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Avventura Urban Cross Showcased at 2016 Auto Expo

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Murphy_Fiat, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    Fiat India has made an absolute hash of itself at this Auto Expo. There is no other way of saying this.

    Only a Fiat can make a retrograde launch of the Punto Pure- meaning the current Punto Evo is "Impure" ? What a huge branding deficit there. At a time when competitors are packing in more power, more features and more essential safety features like ABS/Airbags from base model onwards, what exactly Fiat trying to do ? If they wanted to clear old stock, would they chose a high calibre Auto Expo to showcase this?
    If you wanted to sell your unused household stuff, would you sell it at snazzy Mall or quietly via OLX/Quickr ?

    And then also to bring , as some other person on another forum rightly said, the "Ladies Urban Cross Avventura" ? Its like making a rugged man wear girl's clothes. And BTW, wasnt the original Avventura called the "Contemporary Urban Vehicle" anyway ?
    And what to make of the Linea 125. Is it something even marketing ?
    Totally disappointed as a Fiat fan.
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  2. dadasaheb

    dadasaheb Regolare

    MH 12 (Ranjangaon)
    Linea 1.3
    2016 Verna and Elite i20 comes with ABS and 2 airbags as standard, and fiat discontinued linea production this is going to be fate of FCA.
  3. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Is the autoexposhow a movie or a video game? You actually think the AutoExpo makes squat of a sales or branding difference. Ha ha.

    Remember the last one where the Avventura concept was shown and wowed everyone. Did it enable the model to sell even slightly? Nope.

    The Punto Pure is GREAT: there's no better designed hatchback, old, new or in maybe even in the future: it's a beautiful and true classic, like the Palio or the 1100, arguably the greatest hatchback design ever in europe, by Giugiaro. And such is a fairly widespread opinion in europe, and among many such as me in india, btw. Now offered at an even-more vfm price. Only a fool, if on a tight budget, would ignore it in the market. Which is what will happen, of course, since.....

    The Linea 125s is great too: gorgeous blue with black-gloss wheels, with lots of additional gizmos not least being a good touchscreen, minus some of the chrome, EVEN more power from the best engine south of 20 lakhs, on the best car south of 20 lakhs, no doubt at a price a lakh or more less than say a Honda City or a VW Vento tsi. What's to be disappointed about? Other than the fact that it won't add to sales numbers, net.

    The Avventura/Punto Urban Cross is a styling package, something FIATs are known for and pioneered in the mass european market: when the first 500 came out in the early 2000's. Panda Cross. Panda K-Way. Brazil: Palio Adevnture. Uno Sporting or Vivace. And so on. This IS what Fiat does, and has been for the last 2 decades in Brazil and europe. Too bad it's lost on some.

    The usual whingers are still whinging! Even though as you yourself admitted: Abarth and Jeep too have just been launched and recieved by the ahem 'critics': well. And greatly and expensively advertized. To what effect, pray tell? Maybe it has not sold because even more ads were not placed? maybe the gearbox rubberiness put otherwise avid excited buyers off? Afraid not: the truth is next-to-nobody is or foreseeably will be willing to buy a fiat, period. ESPECIALLY if you hear them say they're 'fans' of Fiat.

    Whenever, btw, i hear "i am fiat fan but...." i roll my eyes:)rolleyes:), since there are very few such folk, in truth, am afraid: more folks who want "High Sales Figures"first and foremost, much more than they want the superior-to-most-or-all-in-india design and engineering of a Fiat. Even the consumer behaves like a calculating poonipati in india. Sales figure kya hai gaadi ka? Resale kya hai? etc.

    Fiat should read the writing on the wall and windup the brand, imo. After all, with 'fans' AND owners, who should know better, like these, they cannot begin to handle the 'hyundai+honda+maruti buying classes", not that they'll have to, since those classes ONLY buy...hyundais, hondas and marutis, etc.:dead::p

    Reports of intelligent, value-rational, avventur-ous and open-minded car buyers in India are geatly exagerrated. Fears of the shutting-down of the Fiat brand, at this rate of DE-constructive criticism from even the 'knowing' and 'understanding' are, however, not. Nor should they be, since the cause is hopeless.

    New dealers? Check. Improved service and spares? check. more and better ads? check many times over from the 'make the move' ads to the newest abarth ones+youtube+a million likes on facebook? check. All-new models? 3/4 check with the Avventura, the Abarths, the drastic facelifts. Result? Sales DOWN. Dealers in losses. etc. The writing is on the wall, it's a 'pathar pe lakeer' that says: "Fiat nahin/nako/cholbe na/mlecha etc".

    You sound like a sachin tendulkar fan who's booing his idol since that idol is merely taking singles, not hitting sixes, even though it's a test match not a 20-20 ipl pajama game, even though there's just one wicket to fall at which point there will be an "innings defeat"!!:blackeye::p

    AFAIam concerned that 'innings defeat' will happen if and when they launch all-new models here in 2017, because the hot dusty stadium WILL be empty since all the spectators will be watching the ipl (i.e., buying maruti-s and hyundai-s et al) on their home theatre systems or in 3D multiplexes in malls.:p:facepalm::hilarious:
  4. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    So what you are basically saying, @prabhjot, is that FCA has a little bit of money, so they spent it on some token presence at the Expo, by stripping down some cars and souping up some ? Instead of this, they should have simply let Jeep do the talking. At this rate, all that is left to do is to open Abarth exclusive showrooms and continue their MJD contracts, which I am not too sure will last too long, given that Tata is launching their own 1.5 diesel on the futuristic looking Nexon ( I am sure you will find it kitschy:inpain:).
    If Fiat had brought the Avventura concept in entireity including projector lamps, a T-Jet petrol and without that wacky boot mechanism, I am sure it would have done better than what it has. Of course, they should have also avoided that timing fiasco. There was indeed some buzz generated between July and September 2014. I visited public places where it was displayed. But the actual launch happened after Diwali. No print advertisements and a Gauhar Khan for showcasing the car:hungover:.With such a strategy in a country like India, no one can save them.
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  5. rusticnomad

    rusticnomad Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    @prabhjot : On 125 S at least they could have provided DRL's, Projector LAMPS and Auto Folding ORVM's -- i.e., do some Hyundai'sh style fooling around. Offering these right from the word go is a better proposition than offering 1 lac discount from 6th month onward. I don't think these three "Disco items" would impact BOM by more than 30K.

    Otherwise, your friend Kriplani of ACI will get into the car with a negative comment, much before she cranks. She was drooling all over that TATA product at Auto Expo 2016. What diff does it make if 125 has 125 instead of 114 currently.

    Maybe an optional 125S with Sunroof too. People love being fooled by these unnecessary extras and first time buyers usually and really don't know on how to evaluate mechanical, so they look for all the "DISCO Baji" that's there in the vehicle -- "KWID style feel with Alto like price". If they have to really increase their presence they have to get out of this habit of rehashing colors of Alloys and roof. Avventura failed as it was just a rehash of Punto.

    Renegade looks ugly to me, specially after looking at TATA's launch of pseudo SUV.
    500X is eye catching, Cherokee Trailhawk looks good, but these won't come even by 2025 I guess. So, if nothing great coming from FCA in 2017/2018, they have lost at least ONE prospective buyer -- ME. Grand Cherokee is not for everyone. I would be surprised if they sell 1500 that they are targeting. They might not even sell 150. Again, Indian mentality -- Pay for BMW X5 than for JEEP if they cost near about same. 15 dealers selling 1500 is like selling 8 Grand Cherokee per dealer per month. Possible??

    @acechip - Off Topic on Gauhar Khan: But, if they didn't, then Amir/Sharukh Khan would have found FCA "Unsafe & Intolerant". :D :D
    She was the worst possible choice -- a masculine vehicle with a non entity as brand ambassador?. Seriously, who is Gauhar Khan? I think Shobha Dey would have been far better.

    Probably FCA was saving money there also.

    I can only say that currently, FCA is out of sync with reality. To come out of this rut, they have to make a bold move of first incurring losses for next three years and come up with newer and fresher looking vehicles at aggressive pace every year and not mere rehashes. Currently they give a feeling as if India is their DUMPING ground. If it works, well and good. If it doesn't then let it go as a bad business decision on accounting books. Playing "too safe" is pushing them back by three years every year and they are losing opportunity every minute.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2016
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  6. manjunathkl

    manjunathkl Amatore

    Linea 1.4
    Ground clearance seems to be conventional 185mm. It does not look like 205mm of Avvy.
  7. Mabams1826

    Mabams1826 Amatore

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Well all of us are really worried about the way Fiat is doing business and prabhjot is the only defender.
    But he too should understand that China and Brazil a huge market for Fiat is in doldrums.
    Fiat brand is not doing extraordinarily well in US, save for Jeep and Ram.
    For the first time in history Hyundai India has grown more than US Hyundai.
    More than 50% of booking for Baleno is top trim.
    Tata is not going to use Fiat engine in Zica, Hexa and Nexon.
    Maruthi will try to push more of petrol with oil prices at record low.
    Forget tip models, even ottimo cross which Fiat showcased in China would have done some great numbers.
    Aventura was not well received mainly it was launched after Evo and practically the same vehicle with no extra room and is was launched at 10 lac,now available at huge discount.
    India just overtook US as the second biggest market for mobiles.
    Come 2017 when crash tests are Mandatory, Fiat's USP of safety will also be under pressure.
    Why a brand new model instead of rebadging 8 yrs old model is question even Fiat employees themselves are not sure....
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  8. Tornado

    Tornado Superiore

    Sahyadri ranges.
    Western Maharashtra
    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    If at all they wanted to showcase only DIY mods in the Auto expo, they should have at least mounted the 1.6 DDIS engines ,catching dust at MSIL,on Linea MJD.
    And in case of Pure, they should have at least installed e Punto 's interiors so as to call it a mod.

    But wheel size is 17 inches.

    why would it come under pressure.? Don't you think that mandatory Indian crash test won't be as stringent as Europe?

    @prabhjot, to me, fiat looks like just a part of 'Make in India' campaign & 'sell outside'.
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  9. rusticnomad

    rusticnomad Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    @Mabams1826 -- Honestly, Sergio Marchionne is to blame. He has FAILED to perform in markets where FCA wasn't performing well, despite the market growing. CEO's are not ranked on basis of how well the company performs in a region where it is already performing well, but on the basis of how well they can build up market share in a market where they have troubles. They just can't blame the customer mindset every-time -- more so when they themselves are to blame. They simply don't listen to anyone. Looks like FCA's style of management is more like Military (Line) administration.

    The other day I was watching VDO of Audi A4 2016 review and the company officials sitting in the same vehicle as the auto journalist said -- we listen to auto reviewers and media and work upon their negative comments. FCA on the contrary tries and defends their negativity. Whenever I discuss about our business with my brother, he says boss don't try and reinvent things just for a pat-on-the-back on technical grounds. Those pats are useless if they can't be backed by commercial excellence. So, go by what market is doing. Don't try and redefine the market s that will never work. That's precisely what Ford did with latest iteration of Figo. Lost it's Ford touch, went the Hyundai way. Why? Because that's what's selling In India. All that great steering and planted drive is immaterial if the buyers aren't buying. Yes, good only for a pat-on-the-back.

    I guess the previous CEO of FCA India was given the pink slip because Avventura failed. Well, it had to fail. Even Ecosport would have failed if Ford launched it like a Figo with a tail gate. Looks like next ill be Mr Kevin if this rehashing business continues. People have the money here. It's just that FCA mentality is worse than that of DRDO in India. Guess sarkari babus' attitude is changing but FCA won't :)

    Honestly, I guess I will be walking away from FIAT for my next buy. T-Jet will stay till it is ready to be sold as scrap.
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  10. gpunto75

    gpunto75 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    If we take poll here on TFI itself, 100% members shall walk away from Fiat sometime or other, at least the mindsets are negative now.

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