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Audio/Video & reverse parking system for Linea

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by Lineaman, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Lineaman


    Here is my audio/video system configuration:

    Pioneer DVD HU (DVH 4190UB) 10,391Rs
    Description: Plays DVD/VCD/CD/Divx/WMA/MP3 with Front USB & Aux. Detachable face plate comes with remote. Comes with 2Yr warranty

    Hertz Speakers 4Nos coax (DCX 165 - 120W) 4485rs
    I had posted a query on this forum about these speakers. By the time I left home, did not see any responses. Later I found that the recommendation was not to go with this basic speakers. Alas! by that time I did the mistake :uh However the performance has been good. Comes with 1Yr warranty

    World Tech WT7171HD Head rest monitors 8625rs
    Description: 7" TFT monitors, pre fitted in Head rest. I took the beige colored ones. These monitors come with Headphone jack and Aux port for plugging in our own system/game station etc. The clarity is very good. Came with a remote each. Has options to flip the picture both vertically and horizontally. Comes with 1Yr warranty
    Fitting and RC cable charges - 1000rs

    Total 24,501Rs

    Other configutaions checked
    1. HU - Pioneer DVH3290 (Heard from one shop that in this model, if you turn off ignition the movie/song re-starts from the beginning and not from the position where it stops. Though other shops could not confirm it, I decided I better avoid it.)
    2. JBL speakers
    3 Sony DVD HU (Some how was biased against it ::D )
    4. World Tech drop down 9"TFT monitor (was obstructing internal rear view mirror vision, took the drop down monitors off the list)

    Here is my reverse parking system configuration (this is partially done, I need to fix 2 sensors on both ends of the rear bumper for complete safety)

    World tech WT CCM022 Night vision Camera - 2200rs
    Description: 7 LEDs for Night vision, displays the distance on monitor, so you can gauge how far the object is. I felt the Night vision picture was better than the day vision. Comes with 1Yr warranty

    Daewoo DW-LH500 5" Dash Board Monitor - 4800rs
    Description: This 5" monitor has provision for providing 2 inputs one from reverse camera and the second one from DVD player. So when the car is stopped the driver/co-passenger can enjoy the movie as well. Came with a remote. Has options to flip the picture both vertically and horizontally. Comes with 1Yr warranty. Over the weekend I found out that the monitor does not sit properly, keeps coming off. I discussed this with the dealer and he said he will get it properly fixed. One reason is most of the Linea Dash board is curvy so I may have to come up with an alternate solution.

    Total cost 7000rs

    Other configutaions checked
    1. Xenos: camera+dash board monitor (3.5") 5700rs (I was demonstrated this combination, I felt 3.5" monitor looked too small, though the clarity was very good).
    2. World tech camera + RVM mount screen 4800rs (Due to other member(s) feedback that the screen was shaky I ruled this one out)
    3. Called up RD and came to know that their monitor is also 3.5" as well, so did not check it out.

    I purchased all the accessories and got them fitted at CAR KEMP
    On Mission Road, Bangalore (Contact: Siddu - 9480052035 & Pramod Jain 9448051328)
  2. arishi

    arishi Regolare

    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    Can you please post some pics of the setup?
  3. Lineaman


    Here are the pictures of my A/V system:
    The Pioneer DVH 4190UB system fits perfectly into the centrol console of Linea.

    Let us take a closer look of the 4190 system. The front panel is simple with a volume control, six preset buttons, and a separate time button. The USB socket on the right side. On the top right hand corner is a button to flip the front panel.


    The front panel flips down paving way to the CD/DVD slot.


    The USB slot is conveniently located on the right side of the system.


    Next in line are the twin 7" headrest monitors, in perfectly matching Beige color. The monitors come with remote control each.


    Take a close look at the control buttions on the monitor panel. There is a provision for Headphones and separate AV In(to plun in your own gaming console.)

    The reverse camera and monitors pictures are coming in the next episode, watch out for them.






  4. atulalvenkar


    nice monitors lineaman !!! how were the wires pulled from system to the back of seats ?? does this void warranty ??
  5. royj

    royj Esperto

    Very cool looking monitors.. I am also interested in knowing how the wiring is done.
  6. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    i guess the easy way out is from the sides of the seats (FROM INSIDE THE SEATCOVERS)

    Am eager to know abt the same..
  7. Lineaman


    Yes you are right Andy. The holes, which seat Headrests, open into the seat (just under seat cover). At the rear bottom of the seat you will find that the covering is not actually sticthed but held together by some kind of Velcro (magnetic??? may be) I guess, It can be opened up.

    There is no need to drill holes or make any permanent damage while fixing these headrest monitors.
  8. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Cool arrangement Lineaman. Waiting for pics of reverse sensor integration.
  9. Lineaman


    I am having some trouble setting up the 5" TFT monitor on the Dashboard. Due to the weight of the monitor, it keeps falling off. The dealer recommends that I screw the stand (2 screws) on the dash board. What say?

    The night vision camera is awesome and it throws up pretty good video even in the night.
  10. atul-mca

    atul-mca Amatore

    Hi Lineaman,

    Can you post the pictures of your reverse camera setup and the LCD. Also can you tell me what care needs to be taken in order to avoid the warranty issues?

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