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An used Scooty Pep Plus

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by avnsiva, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. avnsiva

    avnsiva Amatore

    Ever since I sold off my Pulsar in 2011, I am managing without a two wheeler. Short trips nearby is done with my Cannondale Q5 bicycle and any commutation outside the cycling limits by Car.

    Bicycling comes with its own challenges like unable to take wife to those narrow lanes and shops in the vicinity. Cars are inconvenient in such places.

    Last month, I thought of teaching my wife to learn riding a two wheeler and use it for ride to nearby shops...etc. I finalized on buying an used Scooty as its available in abundance in used market and its lightweight for wife to learn. I visited the used bike shops near Kasi Theatre a couple of times and found an used 2006 Scooty Pep Plus for 9500 /-

    From the outset, I assumed that I have to carry out a good amount of repairs:
    • Exhaust Seal should be replaced
    • Carburetter, Spark Plug and Air Filter Cleaning
    • Carburetter Fuel Mixture Screw adjustment
    • Spark Plug replacement
    • Engine Oil and GearBox Oil drain and fill
    • Possible Piston ring replacement or reboring (cant say this because there is no engine oil in it and its obviously did not emit black smoke)
    • Wheel Rims
    • Rear View Mirrors
    • Indicators and Switches
    • Petrol Tank Cleaning
    • Few body panels holders are broken. (Can be glued using Anabond)
    • Full of dirt, so will have to remove panels and clean the dust
    • Battery replacement (May be Started Motor as well!!)

    I had always enjoyed fixing old stuff and getting them back on shape. So decide to buy this
    With this of repairs and risk, I bargained with the agent for 6K. Finally settled it for 6.5 K.

    Now the time starts for the repairs.

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