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Beautiful. Brilliant. Solid

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by chethansgangoor, May 29, 2011.

  1. 15. Emotion and 90 hp badge
    Aftermarket: No
    Cost: 1000 Rs approx
    Emotion: 230 Rs
    90 HP: 100 Rs
    Punto: 700
    The Good: brings smile on your face, priceless
    The bad: None
    Issues: None
    Recommended: Yes

    Watch out for misaligned badges and avoid them completely

    16. Alloys and tyres, paint drum etc
    Aftermarket: Alloys OE used linea ones. Tyre Yokohoma C drives
    Cost: 34000 INR
    Alloys - 15,000
    Painting the calipers and drum -600 Rs
    Yokohoma C drive - 195-60-R15 -18,000 Rs for 4 tyres
    Wheel balancing and alignment - 600 Rs
    The Good: Looks, improved grip, yoko C drives have excellent wet grip
    The bad: None
    Issues: None
    Recommended: Yes

    Watch out for bent alloys while going for used ones.

    17. Exhaust tip
    Aftermarket: Yes
    Cost: 450 Rs approx
    The Good: Looks
    The bad: might look cheap
    Issues: None
    Recommended: Leave it to your taste.
    Fiat buyers wont buy cars to sell them, we are more caring minded hearty people, business is our last priority.
  2. Phew

    Phew Esperto

    New Delhi/Mohali
    Grande Punto 1.3
    How do I put the central locking in silent mode, I have the dynamic model with the fait supplied CL .

    Nice reviews though
  3. We dont have an option to lock/unlock in silent mode, have to live with sound
  4. i have an autocop cl.i have disconnected the buzzer.so.no sound.simple
  5. black is back

    Black grills are back!

    some how the black top and silver grills were not matching, changed the grill and fog holder color to black now.

    Abarth stripes on side cost me 400 Rs

    Spoiler, Original Abarth badges and a fiat key ring are coming next weekend!

    Plus planning to get the alloys painted in black

    Here are some of the latest pictures front right.jpg front1.jpg right side.jpg side.jpg
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  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Black is THE color for the Punto's grill.

    Black alloy wheels can be a killer addition.

  7. Jotinder

    Jotinder Regolare

    New Delhi
    Linea 1.3
    Press Lock and unlock button on the remote for few minute together and you should hear a beep. Your central locking will go in Silent mode. To take it out of silent mode, insert your key in the car and take it to MAR position(dont start the car) and then press both the button(lock and unlock on the remote) till you hear a beep from central locking and its out of silent mode.

    Hope this helps.
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  8. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Right said by Gurjnder bro, Punto has a Killer look in BLACK grill..
  9. 1100 kilometers in 2 days.
    Last week, I had a small trip to Udupi and had fun in the Arabian Sea and yesterday I was at Bay of Bengal, Marina beach Chennai. Little did I know that I will be visiting Chennai this week for Visa. My company offered me tickets for Shatabdi but I had a different thought in my mind – Punto.
    Started my Journey at 2.00 PM and reached Bangalore at 4.00 PM, I took NECE road and reached Hosur Road in 25 mins, from there on Non Stop to Chennai. The road to Chennai from Bangalore was awesome only irritation was Toll booths, roughly 5 Toll booths for a distance of 300 odd kilometers and total burn to the pocket was 250 Rs just for toll fees. While returning again 250 Rs .
    Total money spent on diesel was 2000 Rs [500 Rs diesel @ 46 Rs/ltr and 1500 Rs diesel @ 44.90/ltr]and I travelled 1050 kilometers with it. Average speed was 64 kmph and mileage shown by MID was 23.5 kms. This also included continuous usage of AC in Chennai + high traffic ride at Chennai and Bangalore.
    The Journey was excellent with the Car behaving its supreme behavior all the way, but while returning I started to face some hiccups. It was around 10.00 PM in the night and 30 kms to Bangalore, I was at 110 km/hr and thought I could go even faster and tapped on the accelerator, suddenly the car started to behave as if it is starving to breathe. The engine sounded a little knocking and it was similar to the sound when we ride the bike with no petrol in it and choke turned on, you get it going and then turning off with engine sounding a little breaking apart. I released my foot off the accelerator and the car returned to normal state. Since it was too late, I just wanted to reach home without having a break down in the middle of the road.
    I continued to cruise at 80/90 kmph and reached Bangalore, since the car did not showed the problem planned to continue at the same speed till I reached mysore. While I was midway to mysore, again same problem, this time the “check engine” light started to show up, I pulled over the car and stopped it for a while. Opened the bonnet and found no signs of oil leakage or burning smell from the engine, all the fluids were at proper level. The temperature guage was at the middle which is normal. The time was around 12.00 AM, McDonalds was near by. Started the car again, the check engine light went off!. Had some snacks at McD before proceeding. The car started again as if nothing happened and I kept it at a cruising speed of 90 kmph [also praying!]. I reached home at 2.00 AM. Thanked the car for not letting me down at the middle of the road 
    Today I went to TASS, there were already too many people at the service and I knew I could not be attended today for sure. More over I was not sure whether the problem can be replicated easily. Since the car was dirty I decided to take it for a wash. While the car was lifted up for underbody washing, the boy turned the wheels left to right – one more problem the right shock absorber was making kat kat sound while moving the wheels left to right and right to left. Noted this problem and decided to speak to TASS on Monday. When I started the car after the service, “check engine” light came up again with engine make the knocking sound if I reach turbo range!
    Drove it within 1400 rpm and somehow reached home.
    I am not using Racechip and it is now being used in my friends swift. K&N filter is used.
    1. What could be the problem with engine?
    2. What could be the problem with front right shock absorber, note that I changed the front right strut at 6500 kms.
    3. I see a sponge like thing hanging below the air filter cover, what is it?
    4. There are some squeaking sound coming from the rear of the car, not sure what it is.
    5. The left power window, while bringing down, takes the beading with it [not the rubber top one, but the bottom one] making a shuddering noise, this again happens 2 out of 10 times, how to solve this?

    Need your help on this guys so that I can help the TASS here 
  10. Back from service center today.

    The engine choking problem was due to the common rail pressure wire not connected properly, it was not clamped to its position tightly.
    The problem with right suspension was due to worn out elastic pad, replaced under warranty.
    They also put two rubber caps free of cost on the suspension mount?, said it is free and are being put in all the cars that are coming for service. This rubber cap prevents water from entering and damaging the elastic pad - A must have i would say
    The other problems are all sorted out. Total damage was 500 Rs which includes engine oil top up - 200 rs for 0.5 ltr and alignment

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