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Back Home after a Wonderful 'FULAX' Chennai_Kodai_Valpaarai_Coimbatore_Chennai

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by srida, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Great Pics and sad your son got sick , hope he is well now :) good you have shown some best skills of punto to the sx4 :) any way its a dabba car leave it ..
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    Never trust the local guides there. They always try to fleece the tourists. Even in your case, I think they decided to make some quick money with the Tavera.

    In our Harmony drive to Kodai this April, we took all our Fiats to the Berijam Lake.


    On that day, we came back at 5.30pm to the forest checkpost to Berijam. :)
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  3. You are right Ramjn. After reaching berijam lake I saw many indicas, Polos and swifts parked there. Felt very bad I cudn't drive Ma Senuti there, but still, everybody else wished to travel in one vehicle. So no other optoin we had but to take the Tavera.

    Reaching at 5:30 is nice, but the checkpost guys at the berijam lake asked the visitors to leave the place at 2: 30 itself. Many resisted for sometime but eventually they had to leave.
  4. Wondeful pics Srida ...and great writings too .. Enjoyed reading it ..

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  5. Wonderful pictures Srida!
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  6. Few more of Vaalparai drive with friends to come in this thread....
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  7. Since doctor advised us to get down the hills as early as possible, we dropped our plan to visit 'Mannavanur' for day 3. Though we wanted to start early, we couldn't get up early. We checked out our rooms at 10 o clock after breakfast. In the morning my son was feeling lot better, no signs of him sick, so we decided to shop homemade chocolates and get down the hills. In an hour we finished our shopping and left Kodaikanal. None of us liked Kodaikanal that much mainly because of the crowd and very few places for sightseeing and they too were crowded. However our relaxed stay there will be unforgettable. May be we will visit kodaikanal, if we get a chance to stay at the Berijam Forest guest house, that is located near the lake in the midst of forest, where wild animals can be spotted near the lake in night as per the information from the locals. If the DFO offers permission for a stay in the forest cottage, which doesn't have electricity, though a cook will be arranged for making food, we will visit kodaikanal once again.

    For the way back to coimbatore, we chose Palani - Udmelpet - palladam - Coimbatore. The route was superb throughout, especially the udmelpet - palladam was nicely laid, not much traffic, with wind mills on both the sides, my son was watching those gigantic ceiling fans (in his views) :confused: with astonishment, I had to stop the car now and then to get down and show him those fans which he really enjoyed so much. Reaching palladam, my taste buds sent requests to my brain to make me stop to get those Biriyani once again for the dinner. Reached Home Sweet Home at 6 o clock.

    Now about the Drive on the hills in Ma Senuti. The list of cars that we owned and I have driven on hills are Maruthi 800, Tata Indica, hyundai Santro, Suzuki Swift and Fiat Punto. Of all these, Highway drives that me and my wife enjoyed the most was in Ma Senuthi. But on hills, It was our Old Indica V2. I am not saying Punto didnt pull nicely on the hills or didnt take the corners accurately, but, though Indica didnt have the power steering and much power, the feel after driving on the hills was not as tiring as the other cars (santro, Swift and punto). Both me and my wife felt that. We have done lot of ghat drives on the indica and not even once we have felt the dizzy, our body was ready for as many hours of drive, but on the other cars we were like 'when would we reach the destination'. One possible reason I could really think of is the direct steering in the Indica. Any number of zig zag I drive, the car changing the direction was not that fast compared to the Power steeringed Santro, swift and punto. Punto is the fastest of all. And also the all independent suspension of Indica may also be a reason. What ever, after a hill drive, the one thing we hate the most is the dizzy feeling and tiredness for which we Miss Our Old Indica V2 very badly. Otherwise, Punto Rocks on ghats, especially, the need to drive on 2nd gear didn't come up often unlike other cars. I was really amazed when the car pulled and overtook Honda City, Fiesta, Etios nicely on 4th gear.

    The next day, I have to take Ma Senuti to conquer the Vaalpaarai Hills. No plans for the stay there till midnight, no ideas on what we were going to do there. But all my friends started from bangalore and chennai to gather up in my house next day morning.
  8. One Aug 18, had to wake up early at 4:45 to pick up my friends from the bus stop to my home. After guys from bangalore and chennai arrived at my house, we all went to sleep and got ready for the trip only at 10 o clock. After breakfast and Fueling, while I was driving my friends were busy calling their friends and contacts for the stay in vaalpaarai. Finally after we crossed pollachi, our stay was confirmed. It was a twin cottage, each cottage can accommodate 7 persons, which is in the midst of the Sholayar Dam forest. On the way we packed 'Kotthu Barota' for the lunch. After attakatti, We reached a place called 'Waterfalls' where 2 of my other friends were waiting for us in the Anamalai forest office. The forest office had a cottage at the edge of a cliff, a beautiful location, which has a dining and bed room, which is not let for the tourists. One of the friend waiting at the forest office owns estates in vaalparai and is a friend of a forest officer there. So he got us permission to use the cottage dining for the lunch. The location was so beautiful which I couldn't capture that nicely on my camera

  9. The route was beautiful through out, all Tea Estates, so many streams running through the Tea Estates , small waterfalls etc. Not much Traffic on the roads, other than surprise from the local jeep and ace drivers, who doesn't like giving us the right to use the roads. While my other friends boarded the Toyota Innova for sight seeing my friend's Tea Estate, me and my other friend took Ma Senuti to vaalparai town to meet the guy who is giving us his cottage for out night stay. We both wanted to visit the estate but we had no time and also the owner was urging us to pay the advance since he has got other visitors asking for the rooms. The owner of the cottage was a nice guy, younger than me, and his hobbies were collecting vintage Bikes. Surprisingly he knew more about the Vintage Fiat and their glory. We had a long chat about the jawas, roadkings, BSA, enfields, fiat padmani, super select etc. The Innova and Ma Senuti started to the Sholayar Dam where we have booked our rooms.

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  10. We reached sholayar at 7:30 PM, the cook took us to the cottage, the cottage was in the middle of the forest, not suitable for family. We gave orders to the cook for the dinner, chicken and chappati, the best to have after a booze with friends. The whole night went boozing, smoking, playing cards and one of my friend's birthday cake cutting. We actually booked one room, which can accommodate 7 persons, but the other room was not booked for anybody, so we made use of that room too. The room had a TV, other than that it was very basic. Since our plan was booze and sleep, we didn't mind. Parking was tight for a Punto and Innova. The dinner was fantastic. We planned for a Night safari into the forest through the Sholayar - Athirapalli route, but I was not OK for a drive after drink.

    Our Stay @ Sholayar




    The next day, the cook took us to the Sholayar dam. the road to the dam was so narrow, steep, and full of gravel and pebbles. Ma Senuti struggles a bit due to lack of traction on the curves which was full of gravel and pebbles. The wheel spin scared all the passengers but I really enjoyed driving on that terrain. I expected a lot of underbody scrapping on the road, but only once that happened and that too was too mild. The short gearing worked like a charm on that terrain, one of my friend asked if mine is a 4x4 :p and everybody were amazed by Ma Senuti's Performance. Finally the my friend who owns the new swift VDi, accepted my car is better than his since he was not sure if his swift would tackle such a terrain.

    The DAM was beautiful. We had a nice bath in the dam. Let the pics do the talking.




    Road leading to the Dam










    Imagine a Team Fiat Meet here on this Dam. All Fiat cars lined up on this road. With that on mind, I checked up with the local guy if the gates will be opened for the car, earlier the gates to this road was open but our citizens famous for taking advantages on what they are offered made the forest officials to close down the gates.










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