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Badboy Sailor's White Pearl - "auto" biography of BNW 1.2 Active

Discussion in 'Punto 1.2 Fire' started by soundar, May 22, 2011.

  1. Buying experience and initial love: Recap of December 2009

    Few months back, the “I want a car” changed to “I need a car”. So, I started preparing my self to buy my first car. After some serious math, I have arrived at the budget of less than 5 Lakhs on road. On this budget, I had Punto 1.2, Indica Vista Safire, i10 and Spark. I can extend my budget to get i20 magna or other variants of Punto. Some how, the looks of MS cars (even the love of many, Swift) didn’t pull my heart. I have test driven Punto 1.2, Sparks and i20. After completing a lengthy decision matrix, my brain agreed to heart and my wife, Punto is the right choice.

    Showroom Experience
    My experience with Concord Motors, Chennai is great and the Sales Executive (P. S. Raman) was very helpful.

    I booked the car on December 7, 2009 from Concord Motors, Chennai. I applied for the car loan from Axis bank. The loan got approved at 10% for 3 Years. I have paid the down payment on December 12, 2009. Due to the rain in Chennai, I have to request the dealer to delay the delivery of the car. Finally we brought home our Bossa Nova White Punto Active on December 23, 2009.

    Got free insurance and extended warranty. Got free mud flaps, floor mats and 3M sun control films for windows and tailgate.

    I like the elegant looks of Punto. It is so admirable and adorable.

    I have found gaps near the steering column and fuse panel, during my PDI. I reported the same. The one in the steering column is fixed and they could not able to fix the one in fuse panel. I am satisfied with what I got.

    Drive Experience
    Last weekend was so busy for me as well as the car. Since delivery, I have driven the car for 180 Km. I have equally traveled in city and highway. I have driven alone and I have driven with 6 adults (including me) and 2 kids. Punto took all the challenges with ease.

    I was a bit worried about the car’s performance loaded with boot full of bags and cabin full of people. But the car did a decent job. I didn’t feel any difference in driving alone and fully loaded with people. It pulled effortlessly and climbed flyovers, with out A/C. One of the kids is allergic to A/C, if not, I would have tested the car with A/C.

    I did a long trip to pickup my wife her office and my cousin from her college. The trip was a 70 Km one and 70% of the trip is a highway. I didn’t push her beyond 2.5K rpm (75 Kmph on 5th gear). The drive was smooth and excellent. So far, the braking was good. I should admit that I am not good at braking. I have not and do not like to come across any panic braking situations. My Punto is with stock JK tornado 165/80 R 14 shoes.

    The average indicated in the MID hovered between 10 and 15. I am yet to measure the correct average. I am expecting 12 for my day-to-day office ride and 15 on occasional highway trips. Just yesterday, I filled a tank full of petrol. I will update the average soon.

    The drive comfort is excellent.

    “Heart rev at read-line” moments
    1. On the way back home after delivery and fueling, the left hand side OVRM hit a parked motorcycle. Mistake is mine. No damage happened.
    2. The same day, when trying to turn the car, the lower part the front bumper got hit by a stone, which I did not notice till I heard the bump. Mistake is mine. A scratch of length 2” in the lower part of bumper.
    3. I was traveling in a congested street; the same left hand side OVRM hit a guy walking. Mistake is mine. No damage happened.
    4. Again, I was traveling in a congested street: a cow standing near my had blue with another cow standing next to it and fell on the car’s left side fender. No damage happened.
    5. Just a few meter after the previous incident, in the same street: a cyclist trying to pass thro the narrow gap between Punto and a truck, lost balance and fell on the car. A lengthy, not so deep scratch on the left side rear door.
    6. While parking, I hit the car to the pavement. Mistake is mine. No damage.

    Hmm. I should have a healthy heart.

    Things I like to have
    1. I am yet to purchase a car cover. These birds seem to love my Punto a lot. Last Thursday evening, I was terribly shocked to see the car, in my office parking lot, covered with bird droppings. Surprisingly, there is none in the near by cars. So, a decent car cover is my first priority.
    2. Remote central lock. Without a central lock, it is a real pain. I am planning to install a remote lock soon and bargain for a free (Is it too much) car cover.
    3. My current music system has touch screen, can play mp3s, has SD card slot, has usb port, have bluetooth, can make phone calls, it can take voice commands, connect to internet and can pair up with external GPS antena but the sound quality is not up to the mark. I would like to upgrade to a nice and pocket friendly music system. Waiting for a bonus from my employer. Till then, I am happy with my HTC p3400i PDA.
    4. A nice looking alloys and wider tires after three years (after closure of loan).

    Things I am not comfortable
    1. The first gear is very short and need to shift to second very soon. Some times, the car starts very swiftly. I afraid, I might hit some one in dense traffic. :auto-swerve:
    2. The steering wheel lock does not work some times.
    3. Using the key to lock and unlock the door is very rough.

    Picasa Web Albums - Soundar - Punto
    I will add more pics to the album soon.

    Down payment Rs. 60,000
    EMI Rs. 12,500
    Fuel cost Rs. 5,000
    But there are some things money can’t buy, for every thing else, wish me many more trouble free happy miles.
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  2. Story so far...

    Seventeen months passed like a blitz. Wife was pregnant, job change, birth of my first child, late night drives, Punto was always in ready-to-serve mood. Once it failed due to CSC and that is a different story altogether. I do not happen to take her for long drives. Thank fully, my daily commute to office is around 50 km. It is always sweet to drive her.

    Problems and resolutions
    • I have experienced the "famous" brake problem in low speed of 1.2. Once mastered, I never faced it again except I do it intentionally.
    • Glove box problem, which is rectified during first service.
    • Front passenger side door lock broken. It was fixed during first service.
    • CSC gave up in middle of the road. I can not digest that my requests to check CSC is not done during first service and second service. CSC is replaced with new one with metal body.
    • RUST is the current problem. First I noticed in few places. After inspecting the car with "eagle" eye, rust is in every other corner of the metal parts. Right now the car is TASC for rust treatment.

    Hear rev at red line moments
    Surprisingly, I did not encounter many in my one and a half years with her except few hits on bumper by bikers.

    Expense so far
    Downpayment + EMIs + Insurance = 279095
    Maintenance + Car care products + Wurth underbody antirust coating + 3M paint protection coating = 14352
    Fuel = 54089
    Toll = 4376

    There are still somethings money can not buy. For everything else, Fiat is pocket friendly!
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  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Great write up Soundar.

    Wishing you happy and safe miles in your Punto.

    P.S. Keep us updated about the rust treatment that your Punto is getting. Is it within warranty?
  4. Yes sir. It is done under warranty. I have asked my SA to fix the rust during my CSC failure time. They did not do a proper fix and they did not even touch many places. During last service camp, I showed the car to a regional service manager from Tata Motors. Now they are doing a complete treatment. The car is in TASC for over a week now. Hope they fix everything.
  5. Great write up Soundar.
    Hope the rust issue will be taken care to your satisfaction.

    Please post some pictures of your beauty.
  6. Definitely sir. There will be quite a few photo shoots once the anti rusting is done.
  7. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Welcome Soundar to TFI,
    Well about the gaps, its nothing in FIAT, what if i say that there are more gaps in Corolla 1.6, (Door joints, Steering mounting, dash board Misalignment).
    Do fix the Chrome Exhaust Tip which will make your Punto look more stronger.
  8. Thank you. Anyways I am a quite TFI member since google groups days. I just started this thread as I am missing my Punto for past two weeks.
  9. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2

    Well here are few pictures of my corolla in Kuwait, the Gaps are seen clearly what do you say about this dude,
    Where is your punto gone for 2 weeks?????:eek:



  10. I am not complaining about the gaps. I just want to put my first sight view. It is over 1.5 years or ownership and I love the car every bit.

    I have given the car for anti-rust treatment, as it developed rust in the door corners, hinges, edges and engine bay. The car was taken to TASC on May 14. Few days back I spoke to the service adviser and he informed me that the car will be ready for delivery today (May 28). I just returned back from TASC, out of my happy mood, after seeing that the rust in most of the places are not treated at all. I am totally pissed off. The only noticeable work carried out on the car is, removal of my previous TASC sticker and pasted theirs. Only happiest thing happened during this episode is, I got the direct bus (rare one) to my residential area without waiting much.

    I am planning to escalate the whole thing to higher officials. Any suggestions? Shall I do it?

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