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Average sound quality and Blue & me problem

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by rksharma, May 18, 2012.

  1. rksharma

    rksharma Timido

    Bareilly (UP)
    I have two issues with ICE of my Linea Emotion (Feb-2010 model, Done 35000 Kms). Whenever I receive call thru Blue & Me, it immediately cut off, earlier it was OK. I have asked about it to the dealer in Bareilly, they say that the problem is of network. But later on I checked it again the same phenomenon got repeated. Anybody can suggest some thing?

    The second issue is of average sound quality of OEM music player. The sound clearity is good but power & bass is not up to the mark. I enquired to install a bass tube. But one ICE shop people have told me that HU will not be able to support bass tube due to low wattage. Therefore a amplifier will be needed. Instead, he suggested to install 2 additional woofers on the back tray of the car. Will this be a good option ? My car is on extended warantee. Please suggest.
  2. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    The Blue & Me being a Microsoft product, needs a kick in the pants every now & then. Try disconnecting the battery for few minutes so that it resets.

    The HU is ok, its the speakers that are the problem. Before doing anything, try speaker change. The OEM speakers are just s-h-i-t.
  3. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    Your ICE installer is mis-leading you. How can he ask you to install not one, but two subwoofers? And that too on the rear tray? Is he out of his mind? Does he not know how heavy the subs can be?

    Your best bet it to replace the factory HU with an after market one, preferably something that has 3 pre-outs so you can install front component speakers, rear coaxial speakers and ONE subwoofer. But do go for a 4 channel amplifier for this kind of setup to derive the maximum value from it.

    Regarding Blue and Me, it is a pathetic piece of equipment and you are better off not using it. I have chucked it for good and do not miss the damn buggy thing.
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  4. rksharma

    rksharma Timido

    Bareilly (UP)
    Can any one suggest good ICE installer in delhi for supply n installation of car door daming kit.
    I have replaced front door stock spkrs of my linea emotion with Infinity PR6500cs and rears with JBL CS-6, 6 1/2" spkrs. Now am looking for door damping to get improved performance of the installed spkrs. Thank you.

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