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And yet another Minimal Grey Fiat Punto 1.3 MJD(75 bhp) Emotion

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by mo1, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. mo1

    mo1 Timido

    Hello All!
    I know this is an ownership review thread and I should not post here until I the car is delivered. But it is really just a matter of 3-4 days for the delivery and hence I thought I can take a chance! Sorry for the long post!

    Phase1 - Thought process for getting myself a new car!
    After happily owning Indica Xeta for last 5.5 years, it was time to do bit of an upgrade. My daughter(7 years) did as ask me why are we changing the car and here is what I told her! (not really ;))
    I love driving and in the last 3 years I did a lot of highway trips. Xeta is a good car but then it's a truly VFM car so what you pay is what you get. Here are the things where I was looking for a better car:
    - After driving for 4-5 hours I used to feel very tired
    - Cruising at 90-100kmph was not very pleasant. I don't like to go beyond 100kmph really but these days you do get good highways where you may want to cruise at 110-120 at least for some stretches
    - Being a petrol car, a trip of say 600 Kms meant a big dent to the wallet(I used to get mileage of 15 kmpl at speeds 90-100)
    - The car could last, without any major trouble/expense, for few more years but then I did not want to take chances
    - I was getting a decent resale value from the dealer for a petrol car that too made by TATA! (1.2 lacs for Mar-2006 Indica Xeta @ 46K with a few scratches :irked)
    - I really wanted a car which will give a good driving pleasure on highways
    - Last but not the least, as I see it, car buying is not just a matter of "head" but it is a decision which is driven by your heart as well! and since I had some bank balance and the desire to get a better driving experience, I took a decision to get myself a new car!

    Phase2 - What car?
    - I needed a car which gives a great highway driving experience
    - Decent city driving capability
    - A Car which can seat 5 medium sized adults
    - Great ride comfort
    - Decent (bigger the better) boot space
    - Planning to own this car for long time(at least 5-7 years)
    - decent mileage (diesel)
    - as less maintenance as possible
    - Most important! budget was 5 Lacs(+ old car exchange value)
    I am no car expert and it is really challenging for me to select a car purely based on my own TD. So the buying decision was obviously based on the reviews, opinions, experiences(read as countless hours spent on going through a lot of threads) on this and other forums. Thank you all!
    I TDed below cars. My impressions about each one are as below.
    Disclaimer: My TD impressions are purely based on the 15-20 mins TD of the vehicle so obviously it can not be generalized :p
    Ford Figo
    - Easy to drive
    - Felt a bit of a turbo lag
    - Could hear the engine noise inside the cabin. But once the music was turned on, it did a magic!
    - rear seat comfort (read thigh support and seat width) not the best
    Ritz Diesel
    - Great driving position
    - Good drivability
    - Engine noise was audible inside
    - Lack of features(e.g. no audio player in any version)
    - Great driving position and good drivability
    - rear bench seat height is less and no headrest adjustment
    - higher end models are out of my budget
    - Decent drivability , nice steering
    - Excellent ride comfort
    - Emotion model seems to be a VFM
    - Have read a lot about A.S.S. but I was comfortable with local TASS as I already owned an Indica

    Did not TD the Micra(insufficient rear seat comfort and not as wide spread A.S.S.) and the new Swift(was not ready to wait for so long and also ZDI was outside of my budget).
    I liked the new VISTA but then I really wanted to try a non-TATA brand.

    Phase3 - Verdict!
    I had read a lot about all the above cars which has influenced my decision.
    Really all the above are great cars but since I had to choose only one, here is what I thought
    - Read about niggling issues about even the new Figos so got a bit skeptical. Also the rear seat was not most comfy as I had thought
    - Since Liva is a newly launched car, I did not want to go for it right away.(may be an old school thought process to wait for V2!)
    - Ritz did feel like a bigger car but it is just that. Also I really do not like tallboy design and also lack of features meant I would need to spend a good bit on accessories.
    - I have read a lot about the highway driving pleasure that one gets in Punto

    Now, like I said earlier, it is not purely a decision based on theory and logic as all the above are really good cars but then my heart said go with Punto and so be it! Also I know all the TFiatians are here to support me so I am good! :D
    - Great Ride comfort
    - Driving pleasure
    - VFM premium car (can I say that? :))
    - decent mileage,handling,boot and overall package
    The only drawback that I see in a Punto is the rear seat space (read as legroom,headroom and thigh support) but then the regular three occupants are ~5 feet tall and it is good enough for them. Of course, there are so many other issues that people have reported about Puntos but then I am ready to take a chance! Also, you may have noticed I am not talking at all about interior quality,fit and finish and other cosmetic things but since I am migrating from an Indica, it was all good for me.

    Phase4 - Booking
    I had initially thought of booking Punto Active but then Punto Emotion in it's diesel avataar, has really got most of the features which are a good value for money so decided to stretch the budget a bit and went for it. I wanted the BNW color but then wife and mom overruled it and I had to go for the silver(minimal grey) which is not bad either :)
    Dealer: Pandit Auto, Pune
    Booking date: 6-Oct-2011 (Dashhara day!)
    Model: Punto Emotion 1.3 (75 bhp)
    OTR: 6.65 Lacs
    Discounts: 10K cash discount + 17K insurance off
    Freebies: Mud flaps,Mats and Body coat(not going for Teflon just waxing)
    Final OTR: 6.38 Lacs
    I paid 1.15 lacs less which was the value of my old car.(That included a 15K exchange boneus so actual valuation was for 1 lac. BTW, I got my old car evaluated by 3 dealers and all of them quoted the same value of 1 Lac. Fiat additionally gave exchange bonus so I effectively consider value of my old car as 1.15 lacs)

    Phase5 - PDI
    Armed with the PDI checklist downloaded from TFI, I asked the sales advisor that I want to check my car before it goes for registration. So today(15-oct), I did the PDI of my car as per a PDI checklist.
    - This is an August-11 manufactured car (HMZ) so I guess it is okay.
    - Found 1 issue in the PDI. The Glove box was not closing. Reported that and they will get it fixed.
    - I noticed that the spare wheel was used up a bit. It was a brand new wheel no doubt, but it seemed like the car was run at least for a few KMs on it. There were no hairs (you know those small rubber extensions that you see on a brand new tyre which wear out after few kms). It was bit dusty too. So I have asked them for an explanation.
    Should I demand a new spare wheel if I don't get a logical answer from the dealer?

    Also just a note for all the prospective Tata-Fiat buyers going to Pandit Auto.
    I saw the "H" on the ODO but then it read 113 KMs!! So obviously, I asked them for an explanation. They said that they drive the car all the way from Rajangaon to their yard behind the Hinjewadi IT part and then also to the place where I did the PDI which is Pandit auto's service center near Shahu college in Parvati area in Pune. So all this comes to ~112 Kms(I have verified this from google maps and also being a Punekar I know that it is fine) The SA said that the cost of the Trailer/truck is much more and they can not afford that and hence they drive the cars from the factory! :eek:
    And while I was doing PDI, I just saw a brand new car coming in. I immediately checked the ODO which read 112 so I was cool.

    I have passed the PDI pending the two items above. I hope these are not big issues once I get satisfactory answers.

    Phase-6 The D-Day!! - Coming soon!

    Sorry!! I could not hold myself from writing all this and hence posting it even before the delivery!!
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2011
  2. ginnupotter


    As for the spare wheel, the only thing i would be concerned with is, if the spare wheel seems used then probably the car had a puncture during transit. Just check on the existing tyres if you see any puncture applied. And if you are worried about the spare tyre being old or used then just ask for it to be replaced before taking delivery.

    Glove box not closing can be fixed, however my punto's glove box lid is not properly aligned with the dash and they are not able to correct it. Just check this atleast a day before delivery so that in case you are not satisfied, you can ask them to do it properly.

    And as you said you drive on highways a lot, you have made the best possible choice in Punto MJD :p
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Hearty congratulations on getting the segment benchmark.

    Wishing you the best.
  4. Tron

    Tron Superiore

    @mo1, great choice bro. Worm welcome to TFI. Your color is pretty easy to taken care of! Do upload pics with your review. Have fun with your Italian Stalion, Drive safe!

    DEEPAK BAPAT Novizio

    Nice study. I have got the swift experience from from friend's car,definately Punto is the right choice. People go blindely for Maruti.I am using it for last one year 15000 k no problem & city average for MJD Active is 17 t0 19 & highway 19 to 24.I have dine Kerala trip in Punto.
  6. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Hay welcome to forum and nice write up....do upload some photos
  7. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    Hey congrates ! Welcome to Fiat family. Waiting for pics...

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