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Anything and everything about our PETS!!!

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by wolverine_arnab, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Guys I have been meaning to post this thread for a long time,we here all are FIAT lovers.Similarly we have other hobbies,likes etc which we can share here.Here we are going to talk about our pets,their habits,their food habits,problems,solution,pics and whatever you all feel like.:ugeek:

    For me other than cars,dogs are my life.When I was in school my parents never allowed me to have one,but all the stray dogs were my friends.Fast forward to my college life,when I came to bangalore I got the opportunity to own a pet,and my would be wife then was very supportive.

    We got a Pug,named him milo,I always wanted to name my pet that as I was fascinated with the cartoon ''The Mask''.We were very happy,but not our Milo,he used to feel very lonely when we used to be in college,so we bought him a play mate(a labrador) and named him neo.Neo was very hostile and very very agressive,each day we came back from college we used to see Milo more traumatised,had to take a hard decision and gave him to a pet lover for adoption.

    We were very sad,as we didnt want to part way with neo,but had no other choice.Fast forward a few months,we came across an US resident residing at HSR layout,who wanted to sell her Husky(3 months),and our Milo was 6 months.We took Milo to her to see how they gel together,the result was quiet good,milo loved the husky.So we bought her,and named her Euro.

    All along our parents were not aware of any of this,when semester break came,we had to go home,we too Euro,and Milo in car and surprised my parents.My mother was very happy,but my dad was very angry with me,we were not in talking terms for a few days.

    But Milo loved my father at first sight,everyday he would run after my father,sit near him,do everything to please him(I did feel a little jealous)..And eventually my Dad gave himself in,he fell in love with Milo.They were inseperable,and now the time came for me to come to Bangalore.I didnt expect this,but my dad said you take Euro with you,I cant give you Milo.I was like
    :shocked,it was really very hard on us.I really missed Milo very very much,but whenever I used to see Milo with Dad(on webcam),the way they were I used to forget all my pain,and was happy for them.

    Few months passed,and came across a very good breeder(we used to buy Euros food from him) ,just aksed him casually one day if he could arrange for a pug.The next day he calls me and says he has a champion breed whether I would like to have a look,at first sight we liked her and took her home.Euro was not so happy seeing another dog,but we knew how to deal with that.The pug was sooo sweet,named her Misty.This is our family...

    Now fast forward to now,Misty and Euro are like sisters,they are the best of friends,and we suspect they do many naughty things behind our back...

    Note::I know I have made this post very long,but couldnt help,I can go on and on like I can go about my Punto.I am sorry if I have bored anyone.

    Let the pics do the talking..
    02072012342.jpg This is Milo with dad.

    Some of the pics of Misty with Euro..
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  2. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    You have a husky!!Are they suitable according to indian climate!! BTW nice pics..
  3. Yea she got accustomed to the weather,her mother was an import...And Euro is her second child..So she is more accustomed to the weather here in bangalore.In kolkata without AC its tough even for pugs to live.
  4. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I am sure our TFI member Bala will come back at TFI just to post in this thread. :)

    I, too, love dogs but do not have time to raise one.
  5. It will be great if Mr Bala comes up,as well as more TFI members who raise pets,or plan to raise one...or anything related to it...
  6. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    Both the Dogs are so adorable :). Loved to read your thread.
    My wife and I both are planning to get a dog for long time but still undecided whether we will be able to take care of it properly balancing our professional commitments.
  7. @soumenpaul:::If you both are working and planning to get a dog,you should buy a puppy(preferably a month and a half old),and a small breed.Breeds like pug,pom,shitzu,etc are some small breeds(toy breeds),they get accustomed very quickly.And you both should plan in such a way that the puppy gets to spend atleast 5-6 hrs a day to stay close to you and play.our dogs sleep with us,so that is also good bonding time for them.and if you can buy two dogs so that they dont get bored while you are away.
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  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    **Frankly speaking, if both are working, then PLEASE DO NOT GET A DOG. It is not a toy. It has life and needs time,commitment and love.


    That said, here are the pics of Brute ( American Pit Bull Terrier) and Lancer (German Shepherd). Lancer passed away last month, Aged 12. So Brute is the "Alpha" dog now.

    Brute (On his favourite couch)


    Brute with Lancer :smile:
    brut lancer.jpg
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  9. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare


    Agree Gurjinder, I spent a long time with lots of dogs in my maternal uncles house in my childhood, German Shepard, Fox Terrier, Dash Hound, Labradors etc. Now I always feel that I will not be able to give time to them. May be I will raise a dog after retirement or if I get few millions in a lottery !! Here in NYC I see so many beautiful Dogs and get so tempted to have one once I am back in Bangalore. I have been watching a dog near our office for sometime now its an Alaskan Malamute, what an amazing dog !! so elegant !!! I think they will not survive in Indian condition and will cost a huge $

    Image taken from google

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  10. Well I do agree that people who dont get time shouldnt buy a dog.
    Nowadays dogs are not companion,but pure business for some,or prized trophy for some.I have seen how these breeders breed their dogs,they are treated no different than goats or cows.They beat them up,keep 10-12 dogs caged in a small room.

    Every dog deserves love,atleast if some people like us who will come forward and buy them(maybe we are entertaining the breeders to breed more and immoral practices like that,if we wont buy someone will...And most people dont know how to treat dogs..),atleast some dogs will get love,will get a family....

    There are no strict laws to protect these innocent animals,people buy dogs,cats,birds just for entertainment,feed them garbage,keep them locked up,maintain no hygiene and when they suffer from any disease,or they grow old they just throw them out of the house..

    These things might seem unbelievable or shocking but this practice is rampant in Metro cities like Bangalore(my friend is one of them,he doesnt like his dog because he sheds his hair now,and you wont believe he always takes the dog to some unknown places and keep him there and come back,but the dog is clever enough to come back home everytime.)

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    Brute and Lancer looked together..This is the part I fear the most,why dont Dogs have longer life span I wonder...:(
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