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Apollo Tyres - Good Enough?

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by Dinesh Reddy, Dec 19, 2014.

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    I see, in the right lower corner of the pic, they have embossened the ECE (European law) ratings marks also. Encircled' E' stands for European regulations.

    S stands for Sound (noise), W stands for Wet grip, Tyre fulfills the latest requisites laid down by the EU.

    After the S & W marks, there is a 'R' mark also. I searched for its meaning but couldn't find, do you know what it is?
    Mefeels, it must be Rolling Resistance, as more & more importance is being given to the fuel efficiency in European law. Lesser is the Rolling resistance more is the FE.

    Here are pics of Alppollo Alnac (not 4 G) Treadwear, Traction & temperature ratings, The treadwear rating is marginally better than 4G, and temperature tolerance is one step lower than the 4G.
    And the ECE markings
    Only difference between 4G & non 4 G is that 4G shows R2 & non 4G shows R2 ratings.

    2016-08-25 11.40.59.jpg

    2016-08-25 11.44.49.jpg
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    Also the traction rating differs as well (AA for 4g & A for non-4g), which is highest. Even me feels the 'R' indicates the rolling resistance rating. But there is no concrete info about the rating. I feel the traction rating affects the tread wear on 4G. Also the increase in tyre dia from R15 to R16 (for that matter any increase in dia) will affect the rolling resistance & in turn fuel efficiency. So you will definitely have better fuel efficiency compared to R16.
    Also as tread wears the resistance reduces, resulting in more fuel efficiency. This you can compare in new & old tyres. As the EU is moving towards electric / hybrid vehicles the more push is given to fuel efficiency, which also results in less fuel burn & more environment friendly.
    But we do not have affordable options for low resistance tyres with better performance.
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