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Bangalore-Chennai TFI meet at Yelagiri 17th June - Report Pg 54 onwards

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by theblack, May 8, 2012.

  1. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Wuddya need emails for? Who is collecting the emails for Chennai?
  2. Hi theblack,

    Im planning to come directly to Yelagiri

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    PM your phone number to Teky or Ramjn
  3. Punter Punto

    Punter Punto Timido

    HI TheBlack..

    I have PM`d ma details.. sorry for the delay..
  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Thank you all for sharing you're IDs .. I 've mailed you the details.. Awaiting you're response on it..
    Fiat-yamaha, check you're PM please
  5. pemmasg

    pemmasg Regolare

    Ramesh and Suresh please post the chennai team's plans and schedules as there could be someone joining at last minute ;)

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  6. teky

    teky Esperto

    Gopi - Hope you're not the one joining at last minute. So who's joining us SB eh?

    I see PranavOne has voted for the date but hasn't added his name into the list, Are you joining us mate?
  7. raj@tfi


    Thats my email.


  8. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Ok, there are still many people missing from the Email list ,so I've closed the Email business and will have the discussion here itself..
    I'm pasting the whole discussion thus far..(It might be a bit huge :) )

    theblack writes,
    1.) Start from Bangalore
    The drive to yelagiri( I've never been there so this is according to googlemaps) is about 150kms, adding another 10-15kms to reach the actual spot I would prefer to leave city as early as possible.

    2.) Meet up in Bangalore
    Since we need to be heading towards the BTM layout ,yday I drove on that road in search of a few landmarks and I found "BP bunk, Advitha" to be an ideal land mark..
    When traveling on the BTM layout road towards hosur rd you will find this bunk on you're left side. Its a HUGE bunk (operated by Advitha) and hard to miss.
    There are service roads so we can all park and wait for everyone to come , So I would prefer this place as a common meeting point for guys in Blr.
    (I chose this location because of its prominent positioning and presence of service roads)

    3.) Time of the en-route Meet up
    I would say 7:45AM at the location [2].

    4.) Breakfast
    If we all manage to assemble by 7:45AM or max by 8-8:15AM then I hear there is a KAMAT restaurant on the way which can be reached early (to avoid the major sunday breakfast traffic)

    5.) Lead cars??
    Since I've not been to yelarigi ,anyone else can take up the ownership

    Reasons for this setup.
    If we manage to assemble by 7:45AM , I"m keeping about 20-30mins of "greeting exchange time" and an initial round of photographs and we leave by 8:20AM from location [2] and as calculated if we are done with breakfast by 11AM (i dont know the distance to KAMAT so not adding the travel time) then we will be on the track to reach yelagiri by at least 1:30PM .
    (En-route we will also catch up with the chennai folks and another round of photographs and greetings on the cards)

    Please let me know you're ideas on this proposal and if we need to fine tune this..

    jakrishnakola writes,
    Don't go for kamat ..... Trust me, stop aT the hp petrol pump in shoolagiri that has McDonald srikrishna inn and cafe coffee day.....
    This pump has a freaking huge parking place .....
    Also u don't have to start that early I guess 830 am to 9am will do.....
    U can meet above the BETL that has enough place to hold upto 15 puntos ..... Last time we met below the bridge same spot .......
    Meeting on top of the bridge would be a great idea......
    puntom writes,
    Meet and greet
    Seeing your mail, I think you are mentioning the BP fuel station where A2B is also present.
    Since its a sunday, the restaurant will have lot of people early in the morning.

    Also since TFI members will come from different locations, its better we meet at one place rather than 2 different places.
    Hence the best meeting place will be after NICE road junction on Hosur road.Here the best place is Huskur gate.
    After the BETL ends, there is a signal.Just after the signal there is a service road with no buildings and hence we can park our 15+ cars there.
    Also there is a IOC fuel station if someone wants to fill up....We should target 8:00AM as the departure time from here.

    Instead of Kamat we can also stop at McDonald's...This is where we had stopped during my last TFI meet.
    Good thing here is there is another restaurant Krishna Veg just beside it and also a Fuel station(just in case)
    It has vast parking area where we can park the cars together.
    Target should be 8:45-9:00 to reach here...Late comers if any, can catch up here.

    Lead cars
    There were around 8 cars which had attended last time's Yelagiri meet including my car.
    Most of us will be present this time also. So leading will not be a problem IMO

    Hope These changes will help and not complicate things.
    shams writes,
    The assembling point should be somewhere on hosur road itself after the ecity flyway. people coming from marathalli, koramangala side need not go to btm.
    This would be little early as it would take hardly 3 hrs from assembling point to yelagiri nonstop. we can reach by 13:00 hrs if we start at 9 and have a one hr breakfast break. We can ask people to assemble latest by 8:30 am for this.
    Thread continues here .......

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    I'm cool with the 8:30AM plan

    Location ?? (anyone else with ideas?)
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  9. shams

    shams Esperto

    For bangalore guys, based on the above suggestions:

    Assembling place:
    As suggested by puntom-After the BETL ends, there is a signal.Just after the signal there is a service road with no buildings and hence we can park our 15+ cars there.

    on BETL is also a good option but people coming via NICE road won't be able to join here.

    Assembling time:
    latest by 8:30 AM. if someone misses out. they can join at McDonalds, shoolagiri.

    As suggested by both puntom and Jaykrishna, around 10 AM at McDonalds/srikrishna inn/cafe coffee day. All are at the same place next to the HP COCO bunk.

    others please contribute!
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  10. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    I'm good with the assembling point/tlme and breakfast location/time

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