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Another shocker... This time from Gujarat HC

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by nmp, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. nmp

    nmp Amatore

    Thane, Mumbai
    'All Cars in Gujarat to switch to Gas within a Year'

    AHMEDABAD: In an order which would impact lakhs of people owning cars, the
    Gujarat high court
    on Wednesday directed the state government to pass necessary laws to make it compulsory for all four-wheelers registered in Gujarat to convert to
    natural gas
    within one year.

    Further, the court gave two months to the state government to issue necessary orders to impose stringent restrictions to reduce pollution by fixing levels of emission to the minimum, at par with international norms. The order applies to both public and private vehicles running on petrol and diesel.

    The order, passed by Chief Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya and Justice J B Pardiwala, came in response to directions sought by Dhrangadhra Prakruti Mandal, through its vice-president Devjibhai Dhamecha, to the state and Centre as well as all gas and petrol companies operating in Gujarat.

    The order said, "The state is directed to pass necessary orders compelling owners of all vehicles having registration in Gujarat to use natural gas and, if necessary, even at higher prices within the shortest possible period, not exceeding one year from today for the protection of lives of citizens."

    The judges suggested gas prices be cheaper for public vehicles and higher for privately owned vehicles. Also, fares of public transport should be fixed at reasonable rates so that the end benefit goes to the public.

    The Gujarat high court also directed the Central government to allocate natural gas for domestic and vehicular use to the city of Ahmedabad usage at the same rate as it is supplied to Delhi and Mumbai. "This is to enforce the right of equality," the judges said.


    I came across this news from Today's TOI. The source for the news is here.

    I fail to understand how they will enforce this new 'Fatwa' - yeah that is the only word came to me while reading the news.
    There are several questions unanswered -
    1. How Diesel cars will be converted?
    2. How Govt will ensure the 'un-interrupted' supply of Gas, as we all know the production / distribution of CNG/LPG is very erratic even today.
    3. On whose 'interest' the court is acting?
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  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I wouldn't be surprised if any court ban use of cars itself someday.
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  3. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    I always thought hight of Gujrat , looks like lunatics live everywhere in this country.
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  5. sungoa2010


    I am not against the goal of these kind of orders, which is beneficial in long term.
    But our rule makers doesn't know how to reach a goal step by step. We always fail for a long term plan. Suddenly they get a enlightenment and act without looking in to the citizens. Why can't they act the following way.

    1. Start from the manufacturer level. Give a time frame in which they have to stop the petrol vehicles and convert them to natural gas. Also they should come up with a conversion kit for the existing vehicles. The conversion kit should be made cheap by not imposing any tax on it.

    2. During this period make sure that the natural gas is available to all vehicles. Give orders to government in that direction to make necessary steps.

    3. Make the necessary steps to make the gas as cheap as possible.

    4. Think about the car owners only after that.

    If they think in one year everything can be done it is too much. In india it is not possible. Why can't they give one year warning for government to eradicate corruption. Why not it is possible?

    Now the question is what about vehicles from other states passing Gujrat. What about the Gujrati's going to other states. Does the natural gas available to them.

    Government care nothing for the citizens. They care for their party. Court doesn't care for citizens. They only know how to give orders and pass it to government.
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  6. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    This decision seems to have been influenced by commercial interests. There is no way that the vendors of this kit have the capacity to supply the qty required in a year, but it is sure to keep them very very busy and that is what they want. There will not be any compliance as people will fit the gas, fill petrol and continue the run. Looks like a deal has been struck with the vendors. It is more like the plastics carry ban in Tamilnadu. The carry bag continues to be produced and instead of earlier free carry bag, now it is charged and a neat cut reaches the right places. In our country the universal link language is money , money and money.

    Looks like when when success goes to ones head, then nonsense spills out. No point blaming the courts. Its decrees are based on how the case is presented and also.................if it is synthetic or semi synthetic or mineral :))

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  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    You are right Abdul. I would always think that if they have decided to charge us for the carry bags, why don't they charge Rs. 10 for each bag and give environment friendly bags made of cloths instead of plastic again? The motive of this drive doesn't seem to be a care for environment at all.
  8. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai

    To reduce pollution court should look into following aspects:

    - Ask government to improve road's. Smoother roads will mean vehicles will be driven in top gear's reducing pollution automatically. This will also have the benefit of improving fuel economy of most car's resulting in less import's of expensive fuel improving country's balance of payment status.

    - Ask the PSU oil companie's to improve fuel quality. The reason for only metro's having Euro IV norms and non metro's having Euro III is because oil company's are not ready with better quality fuel. What may surprise both the government & the court's is that ALL manufacturer's have the technology to comply with more stringent norms.

    - Improve public transit to reduce pollution. Bear in mind our weather & make public transport as comfortable for citizen's as possible. Make it so efficient & comfortable that people voluntarily leave their cars at home.

    - Implement BRTS but for that you need wide multiple laned roads. Stop unplanned developement of having shops and malls anywhere on the road with zero parking facilities.

    - Avoid signal's as much as possible. For that it's of no use to make flyover's over a junction. Car's going below still huff and puff their way through traffic lights and jams causing more pollution.

    - Make HOV lanes on roads to encourage car pooling thus reducing traffic and pollution. Again for that we need planned infrastructure.

    There is so much that the government can do to improve traffic, public transport and pollution if they have the vision to do it.

    Many in the government even IAS officer's comment on how expensive it is to drive to downtown London. What they don't mention is the government FIRST improved infrastructure and public transit and then levied toll. Here only toll's are levied and nothing improves.

    In Mumbai, government made 55 flyovers suggesting it as a magic solution for traffic woe's. It still takes more time to commute today then it did before the flyover's were made. In any other country, the government and muncipal corporation would have had their pant's sued off for wasting public money like this. Here the official's made money and deposited it in Switzerland and people continue to suffer.

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  9. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    I was shocked to see this ruling in todays TOI :(

    As mentioned by sungoa, this should have been done in a phased manner. Also, as amit mentioned there are other ways to tackle this

    I am wondering what will the end result of ploking a CNG kit on TJet (the RTO guys were suggesting me to put a good CNG kit on the TJet).

    LineaLover and fiattucine - this would come as a shocker for you folks. Let us know the end results of putting a CNG on the TJet+ :(
  10. Cashier

    Cashier Amatore


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