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Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by sandipan_r15, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. sandipan_r15

    sandipan_r15 Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Have been a FIAT owner since OCTOBER 2011.Faced some problems in the TATA-FIAT era & in the initial days of independent FASS. But after the initial hiccups the FASS at KOLKATA has improved vastly in recent times in terms of parts availability.
    Parts replaced under warranty in my car(56000 km & 3 yrs 3 months old) are----

    1)steering combination switches---was readily available at FASS and was replaced without any argument.
    2)RH front power window mechanism---was available readily--FASS detected the fault & replaced it.
    3)LH power window switch---was replaced --and was readily available.

    Apart from these; changed mirror glass,wiper blades(front & rear),clutch pedal cover,clutch kit,bottom weather strip in all four windows & items related to regular services.
    Among the above items only the bottom weather strips were not readily available and got those within week.
    One accident repair (which rqd. rear hatch door replacement) was done within 2 weeks.

    Overall I am very satisfied with the availability of spares at FASS specially after the divorce between TATA & FIAT; more so in recent few months.

    Still there are some 'non FIAT owner' & general people who nurture the perception of non availability of spares at FASS.
    I request FIAT owners to post their experience regarding availability of spares(in recent times-- that's more relevant to prospective owners) so that prospective owners can have an idea from the real owners rather from people/bashers who don't have any experience about FASS.

    Please mention which parts was replaced.Was it available readily?If not how many days it took to arrive at the FASS.

    (MOD,please terminate the thread if found to be inappropriate.)
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  2. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Well i have few occurrences where spare part needed was readily available.

    1st one was the Rear left chrome strip for Linea. It got damaged somehow. I enquired about the availability , came , got it fixed in 15 mts and was out of FASS within 30 mts - Pandit Auto.

    2nd was glass for right orvm. It got damaged when a nonsense biker just rammed into it. I enquired about the availability , came , got it fixed in 15 mts and was out of FASS within 30 mts - Pandit Auto.

    My boot lock was a faulty one which i got replaced twice when i went for the first check up. Pandit Auto.

    Talking about spares availability.:cool::smuggrin:
  3. dadasaheb

    dadasaheb Regolare

    MH 12 (Ranjangaon)
    Linea 1.3
    i also got the glass of Right ORVM and boot supporting struts readily available from Pandit Auto.
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  4. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    FASS has definitely improved now. Today I got today from Fiat Rukhmani, Patna. They said that service center is fully functional now and all the spare parts are available. Most humbly they requested for a visit to the center with assurance of availability of all the spare parts and trained technicians.
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