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Another small car RENAULT PULSE launched

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by romsi_rk, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    and they call it Premium car :lol
  2. Tron

    Tron Superiore

    Atleast FIAT is Wolverine. FIAT is facing many impacts still it is standing rock solid from long back. But wha about Renualt? They are still in india just because of Logan. For how many days Renualt gonna survive on that?
    Fluance - flop show.
    Kolios - flop show(fine car with heavy price tag!)
    Pluse - again heavy price tag! Needless to say this is going to be flop show once again!
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  3. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Renault launches a special edition of PULSE called Voyage, which come with a factory fitted FOCAL audio components, along with few other freebies thrown in. Details in below link!

    Renault Pulse VOYAGE Edition launched

    Who doesn't want factory fitted FOCAL audio now? Fiat can learn something from this launch. :D
  4. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    If they intend to learn then my preference would be Bose system and speakers !!
  5. Slightly off topic.

    Okay, let me ask this question. having high end audio systems at car preferable.I can't go beyond volumes of 5-6 while driving in the city as i can't hear other vehicle's on the road.
    While on highway, I manage to to be between 5-7 but, once the conversation starts i tend to reduce the volume.At least for me I never felt need to go beyond a spearker change.
  6. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Same thoughts here. Another reason I avoid them is meddling of factory fit trim and wiring and also the costs involved. There is a thread on these lines in the definitive forum. :)
  7. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Only upgrading speakers will not require meddling with any wiring. The wiring used in our FIATs are of good quality and does not distort sound. It is not just about volume, but about clarity of sound. High end music systems with good quality speakers provide superb clarity of music, which is enjoyable even at volume levels of 3. To upgrade or not depends on what kind of music one listens to. My Palio came without a music system and I chose to fit a Alpine HU, JBL comps in the front and co-ax in the rear, with a JBL 2 ch amp and a 1100 W subwoofer in the boot. However, the Jet came with factory fitted music system. Given the kind of music I listen to, I have not found a need to upgrade - even the speakers - yet.

    Coming back to topic, this move just demonstrates how well the car manufacturers understand our average car buyers. Special edition comes with FOCAL speakers. Not a turbo charged engine. Not with better safety features. Not even with more comfortable interiors. FOCAL speakers :A :A

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  8. You are spot on.
    Special edition comes with FOCAL speakers. Not a turbo charged engine. Not with better safety features. Not even with more comfortable interiors. FOCAL speakers :A :A
  9. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Rajan, Raghu mentioned that he did not see any reason to go above a speaker upgrade, and yes upgrading of speakers alone does not need any tampering with wiring, that is why I got them done. :p

    I mentioned wire tampering for addition of sub and amps. :)
  10. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    +1 to that.
    But isnt 5-6 very very less. I normally tend to keep the sound level at 9 sometimes going upto 12 just for my son's specific songs.
    However observed one thing - at volume level 9 the CD and USB audio quality is great but the FM channels dont have the clarity. Have to up the volume to level 12. Anybody faced this?

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