goa for Remap. The time he could reach Mysore was 1.00 PM. I reluctantly said “Ok” to him. With the entire first half of the day to spare, I took time to prepare the car for remap.
    For the third service @ 45000kms, I had ordered Mobil Delvac 1 engine oil [4 ltrs], Sofima oil filter, M-On brake pads, pollen filter from 99 RPM.
    The car had the third service done at 45000kms last month. I got the service done at TASS and the SA recommended me to go with service schedule of FIAT and use the Selenia oil as the car was still under extended warranty. I obliged his recommendation and hence the engine oil and filter remained with me. During the third service at TASS, the car was given selenia, new oil filter, fuel filter and air filter. They refused to replace the brake pads with M-On and I got that fitted outside. I removed the K&N for cleaning. The car was running in stock condition. The M-On brake pads were not biting and were giving a very spongy feeling.
    The cars odo was reading 46200. Took the car to a known mechanic outside and got the engine oil and filter changed.
    Mobil delvac 1 did change the car, the engine was smooth and was very happy with it.
    Car was giving a low fuel warning, this time wanted to try Shell diesel, though it was 10 rupee more than normal diesel, I went ahead and filled the tank. I could have driven 2 or 3 kms and could easily feel the difference. The harsh noise was gone, car was pulling really well and smoothly too. Good fuel and better engine oil is what multijet needs to show its true performance.

    Vivek called me at around 12.30 to inform that he will be late again as there was another BMW to remap. The time he said he will reach was 4.30 and he also said, if I can wait till tomorrow, Sid himself will do the remap. Whatever happens, happens for good thought to myself and said ok. Got another half day time to work on the car so went ahead and replaced those M-Ons with Fiat OE brake pads. Cost was 3300 for pad and another 350 rs to fix it at TASS. Result priceless.
    Next went to Reliance Auto and changed the Osram bulbs to Philips Extreme Vision 55-60 Watts. These bulbs are the best stock replacement I have ever come across, simply awesome. Changed the fog bulbs to Philips extreme Vision.
    Came back home around 5 and replaced the stock filter with cleaned and recharged K&N. This ended July 23[SUP]rd[/SUP].
    24 July:
    Had the previous day emails and work piled up to complete, was a very busy day. Sid and co were supposed to reach mysore at 11.00, got an SMS from Vivek saying their car had a puncture and they will be here around noon. Informed them not to hurry and call me up once they had lunch and reach Mysore ring road. Got call around 3.00 PM that they were near Infosys Mysore.
    Left office to meet them.
    3.30 PM, saw a white modified Optra Magnum passing my car and could sense it must be them and they were. Had a brief chat with Sid and Vivek. Sid came in my car, we went to my colleague’s house which was nearby and his car was also waiting for the remap to be done.
    On the way, explained Sid my list of” items” expected from the remap.
    1. Engine refinement, want a free revving engine, can NVH be reduced?
    Sid: Yes can be done
    2. Turbo, don’t want a linear one, instead I wanted to feel the turbo spooling and torque building up and feel the kick.
    Sid: Turbo is small, but definitely you will see the change in the way the car pick up speed.
    3. Reduce turbo lag.
    Sid: Cant help too much but can be bettered.
    4. Good mid-range and top end pick up, reduce time to 100.
    Sid: Yes can be done
    5. No thick black smoke from exhaust after remap
    Sid: Sure
    6. Ok to compromise on mileage.
    Sid: Will maintain the mileage you are getting now.

    He kept the list with him and asked me few questions on the usage. My usage was 70% high way and 30% city, he noted it on the same paper which I had the list mentioned.
    He took the car for a spin, checked clutch, engine noise if any and fuel pump. My cars fuel pump is little noisy from day 1, he noticed that and said to get it checked and also said if it is not a problem from day 1 then let it be. He also asked on warranty period and when was the last service done and hold the baby is J.
    Vivek was assigned the job of removing the ECU and Sid progressed to take a look into 1.2 Petrol. Vivek came with ECU in 5 mins and that’s when I asked if there is a difference in ECU of 1.3 75 hp and 90 hp. Sid confirmed that all BS4 ECU of punto and linea are the same.
    I had to leave to office for work and said will join them after their work is done.
    45 mins might have gone by, got a call from vivek that my car is done and Sid has gone for trial. It was raining heavily and me and my colleague had to wait for another 30 mins for the rains to subside.
    It was around 6.00 PM when we reached there. I took the car keys and started the car, the car was less noisy and I could notice that. Put the car into 1[SUP]st[/SUP], 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] and I was disappointed. There was nothing new in the car. Sid could notice my disappointment and asked me are you not happy?. The drive was just 100 mts and it is hard to say it was good or bad. Found a free stretch and slotted the car to 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] and pressed the A pedal the car was showing eagerness to run at 2200 RPM. All the warnings from theblack on remap expectations came in front of me, it is not a Ferrari or a Bugatti. May be my expectation was too much from the remap. Could not take it further and I had an important meeting at 6.30 and had to leave, payed the money to him and got TOT bill. Sid said he will be back in mysore on 1[SUP]st[/SUP] and could change the maps if I don’t like it or need any improvement based on my driving style. Thanked him. My friends car was not tuned that day as Sid wanted to reach ooty and the forest gates close around 8.30 he promised to tune 1.2 petrol on 1[SUP]st[/SUP].
    One of the things Sid said that the car was extremely grippy in the wet and went on to check the tyres assuming they were Micehllin primary LCs, he was surprised that I payed 3k for Kenda KR23 and appreciated the tyres as the best one for the price.
    Sid said that the ECU needs some kms to adapt and I also had this experience using a tuning box, the box took around 100kms to perform its peek.
    My friend drove the car as I had my bike and could not check the cars behavior on 24[SUP]th[/SUP] much.
    Next day morning, took the car to see whether the money spent was worth. 1[SUP]st[/SUP] and 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] nothing to write about. 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] and 4[SUP]th[/SUP] the car just pulls like anything. I was really happy and clocked around 50 kms, with more and more smile every kms.

    When price comes to picture, tuning boxes are better as you can sell them or buy them at half the price and lose very little money.
    Tuning boxes are good but remap is the best one can have for Punto. The car runs freely and pulls strongly. Love the car even more now, after the remap I have already done 1000kms in two days and love the way it runs now.
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  9. Very well written report on remap ,btw 1000 kms in two days?
    Where did you go?
  10. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    good to know that you liked it. All the effort didn't go in vain i suppose ;-)
    On a serious note , take time to get adjusted to this map see how you feel about the mileage (it should improve).
    Take it properly on the city and see where you need power then decide on another upgrade.

    If i have to talk about my case, I initially went with a lot of low end power and the car used to jump like crazy in 1st and 2nd
    I actually loved the way it pulled in the city even with AC ON. I liked it so much that i decided to keep it for nearly a year.
    Then i started doing highways a lot more and there I felt i needed more power in 3rd and beyond that's when i called up SID and got my final version (as yet) . This time its well thought out by both sid and me and we decided to drop the power in 1st and 2nd and use it from 3rd onwards.
    So its only a learning curve and even you will get there. Just love your car and she will discuss everything with you

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