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Back Home after a Wonderful 'FULAX' Chennai_Kodai_Valpaarai_Coimbatore_Chennai

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by srida, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. I still feel guilty for stopping my dad from buying a Punto. When he bought the swift, I had no idea about Fiat and I was a Fiat hater for no reasons. When my dad said he checked out punto, I scared him saying better stay away from that car. If I hadn't done that, A Tuscan Wine Punto would be parked near my Red Punto. All Fat and Fate !!!

    I carried 2 cameras but couldn't manage to click more pictures. If I drive I forget everything else and if I hold the camera again I forget other things. Since reaching the destination was the priority I didn't hold the camera much. Though while driving, at many places, I want to stop and capture the beautiful locations, I couldn't. My son sleeps nicely in the child seat if the car is moving, and if it stops he wakes up and screams. So only when he is awake, I can stop for pics :(

    The name of the hotel is J.C Residency. We booked 2 Super Deluxe Rooms (basic in their tariff). It costed 2650 Inc Taxes for One room(2 occupants). The cost includes, the room, Breakfast, and Dinner. Food was very nice. For breakfast they had more than enough items like idly, sweet dosa, vada, idiyappam etc tec. Dinner had 2 Nonveg items, a gravy and a dry. Other than that they had pulav, noodles, rotis etc. The rooms were very neat, big and well maintained. They have royal suite and one more premium room type, But super deluxe was worth the money and more than enough. Parking space was also ample. I would recommend this place.

    Thanks Srini.

    I used to think the same about you guys.. How about Ban members from TFI who don't write travelogues once every 4 or 6 months. This rule will force me to do a trip every six months.

    Now you have set an expectation, that in my next trip I should name something :)
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  2. shams

    shams Esperto

    I wish TFI had a dedicated person to whom we could give all our trip pictures and narration and ask them to write a story and then edit it ourself to make it perfect :):)
  3. VahanPujari

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    That sounds VERY VERY reasonable and most bang for the buck....
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  4. I forgot to mention, this rates are for Low season. For peak Season the rate would be 3200 + Tax.
  5. which months are considered as off-season??
  6. Driving from Chennai to Kodaikanal was like breeze. The previous night, I checked for the fluids are at right level and found the coolant level exactly on the Minimum mark. Since I would be going thro' trichy, I thought I can refill at VST motors Trichy but they were on holiday since it was Independence Day. Got a bottle of distilled water from a petrol bunk and called Ramjn to confirm I can topup distiled water in the coolant container. Ramjn confirmed I can fill little distilled water in the container on emergency and also he told me about the route to Kodaikanal. Did some nice speeds, Ma Senuti was actually dominating the highways with 150 - 160 speed figures.

    All of a sudden, I saw a sx4 ZDI, on my IRVM coming too close to my car. I didn't want him to go past me but he managed to overtake. Both me and my wife didn't like that. She had in mind sx4 is more powerful car than punto 90 HP but I told her the specs are exactly same. She too wanted to take on the sx4 now. So I was on full throttle and at 175 KMPH I overtook the sx4, but he again managed to go past me. I couldnt believe that. I tried a lot but could only get in line with sx4 but couldn't overtake. Somehow on a Curve, I had little advantage, and went past. Little further we both had to slow down for the toll plaza. I got out of the toll quickly but pulled over for a smoke and let him go his way. otherwise, his speed would tempt me to race with him. After 15 minutes started back and was cruising at 110 -120. He should definitely had Tuning Box in his sx4, otherwise it may not be possible for him to do such speeds. The pickup was also quicker than mine. Anyways, had nice fun for some 15 KMS stretch.

    On Reaching Palani - Kodaikanal - Madurai junction at 3PM, My Parents were waiting for us in the Silver Falls. We joined them in another 20 minutes. Finding the hotel was easy since my parents have already been there. Everybody like the hotel. My Dad got us Biriyani for lunch from a hotel in Palladam famous for Biriyani. I was hungry all the way, only to eat the biriyani from that hotel. Wow, what a lunch it was, a perfect taste for that weather. Immediately went for sleep and woke up for Dinner at 9 o Clock. The dinner was also very nice, with Rotis, Chicken gravy, Chicken fry, and lot more. So did nothing much on Day 1.

    If I don't post this picture, then I didn't go to kodaikanal


    For folks who wanted to see the rooms and the hotel.




    Nice place for Camp Fire and Children's Play area






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  7. sungoa2010


    Any car if pressed will accelerate. Whether it is sx4 or punto or city. But one thing is sure the fellow in sx4 will not be as comfortable(psychological) as one driving punto.
  8. ramjn

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    Linea 1.3
    I am surprised srida. Not because you were a Fiat hater, but wanted to know how you turned into a Fiat lover?
  9. Day 2 @ Kodaikanal (16Aug2012)

    Our only plan in Kodaikanal was to relax as much as we can. I was not interested in the local sight seeing since I have done that many times. The hotel guys told us about the Berijam Lake, ~30 KMS from the hotel. I decided to drive Ma Senuti, to berijam lake, but they told cars cannot go there as the roads are in very bad state and underbody scrapping is a Must. My dad was not interested in driving too, also he wanted all of us in one single vehicle. Despite me telling to take our cars, he booked a Sight seeing Visit to Berijam lake from the hotel for 1500 Rs. They gave us a Chevy Tavera. On the way the driver stopped the car for some view points and sightseeing. The road was very narrow but not in bad shape at all. Punto can easily manage the roads but we all would not be in the same car, if come by our cars, so I didnt mind. The road to Berijam, showed signs of elephants and bisons with their dungs. We were all expecting to spot atleast a wild elephant. But till we reached berijam nothing came our way. We reached Berijam and there was a heavy down pour. So under the umbrella, we headed towards the lake. Shocked to see all tourist coming away from the lake running. The reason was leeches. So We sent my parents and my son to the car and with my wife and sister, proceeded to the lake. After a few foto sessions, came back to the Tavera for lunch that we got packed from the hotel. Visitors are supposed to leave the lake and report to the checkpost that is located at the entrance of the berijam lake road before 3:30. The Driver said, we will let all the tourist leave and then we leave last so we can spot some wild animals. But bad luck, spotted nothing. Reached hotel at 5 o clock and went to sleep :)

    In the night my Seyon fell sick, vomiting and severe cold. He went to a bad state, so we have to take him to a local hospital. The Doctor said nothing to worry, since this is his first time on a hill station and such a cold weather, his body couldn't sync up. The doctor advised us to leave kodaikanal next morning as early as possible. Doctor Gave him some medicine to control his vomiting. The medicine worked well. My Seyon was able to sleep at last. He scared us like anything, we started packing up things in the night itself, to start back early next morning.









    This was coming towards me. I was lucky and the poor leech worm was not.






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  10. arnab, the tariff details are given here in this link.
    JC Residency Hotels & Resorts at Kodaikanal and Madurai, South India

    Ramjn, I think this thread would answer your question....
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