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Armster hand rest

Discussion in 'Interiors' started by zincmetal, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Axn

    Axn Regolare

    Thnx Roy for info. Have seen them. I was wondering if the armrest is of same or similar size as vks has bought. That is why the request.
  2. raamki


    Concept Cars Armrest!!

    Ordered & received the big black armrest available on Ebay (Concept Cars brand, Chennai based seller). Had a 10% gift voucher to use, paid 1529rs incl shipping!

    Contents: The armrest, mount, extension legs (2), & plenty of screws!

    Attached the armrest to the mount using 4 screws, the 2 legs look like optional to me, can be used depending on the type of car/center console it has to be fitted on.

    So, I attached the legs to the mount anyway and headed for the car, placed it between the front seats, just above the center console, moved it back and forth and realized right away that it was not going to just hold itself in place without having to screw it on. Because, i did not have a drill bit of the appropriate size, i tried to use a double sided tape on both the sides of the legs. Jumped into the front seat and placed my forearm on the armrest and the entire unit slid forward! :A

    Left with no choices and determined to get the armrest fixed today, I decided to head to Reliance Autozone which is just a stones throw away from my house. Now, on a punto, if you're willing to screw the armrest onto the center console, you can do away with the legs.

    Job done to perfection at Reliance. The guy took less than 5 minutes to screw the armrest to the console. 4 screws hold the armrest to the console, 2 on either sides! Now, the only thing that slides back and forth is the leather extension on the armrest!! :car

    Pictures attached.







  3. Gmittal

    Gmittal Amatore

    If I am not mistaken, VKS has bought the same in Rs 1000.
  4. Narayan

    Narayan Regolare

    Hello all, is there dealers in Chennai for the Armrest for Punto? i did read through the post for getting it in EBay, but curious, if it can be picked up somewhere in Chennai.
  5. Got the arm rest (small) from concept cars installed in my Punto on 26th Aug. :))

    I was in Kerala taking a week long leave 4 Onam holidays. Since I had visited Calicut (70 km from my place) during one of the days, I visited the concept cars warehouse/office which was on the way. So directly picked it up from there; Talked sweet and short about the special pricing negotiated for TFI folks :). The person was fine with reduced price. I was charged INR 1000 (Seems the person billed me wrongly for Bigger type, otherwise I would have been charged 800, as mentioned by vks in his post. I too didn't remember the exact negotiated price nor did I quite cared to check his post on-the-go in my phone, as I was slightly short of time)

    Since he told fit will be best after removing the seating assembly, I chose to fit it at a near by shop in my place the next day (did it for 100 bucks in 1 hr+) The screws could just be pressed by hand into the car console plastic and then tightened with the screwdriver. I chose the 2nd top position possible; (now may/may not bring it down by 1 or 2 slots, as I see it wobbles a bit being in the top. (may be wobbling will lessen if brought down) This can be done by just working with the 4 screws connecting bottom leg plates and the middle stand.

    I used it for my long drive (600 kms) back to Chennai and it was perfectly comfortable. No issues at all for gear shift; would have to be a bit careful while engaging hand brake. I choose the small one instead of big, as I was concerned of the width and its fitting into the space between seats, while it is in upright position (with my seat covers also ON). Black because being more practical for taking care of sweat even though it is not perfect match with my beige seat covers.

    Couple of pics attached. Excuse me for mess/debris (pic was taken after the long drive with kids :)). ::V Not the clearest, as it is taken thru my iphone.

    At last, a Good addition to my lovely car, :dancing thanks to all posts and posters for sharing their experience and info. :drinks


  6. royj

    royj Esperto

    Good to see you got one for you too.. I thought you were looking for a beige one to match your seat covers.
    I can understand the car with kids ::V Mine is usually in worse shape.
  7. Yes, infact I tested the fitting with the beige one only. Later while going for the smaller one instead of the bigger, convinced myself to go for the black as well to make it look as part of the center console itself.

    Also somehow felt that the double sided tape teknik will be kind of stop gap arrangement ::V ; hence decided to stick on to the fitting after removing those seats.
  8. raamki


    @punter, just a suggestion, why dont you get rid of those 2 legs alltogether and attach the armrest with the mount directly to the centre console? What happens is, with time the screws that connect the armrest base currently attached to the legs may become loose with use causing the unit to wobble and eventually slide forward. That's precisely why i got rid of the legs and attached the armrest directly to the console. Image attached above in my post. Its very sturdy right now and there is no chance of it giving way even if a little force is applied on the armrest by my forearm.
  9. rameshjoshi

    rameshjoshi Amatore

    I am installing this today. Am quoted Rs. 1100/-.
  10. (I saw this reply late; hence a late reply)

    I too knew it will wobble more in course of time, owing to the not-so-tough plastic, if it stands in those extra legs. This I realized the moment, the installer was able to push the screws "just like that with plain hands" into the plastic. But I also wanted "that extra" height for which I chose to install "with" the legs. ::pP

    It appears from your post that your seats were not removed while this was fitted. I had the same thoughts (whether it was absolutely necessary to remove th seats) when I saw the person fitting it with ease. But didn't really watch carefully about the gap/clearance available for such a fit with seats in place.
    Anyways, I thought it will provide a longer lasting fit than with the double sided tape- that was the whole point. ::O

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