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Anything and everything about our PETS!!!

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by wolverine_arnab, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Just came across this thread. Here is a picture of my kids - Bobby, white Labrador retriever - 6 YO male and Ruby, German Shepherd - 4 YO female. Bobby cared for Ruby when she was a pup and now Ruby protects him and mothers him :)


    This picture is actually a bit old. I will try and post some latest pictures in the weekend.


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  2. Just now kept Misty and Euro in the boarding...already miss them...
    Hope in the next tfi meet pets will be allowed,then it will be awesome...
  3. Today my wife got a new pet care home for this stray Pomerian female dog, Somebody orphaned it a month ago, it was constant target for school children and other dog in the vicinity,me and my wife called several dog shelters across the city but no one came up to adopt even after telling them that we are ready pay donation.Today There is Animal rights fund group came in TATA NANO accepted the Rs 2600 donation and promised to take the care of the dog.
    We even took the picture of the people along with vehicle registration number,they also gave visiting card!!
    Since it is about 7-8 kms from my place we are planning to visit them on Wednesday.

    Animal Rights Fund
    contact number : 080-65733445
    DSC_1221.jpg DSC_1223.jpg DSC_1225.jpg
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  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Hats off to you Sat. Such a wonderful gesture. :)
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  5. Really a wonderful gesture by you and your family...

    There is an organisation which takes care of stray litters by giving them for free adoption to people who care for dogs...
    Will provide the details shortly...

    and even I tried once to help a litter pack of seven wonderful puppies,but the next day when I went out to take pics which has to be emailed to them,I couldnt find the puppies,after a few days I saw a dead carcass in the next block...

    So guys you can even help involuntarily by just posting the pics of puppies,and these organisations come forward and help them out...
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  6. This Pet anamika(i called her as i don't know what was her name) took time to get accustomed us it took us about a month of giving her food and milk,even then she wouldn't want to come near to us.only since last three day she started coming to us and allow us to even touch.

    School going kids used pelt stones at her,my wife would cry seeing such instances .It was not the fault of kids but their upbringing.Also she was reminding us of Mogi a lot,hence decided to try this route.
    I might have been owing some thing to it's soul in some past life,otherwise why would god make us do this.
    Will post pics of anamika, on wednesday.
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  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Brute loves to sleep close to the Linea :D


    That cane-sofa is his favourite place to sleep, which he sort of hijacked from us. From the very first day he jumped on it claimed it as his own.
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  8. We visited ARF shelter on last Wednesday,we had pleasent surprise as they had given neat bath to Sweetee(Anamika) a new name they gave it to her.
    She needs a new home and they are ready to give her any one who is willing to adopt as per the ARF doctor she is about 11 month's old.
    We too some 10 lts of milk with 50 buns and 25 KG of rice. most of the canines had a good feast.
    DSC_1233.jpg DSC_1234.jpg DSC_1235.jpg DSC_1236.jpg DSC_1237.jpg DSC_1238.jpg DSC_1239.jpg DSC_1240.jpg
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  9. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    Very happy for Anamika :)

    How could some one leave a 10 month old pup in the streets... Heartless people :(
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  10. Today is one of the saddest day in my life.....
    A stray labrador(we named her bhulu) lived in our building premises,the owner brought it when it was a puppy was left abandoned on the streets...She has been here since last 4 years...She was crushed to death today morning,maybe midnight..only call centre cabs come here,I dont know how can someone do something like this...

    Euro(our dog) liked her very much,today morning when I took out euro and she didnt find Bhulu maybe she knew something is wrong,and since then Euro didnt have her food even once...I dont know what to do to make her feel better..
    We are planning on adopting a stray dog,or same black lab and gifting it to the owner...
    Guys,can anyone help with the adoption?

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