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Avventura Emotion vs Punto Evo 90HP

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Tanay, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Tanay

    Tanay Novizio

    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    Hi :)

    This is my first post in TFi, though I stumbled upon the forum a few weeks ago and have been reading stuff here regularly since then.

    As the subject of the thread says, I need the expert input of the community in helping me decide between the Punto Evo 90HP and the Avventura Emotion. But first, a little bit of my background.

    I live in Bangalore and started looking around for my first ride (under a million rupees) a couple of months ago. My initial list of cars was fairly small -- just the Polo GT TDI :) -- because of its classic looks, all-black interiors and needless to say, the more-than-capable engine & gearbox. However, that changed when I later realized that the web is full of praises for Volkswagen's poor after-sales service and bad overall customer satisfaction. That triggered my search for another car and as it often happens, Fiat did not make it in the list (because of lack of awareness on my part). After evaluating the popular cars, I finally settled on Swift ZDi because I cared more about ride & handling over style & feature-list (read: i20 Elite). Fortunately, I stumbled upon Swift's Global-NCAP debacle and realized that the criteria I was ranking cars on was just wrong!

    I stopped prioritizing cars on pure performance and started factoring in the build-quality and safety-aspect as a higher priority. And as you'd expect, under the new criteria, it didn't take me long to find out about Fiat's cars and I landed here on TFi. A few threads & posts later, I was convinced that the car that can best-satisfy my criteria of safety, robustness, ride & handling is a Fiat. Other than Fiat, only Volkswagen and Ford come close to being considered, as the rest of the cars/manufacturers fall far behind.

    With all that said, the two options that I've zeroed-in on are the Punto Evo 90HP and the Avventura Emotion (I'm essentially looking at the top-variants only that offer dual-airbags). The two cars are very similar and the differences, as I understand, are:

    1. The crossover looks along with the USP: the spare-wheel backpack, roof-rails, side-cladding, etc.
    2. Higher ground clearance.
    3. Improved engine tuning compared to the Evo 90HP, favouring urban-driving where our cars spend most of their time.
    4. Wider tyres.
    5. Slightly different two-tone interiors, mainly replacing the central storage pocket with the off-road dials.
    6. Higher price tag, approx. 1.2 lacs difference on-road in Bangalore.

    Is Avventura worth the extra price? My views on the differences are following:

    1. The Avventura really is an attention-grabber. I feel that while the car will continue to attract others on the street for long, the initial charm (on me) of the looks *may* fade over time, leaving me to deal with the practical issues, like the hassles and rattles of the tail-mounted spare-wheel. And as rightly pointed out by others, security checks while visiting malls, etc will be inconvenient. Also, adding a reverse-camera will become necessary as rear-parking sensors may not be that effective with the spare-wheel in place.

    2. High ground-clearance is a necessity in India, and I think the 205mm GC of Avventura is worth it. However, I won't be using the car for any sporty off-roading (and I understand that it's not even meant for that) and so, is the trade-off between higher GC and reduced handling (compared to Evo) worth it? Some people in forums say that they miss the older Punto's lower GC because the higher GC of current Punto is also interfering with the handling-dynamics. Won't the Avventura then, with its 205mm GC, be a notch further below the Punto Evo?

    3. This one is quite an important improvement, and the most important factor for me to consider the Avventura over Punto. I haven't driven the Avventura yet (TD was not available when I visited a showroom). I'd request those of you, who have a good experience with both the vehicles to chime in with your experience.

    4. Should improve road grip. Looks better too. The alloys are better looking too than Evo 90HP.

    5. I prefer the interiors of Evo 90HP (all-black). Also, I think the off-roading dials of Avventura are a little gimmicky as it seems that the car is trying to make up for the lack of real SUV equipment & characteristics. In fact, I'd prefer the small storage pocket Punto has over these dials, because Fiat cars anyway skimp on storage pockets.

    So, with this long first post of mine, I need your opinions to help finalize between the two cars.

    TLDR: Is the better engine tuning and higher ground clearance of Avventura worth 1+ lacs over the Punto Evo 90 HP, given that I feel the spare-wheel will be more of a hassle to deal with?

    Thanks :)
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  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    What a dilemma!!!. It all boils down to affordability.

    If you can afford an Avventura, my choice would be that. If not still settle in for the Evo 90 HP. Since the engine is same in both the cars, the tuning also remains the same. And so does the ride and handling part. This handles the beast part. Now coming to the beauty part, it lies in the eyes of the beholder. I still feel Avventura has more road presence than Evo especially the Orange one. ven the interiors are a notch above that of Evo's IMO.

    I have driven both and can say the higher GC does not in any way affect the renowned ride quality & handling advantage. Here are a few thread which can help you finalize.

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  3. Tanay

    Tanay Novizio

    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    Hi ghodlur,

    Thanks for the prompt response. In the reviews, I heard that Avventura's engine is better-tuned in the low-range at the cost of the mid-range turbo-punch, and the new setup makes it noticeably better in city-driving. Power delivery in the mid-range is however flattened a bit. Is that not true?

    And I agree with the road-presence part. You may (EDIT: miss) a Punto on the road, but an orange Avventura is hard to miss...

    I believe I've gone through these links earlier, but I'll check them again closely in case I find some answers to my specific queries...
  4. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Why not buy a Bullet instead? It'll meet most criteria, and will be cheaper by many lakhs!

    Jokes apart, the point is: it's purely an aesthetic decision, a question of taste, between the 2 Fiats, since the quality of engineering etc is the same. Even aesthetics are worth money, have good 'value', no?! Especially since either is very great 'value' relative to the competition.

    Personally, the Avventura has that extra, singular, pulsating look and feel...borne of design, materials, and that whole spare-wheel set-up (which has other advantages besides looks). And the colours (any of them, from white to chocolate-tan) given the contrast with the tasteful, high quality black/grey cladding+bumpers+'skid plates'? Also: the new tune of the mjd offered on it.

    cheers, enjoy your decision-making!:)
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  5. Saket Sidana

    Saket Sidana Regolare

    Delhi NCR
    Linea T-Jet
    @Tanay, first ride and I am sure you would want to make an impression. I would suggest Avvy [Red, if you could]. Cheers!
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  6. Tanay

    Tanay Novizio

    Avventura 1.3 90 HP

    Well, I think we have differing opinions on Bullets! While they are sturdy and offer a good 'ride' experience, their 'handling' and agility on the road is nothing to write home about.

    I do agree that aesthetics add value to the overall product, and are definitely worth charging a premium for. And it's the new tune of the Avvy engine that I'm particularly interested in :)

    @Saket Sidana

    Agreed, but red pushes it a bit too much for my taste :). The orange looks fabulous though...
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  7. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Another thing to consider might be whether in the future you'll be driving out into the countryside, on highways, ghats, etc more than you might think now. I mean, likely enough, right, given the Fiat-driving/touring pleasures? It's happened to many: owning a Fiat greatly changes habitual usage patterns! In which case, again Avventura, without at all depreciating the Evo whose proper, thorough, substantiated 'Cross'over version it is.

    Have you TD-ed the two comparatively yet: how significant is the difference in in-city low-end driveability between the 2 tunes? Just saying, I don't know myself, and in any case it's a personal thing, a question of getting 'used-to'. The engine tune difference MAY not be a significant variable to consider, depending on your driving style? In which case the Evo with its all-black dash, and that strong-yet-tasteful use of chrome front and esp rear argues strongly for itself.

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  8. nibedk

    nibedk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @Tanay . I own a 90 HP GP and have test drove the Avventura twice as well. I have specnt considerable time inside the cabin of Avventura as well. Here are my observations.

    90 HP GP/Evo can do everything Avventura does except for mild off roading. Yes you read it correct. You can do mild off roading which doesn't require 4*4 gadgetery. Even Punto can do some soft roading due to higher ground clearance when compared to competition. All Fiats due to their inherent build quality take to bad roads/ off roads/soft raods like a duckling takes to water.

    Most reviews of Avventura suggests that it is pretty capable of off roading in capable hands. Now coming to one on one comparision I ll put my thoughts across

    Avventura wins it hands down. I never liked the new Linea on Evo. For me they spoiled the classic look of GP and Old Linea with chromification of such beautiful looking classic cars. Due to the rugged look Avventura takes the title of best looking Fiat now.
    Bring Grande Punto to the mix and I feel every one will agree that it will reamain one of the iconic design for some time to come. No offence to Evo/New Linea owners but the older gen Punto/Linea had a very classic/upmarket look which hasn't even aged after close to a decade.

    Avvy: 1 Evo: 0.8

    Nothing to mention here. You can buy any Fiat with your eyes closed and be assured of superior build quality.


    Depends on your taste. I like the all black interiors of Evo 90 HP. Quality wise both are same. Avventura looks a little more funky due to the color combination of the dash and those meters on top of dash. They do work the way they are supposed to but it would have made more sense if Avvy was offered in a 4*4 version. Else the storage is more important with most Fiats being very un generous regarding space.

    Avvy: 0.9 Evo:1

    Ride Quality:
    Avvy takes the round here due to broader tires, taller stance , higher seating. Something seemed more right about the ergonomics when compared to Evo. Though the difference in ride quality will be very minimal for any one to make a difference. But with all my experience in Punto on ghats and bad roads I feel how good Avvy would be. I feel nothing inside the Punto so I would feel more nothing inside Avvy I guess:joyful:. Did I made any sense? No ! Yes !

    Avvy: 1 Evo: 0.9

    This round goes to Evo. Tires which are the perfect size. Rides lower than Avvy and hence better at attacking corners. This is purely on the basis of my experience regarding cars/laws of physics. They have a anti roll bar in Avvy to balance the effect in increase in GC. I never got a chance to take Avvy around corners at high speeds and from all reports it suggests that Avvy maintains the family tradition of good handling. Fiat surely knows a thing about handling. But having driver GP and expericded pre facelifted GC settings(170 mm) on fellow TFIANs Linea I could figure out that the older Fiats handling is better than the new ones even though the difference can not be made out by "Mango People". So this one I will have to give it to Evo even though it may be ahead by a very little margin. Secondly with lesser kerb weight its bound to be more agile than Avvy

    Avvy: 0.9 Evo: 1

    Well I am not sure why Fiat is not agreeing on the state of tune of Avvy. Its better than Evo 90 HP in the first two gears. Period. I drove my car and the Avvy back to back and I found it to be better in the first two gears. My car had already done close to 10 K when I test drove Avvy and I believe once Avvy is driven that much the difference will still be more as the MJD is bound to open up anc become smooter after the first oil change.
    Well what it gains in low RPM it loses some in the mid range. There is a definite grunt/boost in Evo 90 HP in the mid range between 2.2 - 2.5 K RPM range which is missing. The Avvy is more linear and you dont that kick.
    Never got a chance to test Avvy between 3 - 4.5 K RPMs and hope the 90 HP MJD in engine has not lost any of its top end capabilities.
    Evo 90 HP easily does 170 and above and Avvy with fatter tyres is going to be more confidence inspiring at least in straights. How it reaches there can be commented upon by the owners only.
    From my experience with 90 HP the engine get better the more you rev it. Keep it above 3 K RPMS and it will reward you handsomely.High speed stability and hadling is Fiats forte and I do not think this is an area you need to worry about much.
    It all depends on your usage and I am sure you would die to take your Fiat on the higways and let it strecth it legs there. Higways and ghats are Fiats hoem ground and this is where it shines.
    But once you learn to extract the best out of the MJD you will be surprised to find out what it is capable of. And with the brilliant chassis and suspension set up you just need to figure out how to use the engine to the best of its capability.

    Avvy: 1 Evo: 1

    The even each other out here and the choice will depend purely on your requirement.

    Both are brilliant when compared to competition. But Avvy takes the cake here due to fatter tires and more weight. Evo is like leech on road. Avvy is like more leeech on road.:joyful: Bad Joke!

    Avvy: 1 Evo:0.9

    Evo wins hands down here. The tyre set up in the Avvy is a pain to manage is city life. Think malls, office, restaurants and less parking spaces and you can understand what i am pointing at. Besides the noise when going on bad roads which owners have reported. Unless one wants that Psuedo SUV look Fiat would do good by offering a version of Avvy without that spare wheel stuck at the back.

    Avvy: 0.5 Evo: 1

    Upkeep and Service Costs:
    Bigger tires, bigger alloys , claddings, spare wheel set up , reindeer headlights etc. every thing adds to the costs later on. The bigger tires will be pretty pricey compared to Evos tires in case you plan to change immediately or when ever it goes bad. The difference will be good amount. Lesser mileage owing to it being heavier. Any external damage and you will have to put in more cash to fix. Insurance/road tax will be higher as the price is more

    Avvy:0.7 Evo: 1


    Avvy: 7 Evo 7.6

    Choice is your now. Evo 90 HP if you want a practical choice which does everything that Avvy does except for mild off roading capabilities. Its cheaper and will cost you less in longer run.
    Avvy if you are the flashy type and usage will be primariliy on highways/ghats/bad roads/no roads etc. Make a note that Punto will do all of this except may be off roading part. But Punto will be a more peaceful ownership experice inside the city. You do not have to bother about security folks tring to showcase their skills in opeing the spare tyre set up. You may have to end up coming out of the car every time to giude every security guy you come across.
    Besides I see no point paying the premium for basically the same car. Had Punto been a different car look wise/ engine choices or mechanically then may be Avvy esle for me its Evo/GP 90 HP all the way.
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  9. Tanay

    Tanay Novizio

    Avventura 1.3 90 HP

    Yes, the car will be used for touring. In fact even now, I like taking my bike (KTM Duke 390) to highways and those lovely ghat sections, and it's something I intend to enjoy in my car too. So I get your point that Avventura is better-suited to handling unknown terrains and is in-general a more capable tourer (due to that increased GC).

    As I mentioned earlier, I couldn't TD the Avventura because it was not available in the Fiat showroom back then. I did TD the Evo 90 HP though. I'll definitely be TD'ing the Avvy before finalizing the car. The thing is that because I don't drive often (and diesels even lesser), I don't have the keen-observation eye for car engines. That's also the reason why I couldn't notice the 'pronounced turbo-lag' of 90 HP :p
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  10. kgramesh

    kgramesh Amatore

    Palakkad, KL
    Linea T-Jet
    @nibedk - My choice too is Evo 90hp. Avvy tops the list for looks and off-road/rough road capabilities. But every time I decide my buy on Evo 90hp, that T jet version news pops out from nowhere which holds me back again :depressed:.
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