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ANNOYANCE GUARANTEED-A Buyer's sufferings in FIAT hands

Discussion in 'Punto 1.2 Fire' started by Kannan_Marg, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. Kannan_Marg


    I used to be a Loyal and hard core Fiat Fan till 4 months back based on my 10 years owned 2001 Siena. With that experience in mind I again bought a Fiat Grande Punto 1.2 Petrol Registered in Oct 2009- my biggest mistake by reposing faith on Fiat. To cut the long story short, the car developed various problems (viz Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC etc) right from the first 1000 Kms and in the first year of ownership the car made 13 visits to the authorised service centre for attending one problem or the other (some are repeated ones). The ultimate of the problem being the Failed (broken) clutch slave cylinder in the middle of the traffic in OCT 2010. All of a sudden the clutch slave cylinder push rod (such a crucial component made of cheap plastic) broken while on the move, the spring loaded inner piston assembly (made of plastic again) poped out of the Clutch Slave Cyl and the entire hydraulic fluid (common for both clutch and brakes functioning) got leaked out and the car got stranded. Luck was in my favour on that day I managed to not involve in any collision with other vehicles on the road, primarily due to thin traffic and I was just started from a Traffic Signal. I could not imagine the danger to the life of occupants if the same thing happened while driving in Hilly terrain or on a fast traffic highway. Fearing for the life of the occupants I am scared to drive this car again and left it at the A.S.S for past 4 months. My e mail communications with Fiat (runs to 34 pages) neither could give me the assurance for the Product Design and manufacturing quality of the new generation Fiat cars in India (read Punto and Linea) nor the kind of attitude from Fiat (both India and Italy). Annoyed to the core I have now decided to take legal action against Fiat as the consumer. These are failure prone sub-standard Fiat products sold to innocent Indian Consumers as Fiat thinks that they can get away with anything in India. :thumbs down

    For reference please find the complaint details of this car.

    Period of Complaint/Repair KMs Reading Nature of Complaints/ Repair carried out
    03 Nov 2009 to 06 Nov 2009 1542 KM Aircon Compressor Oil Leak, Power Window, Suspension Noise, & Door Switch malfunction
    13 Nov 2009 to 20 Nov 2009 2117KM Aircon Poor Cooling, mechanical window regulator
    14-Dec-09 3291KM Scheduled First Service, Mechanical Door winder replace
    12-Mar-10 7279KM Steering Wheel centering issue, Gear lever rattling, Aircon Blower repair, Interior Light Not working
    13-Apr-10 8780KM Power Window regulator, Ceiling Lamp, Aircon Cooling problem
    24-Apr-10 10450KM Aircon Poor Cooling, Doors rattling
    2-Jun-10 12543KM Aircon Poor Cooling
    19-Jun-10 12555KM Aircon Poor Cooling, Engine Control Unit Replace
    26-Jun-10 14556KM General running Repair
    6-Jul-10 14785KM Scheduled Second Service, Power Window, Gearbox Noisy, Suspension Noise
    17-Jul-10 15485 Clutch Kit, Clutch Sleeve bearing Replace
    28-Oct-10 16456 BRAKE DOWN Clutch Slave Cylinder Broken, Brake Fluid leaked out
    10-Jan-11 16465 Aircon Kit, Cooling Module Replace


  2. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    @Kannan: Your frustration is legitimate, given the car failed at times, but other than CSC failure, others are not very serious issues.
    A recall for CSC issues have been already done by company to replace the faulty ones, similarly company has moved ahead and done AC Unit upgrades for cooling issues faced. Its been worldwide seen that companies are making recalls and fixing major issues. If a company doesnt fix it then its a problem, but if it fixes it and takes a preemptive measures too, then I think there is nothing wrong.

    Manufacturing is continuous learning process, when you have 100s of components, every manufacturer tries to ensure each part works as per expectations but, initial years of a product are always a learning years. You could see 100's of such examples globally. From Nano to Beemers every car segment of car from almost all manufacturer goes through it.

    And I dont think majority of FIAT buyers are lameduck or really innocent. In general most of the people who are not aware about the product capabilities as well as fiat capabilities would not even touch FIAT cars, given bad past reputations. So majority of buyers know what they are buying
  3. srinivaschandalada

    srinivaschandalada Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Problems with CSC and A/C were acknowledged by fiat , and cars with these problems were fitted with better components F.O.C..The other problems you mentioned may be due to a bad piece or bad handling.I have been driving fiat cars from the past 13 years and know what they are.
  4. suresh

    suresh Novizio

    I booked my Swift Vdi Friday 25th Feb 11 after a a lot of thinking.
    My decision was based on simple facts like better resale value, great after sales service, great user reviews and Maruti service and spares.

    The sight of a Punto on the road makes me drool every time, but the "ANNOYANCE GUARANTEED" thread sure will give me a good nights sleep with my decision.

    Sorry guys. Did not have the courage to become a Punto owner.
  5. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    @Suresh: You dont need courage to buy Linea or Punto, all you need is a brain that understand whats in the cars and heart that loves the beauty. We appreciate your choice, majority of Indians trust on the SWIFT and it has matured well in last 5-7 years so most of the niggles and other issues would been taken care off. Enjoy your new car and as you enjoy good night sleeps, do just smile happily when you see Linea/Punto owner :)
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  6. Congrats Suresh on your Swift.
    Your swift is powered by FIAT. Yes; your Swift's heart (engine) is from FIAT ::T
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  7. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Kannan,do write to AUTOCAR magazine,you might get response.
    Even my car is going to the T.A.S.S third time in 1.5 months,cheap components quality and even cheaper service quality
  8. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    i do not agree to above.

    swift is not my choice any time. i do not like it. and i do not like any of the products from maruthi suzuki stable. they were all failures initially but for swift . they survived the market only due to service backup from maruthi not the quality of cars which is the real poverty of indian mindset.we indian do not accepts good car but we accept good appreciations which obviously would be overstated.

    good old amby has lived decades in india and still outsells punto and linea. so does that makes a great choice against fiat cars ? i wouldnt.

    majority of indians trust swift not because of its reliability or quality but the marketing and maruthi support; showing the fruits.
    all maruthi car i have driven so far gives me insecure feeling. even their flagship sx4 is no excuse. wagonr is the worst one. grand vitara is kind of joke if considered as an suv it is so flimsy.

    swift as a car, i only liked its perfect gear ratios ie drivebiliity and yeah the driving position . it is comfortable, though but was not much great for long journeys either. the ride quality was the big put off along with the in cabin noise. that was not at all anywhere near pleasing .
    and yes the rattling part remains like an annoying ghost in all maruthi cars the swift was no excuse. owner of the swift said we have to compromise somethings to get other things. so he compromised quality ride,peace ful cabin, et al and bought swift which is good ass,good resale and loads of rattles. still he is happy and even i am happy for him as it is also a car!!

    for the engine part common rail technology available to whole world is child of fiat. so nothing more needed to be said.
  9. Congratulations on your new purchase. However I wish to bring out a couple of points

    1. Swift is an outdated design and yes people still buy it for all the above reasons you have specified. So when the refresh cones through, cannot say what levels of depreciation the older one would take.

    2. It's not a safe car to be driving in according to me, again I had a privilege riding in one my uncles swift as a co passenger. On a slight curve with the slightest release of the accelerator, the car spun 90 degrees and landed itself in a ditch. Can you believe it :-0. Mind you he is a doctor and drives very sedately.

    3. I had no issue with either spares / service on my Palio 1.9 D right from the start and which includes fuel pump re-caliberation. The car still continues to purr and returns me a healthy average of 15 kmpl in city. Service at TASS might not be upto par but fiat customers are given priority as far as my experience goes.

    Since a car is a marriage of mechanical / chemical / electronics engineering there might be issues at points which are being corrected by Fiat. There are one of cases which I don't think happens to only Fiat. Honda has recalled huge numbers of city's right. Issue with Fiat is that they don't advertise.

    I don't intend to raise a flame war and the comments above are specially my 2 cents.
  10. teky

    teky Esperto


    Viny - Never heard the word herd eh?

    Suresh - For the record, I've visited the service center only thrice. One for generic service, One for Glow plug warning and another one when the Rat chewed of the rear washer cable. All the three times the issue was resolved to my satisfaction.

    I've had only 1 negative experience so far, But that was due to RSA. Read it here http://teamfiat.co.in/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1460#p25042 . However the follow up I received post that issue was fantastic. So please just don't write off a car saying bad service, spare parts unavailable, these are just perceptions. Also don't buy a car for it re-sale value man - Appreciate the car for what it is before selling it after 5 years (Even for the swift). If you've still your minds on Swift, why not wait for the Gen2. You could have the latest version at least and your resale value will be higher.

    Even I didn't buy a Swift - Because it's a Maruti :thumbs down . How many years have they been in the Indian market now - 20 Years. Which segment do they cater to - The mass market. How long does it take for them to an enthusiast car - ?? . To me Maruti is just another company which churns out car after car and pays royalty to Suzuki. Do they think out of box - Why should they, after all they have got herds behind them.
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