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An unexpected short trip to Malvan!

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by sandeep.12, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. sandeep.12

    sandeep.12 Amatore

    I have been to Konkan from Pune, many times in my Petrol Swift 5 - 6 years before.
    Those drives didn't give me any satisfaction apart from just the feeling of having visited some places.
    This time I there is complete satisfaction of driving a "CAR" + visiting new places.

    As Ganges said we need to take it to Ghat roads to enjoy the vehicle to the fullest.
    Punto performed really well on the ghat roads and I enjoyed the music of turbo whine, with the windows rolled down and breathing fresh air.
    The dynamics of punto is best suited for ghat roads and after a trip of 1800 kms, even my 3.5 yr old daughter is perfectly fine while we reached Bangalore.
    I think minimal body roll = less tiredness especially on long journeys.

    One thing I can say about the place is there is hardly any change happening in that region, it looks the same even after many years (except you see many Santa-Fe's, Rexton's and Captiva's : Less takers for Scorpio?). You get to see nature at its best, greenery around, twisty ghat roads, people who depend on farming for their livelihood and experience good Marathi food.

    I missed to give a route summary in the prelude, may be I am a novice in writing travelogues.

    The route I have taken is


    Day 1 : Bangalore -> Belgaum(BLR-BOM NH4) -> Kudal -> Malvan.
    Day 2 : Malvan -> Tarkarli -> Devbaug -> Malvan.
    Day 3 : Malvan -> Vengurla -> Malvan -> Kankavali -> Kolhapur.
    Day 4 : Kolhapur -> Miraj -> Athani -> Bijapur -> Hospet.
    Day 5 : Hospet -> Hampi -> Hospet -> Durga -> Bangalore.



    Total Distance traveled : 1798 KM.
    Avg Consumption : 22.1 KMPL (Per MID)
    Total travel time : 40 Hrs.

    I missed to take a pic of the MID display after the trip, but these figures i have noted it down.

    Road conditions:
    The roads were overall good and driveable.

    Bangalore - Belgaum : NH4 is a bliss to drive.
    Belgaum-Kudal : is OK and can keep 60 KMPH.
    Kudal - Malvan : is OK, doable and can keep 40 KMPH (Some sections are bad near the airport)
    Malvan-Vengurla : is OK (Some sections are bad near the airport)
    Malvan - Kankavali : is good.
    Kankavali - Radhanagri : is good.
    Radhanagari - Kolhapur : is good.
    Kolhapur - Miraj (before Sangli) : 4 Laning in progress and lot of diversions.
    Miraj - Bijapur : is OK, good roads start before Bijapur. Crossing KA border you come across numerous speedbreakers. Entire KA state can be called as "HUMPI"
    Bijapur - Hospet : is awesome 4 Laned road.
    Hospet - Hampi : is OK, road widening in progress.
    Hospet - Durga : is very bad in the initial stretch and there after its OK 2 Laned road.
    Durga - Bangalore : everyone knows that .

    I never scraped the cars under body anywhere till the last day of the trip. The road from Hospet to Durga is in very bad shape during the initial 20-30 kilometers.
    After that you will get frustrated chasing slow moving trucks on seeing some good sections you will be tempted to overtake some of them and land in deep craters.
    I had hit my underbody at 3 places and upon inspection at Vecto while i came back, there is a dent in the engine guard, Oil sump, and the plastic cover of the alternator belt.
    Damage to the wallet, 3700 Rs :(.
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  2. sandeep.12

    sandeep.12 Amatore

    Day 4.
    Woke up early morning and had darshan at Mahalakshmi temple. It was Christmas morning and there was some crowd there in the temple at 6 AM.
    We dind't wait to have breakfast in kolhapur and started our journey towards Bijapur. We had to pay another 20 Rs toll at the exit of the city just before joining the NH4.
    We continued on the NH4 and took a right turn to take the Miraj Road. The roads are OK for some distance and then i could see the 4 laning happening and many diversions.
    Breakfast we did at a small dhaba, and had tasty misal and vada pavs along with tea. We continued our journey and just before Sangli we took the Miraj road. Just before the border i could see petrol pumps displaying boards saying "Fill fuel at X.XX Rs lesser than Karnataka". In that area I could see more KSRTC buses than MSRTC.

    We then crossed MH-KA border and we were welcomed by numerous speed breakers which are built with the only intention that one should break his spine. There were petrol pumps displaying boards "X.XX Rs lesser fuel than Maharashtra", don't know who was lying. We continued our journey towards Bijapur. The roads are 1.5 laned and tarmac was fine. The only problem was the KSRTC buses which come charging at you and will never give side. I had to go out of tarmac at many places and i made it a habit to go slow on seeing an oncoming KSRTC. MSRTC drivers were more disciplined. We reached Bijapur by 11.30 AM and the plan was to go to Gol Gombaz first, then go to other places and head to Hospet in the evening. Being a holiday on 25th Gol Gombaz, had huge crowd and it was difficult to get parking place even. We were tired after we had a quick tour of the Gol Gombaz and the temperature at that part made us cancel the plans to visit other places in the city.

    Some pics from Bijapur.










    After lunch we started our journey towards Hospet taking the bueatiful NH13. It was an uneventful drive till Hospet. I was only able to see RJ, MP, UP registered trucks on NH13 and very rarely saw a KA or TN registered truck. Went to Hospet city at 7 PM and stayed in a hotel.

    Solapur-Mangalore NH.


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  3. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    sandeep nice to see that you were in MH-10 region :) normally i fill diesel outside Miraj octroi,one rupee lesser.
    KA is famous for Speed bumps.Nice Pics.
    Hope you lost your throat once inside the golgummaz.
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  4. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Superb travelogue :up Hats off to your patience. The road where Greenfield airport is coming up is just too hard to resist a drive in Punto.

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  5. Ravi_M

    Ravi_M Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Superb details @sandeep.12. I am happy to learn about the roads in Konkan area. I somehow missed this travelogue till today.

    I am planning to travel from Indore to Humpi via Solapur and then to Vellore. I have 5 days (Sept 25-29).

    Your comments about route from Solapur onwards? Should I take Hospet-Bellari-Anantpur-Madanapalle-Chittoor-Vellore route instead of Chitradurga-Bangaluru-Krishnagiri-Vellore route? I also read that I can go Hospet-Bellari-Hiriyur-Tumkur and onwards.

    Further, instead of this, I am also considering totally different route - Indore-Nagar-Satara-Belgavi-Davangere-Shimoga-Shringeri-Kudremukh-Hasan-Bangaluru-Vallore. This is more tough and time-taking, but this was my plan-A earlier. Now, it has become plan-B.

    Your suggestions?

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