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Battery Issues

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by sajujana, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. pandemd

    pandemd Novizio

    You spotted it right Cubbie ! This has happened to my Linea 1.3 MJD Dynamic too on the very next day of the delivery. Mine is Oct 12 manufactured car for which I got a very handsome discount. The battery got drain in day one itself. I called the service center guys, they tried to jumpstart the car, but they got the already drained battery with them to jumpstart. They took the car to service center and told me there was a problem with the battery itself. Got it replaced under warranty. Sad was all this affair took almost two full days.

    Praveen, you might have observed the messages like EBD Failure, Airbag Failure and such on MID.

    Milind Pande
    Pune - 57
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  2. rajshekar


    Hi Friends, I have been facing similar issue with my Fiat Punto Active diesel 1.3, the battery get completely drained if I dont use my car for 7 or more days, I had reported this issue to Fiat and the response was not that good. they told me the issue is because of the remote locking which fiat has fitted during the delivery and they suggest me to unplug the car batteries when not in use( which I do not agree), kindly suggest on this.

    The issue started within 3 months after I bought my car and now it is 1 year 6 months old car.

  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Which service center you used to fix the central locking?
    They should fix the leak. Removing battery each time is not a solution.
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  4. Anup

    Anup Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    This really was a Stupid Advice given by one of the Customer Representative :mad:

    Fiat cars are built in such a way that there shouldn't be wastage of battery unless fiddled with the electrical, I am sure the Center Locking wiring is earthing somewhere and there is a leakage of power, you should take the car to ASS as soon as possible after taking an appointment to ensure you get full and complete attention to the problem, an experienced Electricians should atleast diagnose the problem in no time.
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  5. rajshekar


    Hi ALL,

    Thanks for the response.

    I had taken the car to Aadya Motors where I got this response that the issue is because of remote locking (which I got it fixed with my new car by Prerana motors 1 year 6 months back), so I had to call the customer care again raising the complaint that I am not convinced with the solution. The service engineer did not even open the bonnet to check the battery wiring. I got a call from customer support again yesterday and requested me to take my car to Vecto Motors, since I have purchased my car from Vecto Motors.

    This is not the first time it happened, already faced the issue 3 times. First time I had the isue within 3 months after I bought the car, at that time they did a jump start and told me that if the isssue re-occurs they will rectify it. Everytime the issue occured they just did a jump start and ask me to wait. This is the third time it happened and the pain was when I was travelling to Hubli and I had to park my car unused for 7 days in Hubli and the previuos day when I had plans to drive back to Bangalore I saw my remote locking is not working and the car is not getting started, the battery was completely dead. However Fiat send a person and did a same jump start and asked me to take the car to services center for battery check-up. But instead of opening the bonnet and checking the wires, the service center person saw the remote locking in my hand and told me that this is because of the remote locking which was fitted as an extra accessory by Fiat services center (since Punto active model dosent come with remote locking).

    This Saturday I will be taking my car to Vecto motors :(

  6. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    While it's a long shot that remote locking installation is causing this problem, best to get it checked by Prerna motors. The problems with dead battery maybe due to factory fault in battery or due to alternator issues. If there is a current drain due to any system (relays) that can be fixed easily and cheap.

    If they are asking to replace remote locking accessory ask them to disconnect it first and check battery voltage later after a day or two of continuous running on full charged battery. If battery falls too low consecutively it can cause permanent damage to battery. So you will need immediate resolution to his problem, cause it will develop fault either ways if drained too low.

    To check the battery voltage ask them to plug in the examiner to car and check through that if 12v or less when running which can indicate problem with battery.
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  7. arunfbtr

    arunfbtr Timido

    Dear Friend...the same pbm im having now(30th march 2014)...id been out of home for 8days...today i tried with cust care....they assured the pbm will b solved by them....b confident...its hard to think, how come this can happen for new batteries....
  8. acechip

    acechip Superiore


    A few days back, I happened to experience an intermittent warning message on my Linea about my rear-left light malfunctioning- but it was NOT so. Around the same time, I noticed that the battery terminal and the "security lock" symbol (yellow) was glowing ever so faintly, while the rest of the indicators were typically "off" after cranking up.
    After a couple of days of observations, took the car to Fiat Bavdhan. They checked out the battery by cranking it multiple times, and came to the conclusion that the battery is going weak. They recommended replacing the battery in the near future lest I become stranded somewhere. Note- I have done 23000 km in nearly 3 years now.

    So I got the battery replaced over the weekend by Fiat itself.
    However, that "faint" glow on the battery and security lock indicators comes up ever so often.. Mind you, its not a bright regular indication, only a very faint one.

    I had asked the SA whether it is a question of the battery charger as opposed to the battery. He had replied in the negative , after testing out the battery terminals. But I still have a doubt on the battery charging mechanism , based on my observations post replacement.

    I may, of course, need to go back to the workshop, but wanted to know from the Fiat-ians, has this been encountered in your cars ?
  9. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    What was the voltage output at the charging terminals when the started?
    I had the same issue, which turn out to be high voltage from the alternator.
  10. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    Here is a recent problem in my Linea 1.4 petrol. The sign with a car+lock turns on and the car stalls, especially in stop and go traffic. I got the battery checked and the reading was 12.7 at rest and 9.6 at cranking. The battery guy said buy a new battery (obviously), but I want to make sure that it is not an alternator issue since this has been going on for a week but the battery remains fully charged and starts without any issue in the morning. The problem occurs only during traffic jams which is when the car stalls and the self does not pick up. It takes about a minute or two and then self picks up and the car starts.

    I know that some here may have faced a similar situation so please help with your inputs. I don't want to get stuck with a new battery and a defective alternator. A visit to the workshop for a check is a few hours gone for me and besides the last time I had a starting related problem they sent me off to get the battery checked from outside ( it was a battery relay issue and I made 3 trips to the workshop, have a thread somewhere in 2011).

    So better to ask for opinions here first :).

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