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BCM not working after repairs!! NEED HELP...

Discussion in 'Technical' started by G534, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. G534


    Hello all,

    I had an accident in my Punto a week back and had left my car for repair at Prerna Motors, Bangalore. They replaced the front bumper and the LHS foglamp along with other things. The total billing was around 30k.

    The foglamps were not working when the car was delivered to us and I had reported the same to the SA. He called the car back the next day and called me to say that the Body Control Module is not working and needs to be replaced! This is after the invoice has been sent to the insurance company. The manager, Mr. Suresh, says he will try to get the replacement done using the extended warranty and will let me know in 5 days. Else I will have to get it done myself. The part costs close to 10k!! The foglamps were perfectly fine before the accident and these guys should have included the costs of the BCM in the insurance if was already damaged.

    The fact is that they did not even bother to check the working of the lamps before delivering the car.

    I need to know who should I get in touch with to sort this issue out? I'm not sure if these guys will help me with this!!

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