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Beautiful. Brilliant. Solid

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by chethansgangoor, May 29, 2011.

  1. First of all your car looks stunning...

    Tuning box... 7000 INR... Is it branded, reliable etc.. etc...
  2. Romsi, thank you for the compliments. As for as tuning box is concerned, it was a research i would say. I and Vignesh tried to get the best tuning box available. Race chip was on my list but shipping was expensive and one of my friend was returning from Germany only next year so dropped off the plan to buy it.
    Next on radar were many tuning boxes made in UK like Diesel Express, Probitz, Cheetha etc and few from Italy as well.
    Some how the italian manufactured boxes were having fancy girls on their website so dropped Italian products :).

    Ordered probitz through ebay, the guys at probitz were very friendly. But upon reading their box manual found that we could not tune the box further. I mean no customization of power, torque or other settings so canceled the order.

    While we continued to search for better boxes, found ASA. This product had very good reviews + positive feed back on ebay for the seller.

    Went ahead and contacted him and after speaking to him for a while he gave us some discount. 2 boxes for 195 euros inclusive of shipping. Received both today. one is on its way to chennai for Vignesh.

    Looking at the quality of the box i would say it is better than any other boxes i have seen.

    Will definitely provide my feedback on this box as well sooner.

    BTW, i also got K&N air filter installed. I got the air filter from US. Cost approx 1900 INR
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  3. Can you provide the link for the tuning box, not in ebay.. I mean the tuning box website, and regarding K&N... did someone get it for you from US or you ordered online and if you have ordered online then its cheap..... :)
  4. Here is the link:


    Well i got the airfilter from US myself. One of my friend ordered through ebay and got it for 3000 INR. let me share the link in ebay if possible
  5. Thanks Chethan...

    K&N is costly in India... anyway let me tell my nephew to send me one from US.......... :devil
  6. One year of love.

    On her first birthday, we named her “testarossa”
    One thing I always feel about my punto “i had bought a great looking car”.
    She is so gorgeous that we won’t tolerate a minute fault in her; this is why probably fiat owners reach to service centers more often than any other brand owners. We want her to be in perfect condition always. Not even a small scratch will let us sleep peacefully. Addiction is what we get with her.
    Even today I wake up early in the morning and take a first look at her. Love!
    Drives awesome, ace handling, puts a smile on your face always!
    My Testarossa crossed 17k kms and she has become sweeter now. Turbo keeps me tugged to the seats and I enjoy her free revving nature a lot now. Mileage is steady 17-19 in city and 20-23 on highway.
    She has never let me down so far and I enjoy riding her always. One of the best part is my daughter always sleeps only after a ride in testarossa, lol.
    On the plus side she has enormous front passenger space which feels like riding a sedan than a hatch back.
    One year with her and I feel I just brought her home!
    17k.jpg testarossa.jpg
  7. Here is the list of add-ons to her

    1. Fog lamps, Fog lamp holders, Switch
    Aftermarket: No
    Cost: 3000 INR approx
    The Good: Fog lamps are cheaper costing a 1400 bucks each, holders around 120 rs each.
    The bad: Switch might look cheap compared to the overall quality of the car. However you can tuck the switch inside the gap of the fuse box cover as shown in picture.
    Issues: None
    Recommended: Yes
    Installation requires a relay, show room guys fitted a local relay which went out in 6 months. I got a hella relay installed from a local accessory shop. The cost of relay was 100 Rs. Fog lamps not only adds beauty to the car but are also helpful during heavy fog/rain.
    fog switch.jpg
  8. 2. Antenna
    Aftermarket: No
    Cost: 700 INR approx
    The Good: Fits perfectly and enhances look, reception is also good
    The bad: Pricey
    Issues: None
    Recommended: If price is not a concern, go ahead!

    3. Sil plates/Kick plates
    Aftermarket: No
    Cost: 280 INR approx
    The Good: Cheap, Fits perfectly and enhances look, prevents scratches to the paint surface.
    The bad: Nothing, just watch out for rust.
    Issues: None
    Recommended: Yes
  9. 4. Central locking
    Aftermarket: No
    Cost: 9000 INR approx
    The Good: OE, Peace of mind, no warranty issues, door ajar warning for all doors
    The bad: Price is unjustified, very basic system with no theft warning, does not automatically gets locked, no warning for boot and bonnet door ajar.
    Issues: None
    Recommended: Only if it was half the price
    Worst part of this system is you cannot lock or unlock in silent mode 
    5. Grill Paint, Door handle and mirror paint.
    Aftermarket: No
    Cost: 500 INR approx [Mirror and Door handle paint were offered free from dealer, grill and front fog holder paint cost was 500 Rs]
    The Good: OE paint
    The bad: Expect bad quality workman ship from showroom guys.
    Issues: one of the door handle paint peeled out in 2 months, had to get it repainted. Grill paint might also lose its color and turn black over a period.
    Recommended: Yes especially for active variant owners

    6. Sun Control film
    Aftermarket: Yes [Ice Cool Shield from Garware on windshield]
    Cost: 3000 INR approx
    The Good: Sun Control film on Windshield is worthy
    The bad: Sun control film used on windows and rear hatch glass are of poor quality, this was again offered as freebie from the dealer. Cheap dark film is used and now it has tons of scratches.
    Issues: windshield film might make even a 100/90 bulb dull . More importantly you will be invisible to the outside world, lol.
    Recommended: Yes on the windshield, it reduces your AC usage for sure.

    Garware Ice cool shield has a heat rejection capacity of 50%, I am also looking to change the window films on doors and rear hatch, kindly suggest better brands within 3-4k.

    7. Horn upgrade and relay
    Aftermarket: Yes [Bosch Skoda type horn]
    Cost: 700 INR approx [Horn 500, relay 150 and fitting charge of 50]
    The Good: Nice sound
    The bad: Sounds broken from inside when all windows are up.
    Issues: None
    Recommended: I leave it to your taste; the OE horn from fiat is also good

    8. ICE
    Aftermarket: Yes
    Head Unit: Sony CDX GT 570, 5000 Rs INR
    Speakers: Front JBL components, 4500 INR
    Rear JBL 6” speaker, 2800 INR
    Boot JBL Coaxial GTO 949 limited edition, 4200 INR
    Sony XM GTX 6042 Amplifier, 4800 INR
    Relay, 1800 INR
    Rear wooden plank to hold coaxial speaker, 600 INR
    Labour, 1000 INR
    The Good: Happy with the current setup
    The bad: None
    Issues: None
    Recommended: I leave it to your taste; I am no sound engineer and the current setup is too good for me .
    I went for a cheaper Sony headunit without usb drive option cos most of the time I will connect my Nokia E63 phone to aux in with a cable costing 30 Rs.
    Headunit is good for it price. My initial set up was Just headunit, front comp and rear door 6’’ speaker. I thought that this combination would give me a rocking experience but the setup was so dull that I never use to give loud volumes in my car. Then I added Coaxial to the boot, sound was somewhat better than earlier setup but still lacked the punch. Atlast I understood that I need an amp and went for cheap sony one. Now the sound is really rocking [atleast for me ]

    9. Sound deadener
    Aftermarket: Yes, Tetrapad
    Cost: 2500 INR + 500 for installation
    The Good: Component sounds sweet and door shuts with a thud [no rattling of glasses]
    The bad: Do not expect a day and night change
    Issues: None
    Recommended: I leave it to your taste; installing is easy and you can do it yourself and save 500 Rs.

    Tetrapad box had 4 sheets and it is quite sufficient for all four doors, hatch and the left over was added to bonnet too.
    door pad.jpg tetrapad.jpg
  10. 10. Headlight bulb and relay
    Aftermarket: Yes
    Cost: 2000 INR approx
    Relay, Hella brand, Cost 750 INR
    First set of bulb , Narva white light, Cost 700 INR for two
    Second set of bulb, Philips rally 90/100, Cost 225 INR for two
    Third set of bulb, Hella extra bright 90/100, Cost 250 INR for two
    The Good: Cheap upgrade to OE lights
    The bad: Expect frequent blown outs.
    Issues: One of the first set of bulbs [Narva] was blown out completely within one month. My second set of bulbs, Philips rally was much better than Narva and cheap too but one night when I was riding on high beam both bulbs went off and I was forced to drive on low beams . Using hella bulbs now, if this goes away in a month, I am going to revert to OE.

    Recommended: No comments, as it is against govt rule.

    11. Seat cover
    Aftermarket: Yes, Dorado brand.
    Cost: 4500 INR approx including installation
    The Good: Nice looks
    The bad: No side pockets for front seat covers
    Issues: None
    Recommended: Yes.

    Dorado is VFM and the quality is way better than many players.

    12. Air filter
    Aftermarket: Yes, K and N
    Cost: 1950 INR, got it from US
    The Good: None
    The bad: None
    Issues: Nothing so far
    Recommended: No, do not expect a change for the money spent. Stick to stock filter.
    13. Tuning box
    Aftermarket: Yes, ASA autotechnik
    Cost: 7000 INR, got it through ebay
    The Good: Small but top quality box, more refined engine, better acceleration and lesser downshift while overtaking
    The bad: None
    Issues: Nothing so far
    Recommended: Leave it to you to decide [Statutory warning: Tuning box is injurious to your car health]

    Easy to install, car pulls much easily now and 3,4 and 5 gain speed very quickly. Expect an increase in top speed from 165 kmph to 174 kmph
    The max bhp out put from this box is 89. Quality is way better than diesel express or any other box in this price range.

    14. Roof Top blackened and other vinyling
    Aftermarket: Yes
    Cost: 2000 INR so far
    The Good: brings smile on your face
    The bad: None
    Issues: None
    Recommended: Leave it to your taste

    Roof top vinyling cost me 1500 Rs, addition to that I have done vinyling on pillars. Front and rear badges are done with Abarth stickering. The alloy wheel caps are also adorning abarth scorpion.
    V1.jpg v2.jpg
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