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Bangalore- Guttahalli -Mulbagal-Anthargange

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by nitinjd, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. nitinjd

    nitinjd Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Route: Bangalore- Guttahalli -Mulbagal-Anthargange Bangalore

    Places of visit:
    1) Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Temple (Bangaru tirupati) at Guttahalli
    2) Lord Hanuman Temple at Mulbagal
    3) Anthargange at Kolar (Kashi Vishwanatha Temple)

    Day before Sat evening decided to hang around close by Bangalore city , but no idea where to go and through the internet we finalize above places. We were all 8 members + 2 kids, prepare food at home and left Bangalore-Whitfield at 1.00PM You might be wondering why so late, reason is: I had a school’s parents meeting to attend.

    Google navigation on my mobile was very helpful which gave no error.

    Headed towards hoskote route on NH4 and after reaching Kolar which was amazing road to drive, took right towards Bethmangala road, it was single road and reached Bangaru tirupati at 2:15 PM. We sat all together for launch and All of us had a good darshan of the deity, took few snaps
    Headed towards the famous Lord Hanuman temple at Mulbagal which is about 26Kms from Bangaru tirupati. While driving all of sudden heavy rain started and so we have to limit our speed to 10kmph as visibility was very low.

    Left the place after having a good darshan of the lord. We reached the Hanuman temple (4.3PM) where we had a good calm darshan of lord Hanuman who is known as "Veera Anjaneya" (this Hanuman is holding a sword in one hand and Gadha in another) considered to be very powerful.

    The day was quite pleasant and not so hot and we had making the ride very enjoyable.

    We headed straight towards Anthargange, in between we saw CCD and tool a break for 15 min there and finally reached 6.30pm., a beautiful rocky hill range situated at about 1226 Meters (4021ft.) which is approx 3Kms from inside proper Kolar.

    We were welcomed by an army of monkeys as soon as we reached the entrance. The temple is located atop a hill where we had to climb a lot of steps. all of us made it to the top Anthargange unfortunately temple was closed as we were late but glad to see a sacred stream, that continue pours sweet water from the mouth of a bull amd lot of people were filling their bottles and cans with this holy water. We sprinkled this water on all of us

    With this, we had covered all the places as per the plan and we headed back home and reached around 8.30 PM.

    Trip Summary:

    Car: Fiat Punto E PK MJD
    Distance Covered: 205KMS
    Fuel: 9Ltrs
    Avg Mileage: 23 and 4.27 hours
    AVG Speed: 43
    Road Conditions: Very good all along.

    Car: I10 Petrol
    Distance Covered: 205KMS
    Fuel: 12Ltrs
    Avg Mileage: 23
    AVG Speed: 43

    Whitefield- Mulbagal


    Kurudumale- Anthargange at Kolar
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  2. Nice trip you might have had. Bdw where are the pics of your beloved RIDE ?
  3. Pictures please.

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