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Bangalore-Mangalore-Udupi-Hormad-Ontimane estate :) Filmed in Shh kannada movie DRIVE

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by sriks84, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. sriks84

    sriks84 Amatore

    Hey Fiatians ... Hope you are doing great and I'm posting this thread after quite some time as I got busy with Work.

    It was 22-Feb-2014 (Saturday) evening when me and my close buddy Manjunath decided that we would be driving down from Bangalore to Mangalore for my friends Weeding at Mangalore .. but this was not it .. we had more plans for this travel. we wanted to take this opportunity to go to all the holy places in and around Mangalore and few of them in our list were my favourite temple " UDUPI" .

    It was my friends kids annual day function on Sunday (23-Feb-2014) so Manju was able to wrap up things and we left sharp at 2:00PM where we boarded our car with Trip A distance reset to 0.0 KM's .

    We headed straight to Kanakpurroad, touched the nice road and cruised all the way to tumkur road in 30 minutes, we took our exit from NICE toll booth on Tumkur road and with very little traffic ,we were able to reach the mighty 4 lane Toll (bangalore- Hassan ) express way by 3:30 PM.

    Both of us were feeling really hungry and stopped near a dhaba on the main road and got some quick lunch before we could begin our mighty journey.

    We got back to our cars exactly at 4:00PM after a sumptous lunch and we were geared up to open the throttle on the express way

    It took 2 hours for us to reach Hassan and we had plans of staying in Mudigere overnight and then head towards mangalore through Chrmadi Ghats next day early in the morning. We were able to reach Hassan at 6:15 PM and a right turn from the Hassan City heads you towards Belur and stretch from Hassan to belur ( 2 way lane) was awsome.

    The Road condition from Belur to Mudigere was good but the problem is it was already dark when we hit this road and had to be careful near the curves as there was no signs of street light anyu where.

    Finally at 8:00 PM, we reached a beautiful home stay in Mudigere covered with lush greenery and was around 2 KM's inside from the main road .. Home stay name : Hasiru Pics attached.

    IMG_0702.jpg IMG_0703.jpg IMG_0705.jpg IMG_0709.jpg IMG_0710.jpg IMG_0712.jpg IMG_0714.jpg IMG_0717.jpg IMG_0718.jpg

    we were now heading towards Mangalore for my friends wedding and we started sharp at 8:00 AM in the morning towards Koittigehara- Charmadi- belthangady and Mangalore.

    The road conditions in Charmadi Ghat is very good provided that its very narrow and its easy to descend and one needs to be careful of the traffic coming from the opposite direction especially near steep curves.

    We cleared charmadi ghats and were in assumption that we are close to mangalore but the real problem started once we hit the Ujjire - (BC road) roads. The problem with this stretch is that the road is very well laid out but the difference in levels from the tarred road and the muddy road towards the side is close to 2 feet which is very scary. Any bus or vehicle which comes in front of you needs to be handled very carefully on this road. we were able to finally cross this road and we headed to managalore for my friends wedding
    IMG_0731.jpg IMG_0741.jpg

    Our immediate next destination was my all time favourite place UDUPI - Shri Krishna Temple , I simply love this place and would love to visit 1 million times. we had sumptous lunch in the marriage and started all the way until we reached Udupi.

    We were able to get 3 star accomodation in the heart of the city just for 1100/ Rs (Ac room) after negotiations and this place is just 30 sec walk from Shri Krishna temple , pics attached.

    IMG_0761.jpg IMG_0762.jpg

    It was a very long day drive for us and with some much of heat, we took a power nap for 2 hours in the hotel after which we headed to Krishna Temple.

    IMG_0753.jpg IMG_0756.jpg IMG_0758.jpg

    After an awesome dinner at the Shri Krishna temple, we hit the bed at 10PM as we knew that there is a long drive ahead of us tomorrow.

    We got up at 6 AM and suddenly decided that , we would not be taking either of the ghats ( Shiradi or CharmadI) but instead would go to Hornad, kalasa and connect ot kottigehara near mudigere and head back to Bangalore.

    We started driving towards Manipal from udupi and reached --> Karkala-->the road conditions is karkala is pathetic right now and it took some time for us to cross the city , we reach Bajagoli is 15 minutes from there and thats were your mighty KUDREMUKH GHAT SECTION begins.

    It was a visual treat to drive through KUDREMUKH Ghat section and have attached pics in the next thread as I'm running out of space to attach pics in here.

    I have created another post as I was not able to post more pics here















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  2. sriks84

    sriks84 Amatore

    Bangalore-Mangalore-Udupi-Hormad-Ontimane estate :) Filmed in Shh kannada movie Contd

    from Kudremukh , we reached Hormadu temple and had lunch there and we headed back to kalasa temple . pics attached.

    IMG_0888.jpg IMG_0889.jpg IMG_0891.jpg

    We then started driving towards Kottigehara and thats were you would spot the lovel tea and coffee estates around you. We stopped near Kelagur tea estate , a very famous tea estate where many movies including ( upendra's Shhh, Gaalipata, Yugapurusha ) were shot .Pics attached ..

    IMG_0872.jpg IMG_0875.jpg IMG_0878.jpg IMG_0879.jpg IMG_0880.jpg IMG_0907.jpg

    and then the next estate on the same road is called as JAVALI estate near javali town, This is a 200 year coffe estate where the famous Upendra Cult Classic Horror suspense movie Shhhh.... was shot. we were greeted by the manager of that estate to the same house where the movie was shot and was discussing how well the entire movie was planned and entirely shot in that estate for 1 month. It was a memorable experience to remember. Pics attached.

    IMG_0911.jpg IMG_0912.jpg IMG_0913.jpg IMG_0914.jpg IMG_0915.jpg IMG_0921.jpg IMG_0918.jpg IMG_0922.jpg

    From here , we left back to Bangalore and reached Bangaqlore by 8:30 PM in the night

    So Summary of the travel was

    Route : Bangalore- mangalore-Udupi-Kudremukh-Hornadu-Kalasa- Mudigere-Bangalore

    Days : 2 days

    KM Travelled : 957 KM's

    Driver : me all alone :)

    Car : My Beast Linea 1.3 MJD classic

    Thanks Guys .. hope you enjoyed this ..
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  3. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Nice pics Sriks84!! Seems you enjoyed every bit of drive.

    Happy Riding!!
  4. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice detailed report :up Mangalore that section is always trick u due to road conditions. Good to know that it was not as bad.

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  5. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Mist on linea is awesome... Nice pix Sriks84
  6. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    WOW..THIS IS THE ESTATE WHERE "Shhhhh..." horror movie was filmed by Upendra....what a movie!!

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