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Bangalore to Yercaud: A travelogue

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by ravimathi, May 30, 2015.

  1. ravimathi

    ravimathi Novizio

    Bangalore, India
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Route Taken: Bangalore -> Hosur -> Krishnagiri -> Dharmapuri -> Salem -> Yercaud and return in the same route.
    Total trip distance: 482 kms
    Average Speed: 52 kmph
    Average fuel comsumption: 17.3 kmpl
    Travellers: Myself and my wife

    We started our journey on Saturday around 10 am from Vijay bank layout and reached Hosur road in no time. The road condition up to Salem was good except in few places where there were bad patches. There were lot of cars than I expected and few slow moving trucks as well here and there. Still it was fun driving. We took a break for a cup of coffee in Sri Saravana Bavan near Krishnagiri. After 20 minutes break we continued our journey and reached yercaud foot hills through Salem traffic at 2 pm. The drive in the ghat section was fun and hairpins were pretty easy. The road was covered with forest and the valley looked beautiful and got cooler with every hairpin bend climbed. We reached yercaud at 2:45 pm. We had already booked a room at Grand Palace Hotels for two days.
    Our Red beauty :)
    The room was good and adjacent to the Swimming Pool and the lawn. We were surrounded by hills on all sides. The purpose of our trip was to spend the days leisurely and enjoy the green. And I must say our hotel room was perfect for that:) Had a decent lunch and took a power nap. After freshening up, spent time in the lawn and enjoying the sunset with a cup of coffee. The view was lovely. As time passed the hills around us were slowly melting away in the twilight and finally they merged into the darkness.
    Nature paints beautifully for us

    Dinner was ok and camp fire was lit outside. They were playing old Ilayaraja/ Vairamuthu songs and that summarises our first day at Yercaud, Simply amazing..!!

    Day 2:

    We woke up around 6 am and went for a walk to the lake area. Lake was looking beautiful with the morning rays and birds chirping around. Thoroughly enjoyed the walk. We were completely exhausted while climbing back to our room. Good trek followed by tasty breakfast. Again some rest followed by bathe in the swimming pool. It was not that great. A water tank like pool.

    Our walk from our hotel to lake

    It was already 11:30 am and driven to boat house. Finding a perfect parking slot was a herculean task. This time the lake area was completely crowded and we were happy for seeing its beauty in the early hours. When its crowded, you cannot enjoy its amazing view for sure. We got the tickets for row boat and had 20 minutes in the lake. Not bad kind of experience. Spent sometime in deer park.

    @Deer's park
    It was already 1:30 and had our lunch in GRT Salem heights. Only buffet and it was super costly Rs 1800 for 2. Food was tasty but considering the price, not worth trying. But wait, view from sky walk was amazing. For that one can pay that. We spent some ten minutes there after lunch enjoying the view from Sky Walk. From there you can see the lady's seat and gents seat. Having a binocular would be great here.
    From here, We drove towards Shervaroyan Temple. The route to the temple through narrow mountain roads was more enjoyable. Shevaroy's Temple is located on top of a mountain. It’s a little cave temple with Lord Shervaroyan and the Goddess here is Cauvery. The cave is wet and has water all over the roof and base and everywhere almost. It's a nice place and the view of the surrounding mountains and greenery is majestic! There is a telescope mounted here. We spent half an hour here.
    In the evening visited pagoda point followed by ladies, gents and children view points.Headed back to our hotel and had good dinner and tight sleep.
    Solitary beauty :)
    Woke up around 8 am and after breakfast slowly started packing things and checked out at 10:30. We were driving back to bangalore wondering how great the trip was.
  2. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    @ravimathi : Simple and nice travelogue.
    Infact i was looking for visiting Yelagiri or Yercaud !!

    How was the hotel stay !?
    Rooms, cleanliness, VFM ?
    Please let us know.

    I believe 1.5 days stay would do justice to visit places and enjoy the climate as well.

    - CM
  3. ravimathi

    ravimathi Novizio

    Bangalore, India
    Grande Punto 1.3
    @King CM For two days it costed 11 k for premium room with views and opening to lawn.
    The hotel stay was very comfortable in terms of facilities and cleanliness. Staff behavior is also good.
    Recreation center was also good. One thing I felt disappointed was with food. For breakfast complimentary food was provided which was good.
    Dinner if you want light South Indian items, you wont find any. So better have dinner outside. Overall we are satisfied with our stay.

    Yes 1.5 days is ok if you leave early from bangalore. We started from bangalore around 10 only and just spent that evening in the hotel lawn itself. So we spent the next day visiting places and left only on third day morning.

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  4. driveit

    driveit Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    Nice photos. Even I had a trip to Yercaud 2 months back i.e. April 1st week. It was fine that time with peak temperature 31.

    32km Ring road was missed in my trip.
  5. ravimathi

    ravimathi Novizio

    Bangalore, India
    Grande Punto 1.3
    32km loop road is awesome. But the thing is you may found yourself lost in the road many times. Mobile data will be lost and no one will be there to confirm the road. Having offline maps is handy. Its worth trying provided no rain.
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