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Bangalore Punto Owners: ICE Help/ suggestions needed.

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by muni, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. muni


    I have booked a 90Bhp Medium grey Punto and would be getting delivery in few days ( subject to how soon my SBI OD loan application is processed)
    I want to be ready with what I want to do before i get the delivery.

    I know the factory fitted Speakers are pretty ordinary and so is the HU to an extent. I would like to do the following

    1) Change the speakers. All of them
    2) Retain the HU
    3) Add a sub without compromising space
    4) An Amp ( 2/4 channel)
    5) Make use of 2 channel clarion amp + JBL bass tube ( a friend of mine will donate his unused ones)
    6) Budget of 25 to 30K

    I would want the front to handle low frequencies well along with the mids and high ( all rounders) and dont want to be rear bass heavy sound stage.

    I went through various ICE setups in this forum and there seems to be a lot of varied setups which can make one confused.

    a) Are there any Bangalore Punto owners willing to demo their Setup. Would be of great reference point as to how the brands sound.
    b) Who is the best ICE installer in town ( EVO -satya is goos ppl say but quite pricey for the audio stuff and install few say)
    c) Are Blaupunkt PnP amps good and still available? How much do they cost.
    d) I want boot space to be available ( atleast 70% of it) . A shallow Sub enclosure setup/ spare wheel sub setup can be good alternatives.

    Awaiting your inputs/ suggestions.
  2. xplorauto


    In my opinion for a hatch if one uses a component with a good midbase, he can pretty much do away with a subwoofer. Looks to me what you are in pursuit of is a tight crisp bass or as they say SQ oriented LFE and not a loud wooly boom.

    Apart from the T-Jet I also have a 2005 Getz where I use a Focal K2 power in the fronts and a polyglass 6" driver as a real-fill; thats it. I used to drive the focals with MTX 4 channel innitially which I later replaced with an Audison. I never felt it was necessary to augment the lower frequencies at all. If you want to do that any which ways, use a SQ oriented sub driver like a Morel Ultimo or DLS Nordica or Image-Dynamics, in a sealed enclosure. However you would have to do away with quite a bit of boot space.

    Now, when it comes to the source I use a Blaupunkt Bremen which had 24 band parametric equalizer per channel. Remember having paid a fortune for it way back in 2005 but equalization capabilities are a must when it comes to ICE. When you are inside a shell made of metal and glass, you need to have fine grained capabilities on the entire frequency range. So what does one do to have that kind of control without replacing the stock HU?

    USE A PROCESSOR...there are quite a few with Helix leading the pack, followed by Audison, followed by Alpine and then ofcourse you have the JL Audio, JBL and RF. This is perhaps the most important aspect when upgrading the ICE without replacing the factory HU. Why? 'coz the factory HU emits a signal whose frequencies are massively equalized for the stock speakers that comes with your car. When you directly hook up an amplifier to that by using a high-to-low converter, you are simply amplifying the distorted, heavily equalized signal that was callibrated for your stock speakers.

    BTW, apart from dedicated processors, I hear some amplifier manufactures are actually bundling in a pre-amp stage with parametric equalization capability with the amplifier itself. One such product is Mosconi Gladen. So the bottomline is you simply cannot get a satisfactory optimal sound with that signal. So a processor is imperative. But what if you cannot afford it? Simple answer, use a VFM coaxial speaker in the front and be happy. Or change the HU. It's pointless to splurge on good components if the basic signal is flawed.

    Another very important aspect, there is no need to use a rear-component or even co-axials. Any HF delivery from there spoils the imaging and sound stage completely. Use a 5 or 6 inch midbass or mid-range (better) driver and band-pass it between 600 and 6000 Hz. Also reduce the power delivery to those rear-fill drivers.

    As for my T-Jet ICE, I would be using a Audison BitOne processor. With that I would have gone for a Morel and Genesis combo but as Genesis is no longer manufactured, I have more or less decided to go for DLS Gothia 3-way or DLS Nordica 2-way, a nordica subwoofer and DLS ultimate amps. The gear would take 6 weeks to arrive...so waiting!!!
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  3. muni



    Thank you for your suggestion. I am perfectly okie with a setup that produces decent base from the front if they can do a decent job.

    The brands you mentioned i.e, Helix, Audison,Alpine,Morel Ultimo, DLS Nordica ,Image-Dynamics have a bit of premium associated and i have my doubts whether they can be accomodated in the budget. If possible give a suggestion of preferred ones with cost break up for my easy reference.

    Guys who have done your install, dont you want to show off ;-)
  4. Phew

    Phew Esperto

    New Delhi/Mohali
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Can he fetch the above mentioned brands and equipment in his budge ???
  5. xplorauto


    No he can't!!! Hence my advice:

    "Simple answer, use a VFM coaxial speaker in the front and be happy. Or change the HU. It's pointless to splurge on good components if the basic signal is flawed.

    In short, dont blow up money un-necessarily on amps, high-end components et all if the budget cannot accomodate a processor as the input signal would anyway be screwed up. Replace the front speakers with decent coaxials from DLS / Morel / Focal / Rainbow and that should be all. If component is a must have, go forentry level 2-way components from the mentioned manufacturers. Any more would be a waste of money. This mind you are only for people who do not want to replace the stock HU and cannot accomodate a processor in the budget.
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