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An attempt to understand fiat brand

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by sungoa2010, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. sungoa2010


    Swift vs i20 vs Punto vs polo, Honda city vs Vento .... the list never ends. We are seeing this kind of comparisons everywhere, Every
    forum has it, every auto magazines have it. Finally we arrive at some list of features that will decide who is the winner. But one
    thing is sure. Each car is different from each other. Why? The question looks silly and even a primary school kid can give the answer
    that it is different because they are different in design, they use different technologies, they have different features etc etc.
    Apart from the macroscopic differences they are different because their respective brands work with different principles. I said
    principles or values not the aim. Aim is that every one want to make the best cars in the market and more than that every one want to
    make maximum profit and become market leaders. Then why some of them excel , some of them fail and some of them survive. That is I
    want to bring out here.

    Like a individual grow with ethics and values, the brand also grow with ethics and values. Each have their own priorities dos and
    don'ts.They have grown with those values and it is those values which have grown with generations that make the difference that we
    call as 'feel', which trigger the passion when one start living with it.We can call it the soul of the car. In today's world we only
    know how to look in to the car through the profit that it brings to the company. The more profit it brings, we think more safe we are
    by buying that car. Not the actual safety but a virtual safety more oriented towards anxiety.We may tell, they are popular because
    they make ultimately good cars. But what is good and what is bad. I have already said that every company want to make good cars. No
    one want to make bad cars. But goodness is not a single entity. It has many factors. Some of them complement each other and some of
    them contradict with each other. Then comes the most important situation. A trade off between the goodness factors. And the inherited
    values, that influence tremendously on this trade off, to make the final product different from each other.
    For some of the cars, the prioritis are safety, for some it may be drive quality, for some the priority may be power and for some they
    go for a balnce between power and safety. The list doesn't stop here.There are some which are mainly driven by profit and rest of the
    things get adjusted for this main motivation. There are no strict way by which we cam measure, which are the values that they follows.
    But we can smell it of if we live with the car and observing the other cars. What are the most important priority/value for a car.

    Look at the example of a man. Whatever the difficult situation one has to undergo he will not leave the qualities that he value most.
    We have heard about poor auto drivers returning the jwellery to the persons who lost it.Just look at the case of fiat below.
    When we think about Fiat What is coming to our mind. No doubt safety,drive, power,style etc. Look at the palio. It has come with the
    power that a Indian hatch has never experienced. Is it power that it has the most priority. I don't think,because they are build like
    tanks. They have come with best safety features of that day which has priced it higher level and killed their sales. If they were made
    it cheap they would have made it a more powerful hot cake even with the not-so-good dealers that they had.The power was secondary to
    safety.It is their superiority in technology which bring the power not the priority for power. They never taken the path of making
    cheap power full vehicles to fetch the market share. I am not drawing graph with one point. Look at punto and Linea. Remember
    Stile,punto and Linea are the first cars that they are introducing after a failure(monetary) in Indian market. If they were oriented
    by profit-alone mind they could have made the entry by removing many safety features and making it a hot cake in market. They didn't
    do it because they are not grown with those values.That is the reason they seems to be slow in growth. Until they develop a safe
    product they will not tailor their product with compromising safety. They have compromised the interior for safety and then drive. Still their drive quality is much much superior than others.

    There is no need to worry if a lightweight vehicle overtake Fiat and go even if they share the same engine.We don't have to worry that
    some other cars have better plastics. Each car is following their own values. A fiat owner should realize it. His car grown generations with ultimate safety as first priority and power and drive is next to it.Still they make most powerful cars they are the smarter than others. Is in't it?
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  2. nmp

    nmp Amatore

    Thane, Mumbai
    Thanks for starting this thread SunGoa.

    For me though understanding the brand Fiat is little difficult. Being one of the imp European brand, I failed to understand the way they are handling India operations. Fiat has only two cars in their stable, agree, but they are two finest pieces in their class. But I don't know who stopped them from properly advertising their products. Their approach was, always 'half hearted'. Alright they might not have the budget of VW or other German car makers, but why make the advertisement which does not 'connect' to the people. I'm quite sure once a person takes TD of Fiat car it will be extremely difficult for him/her to not buy it. But 'luring' them to the show-room is the most imp job, where these advt plays a major role. But Fiat advt hardly make any impact on the common people. Yes some die-hard Fiat fans are buying them but nos. of such people is very less.
  3. sungoa2010


    @nmp: I appreciate your views and concern. I was trying to see the brand from a different angle free from marketing.
  4. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
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  5. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    First there was the trusted Ambassador and padmini, with the occasional standard thrown in. Then came along a company that made cars out of aluminum foil - their USP - mileage. They very well understood that life was cheap here and no one gives a damn about safety. So they cut costs and made the most unsafe vehicles possible. Honestly, I am sure anyone who has ever driven their bread loaf contraption will agree.

    Fortunately for us, FIAT never compromised on quality. Case in point - The Linea. Touch your heart and tell me, how many other cars available on India today can match that quality at that price point? Agreed it has it's share of niggles, but we FIAT owners are a demanding lot. I mean, I have seen cars from other manufacturers having bigger issues, but they hide behind numbers.

    Ironically, the very same people who started with mileage as their USP and gave birth to the infamous "kitna deti hai?" question, today brand us as a mileage obsessed nation. Now that the average car user in India is becoming more and more aware of safety, I truly believe that FIAT is poised to make an explosive comeback.

    All the very best FIAT


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  6. As sungoa2010 said, Fiat never compromise on the core value of 'safety' and even then their cars are still good; rather better than most of its peers, at most of the remaining elements of comparison. Fiat does have a great reputation among the people, to be a company that used to make great cars in the past. Even my parents asked "Do they still make cars? Really??"

    And PatchBoy said it right about the mileage obsessed junta; there are a lot of them around me. I am one among the only two persons with a Punto/Linea in the entire panchayat I reside. Meanwhile my ward alone would have 100+ that brand's car which has mileage as its USP. Everyone who see my car asks "Ethra kittum?" (same question, the language alone is different, down in Kerala) and for them I have an ODO meter that never drops below 23kmpl unless I visit a town, and a history of riding at 27kmpl on a 150km night drive. With all that happening on the notorious Kerala roads, all my enquirers (who drives one of those economic cars) leave with jaws forcing to fall but held tight in disgust.. :lol

    That's FIAT and its technical brilliance folks...!!
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