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Amore Mio Linea

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Fiat Fanatic Doc, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I was smitten by its beauty right from the day it was rumoured to be launched in india !!! Thanx for the wishes Gurjinder :). As I said earlier, all the positive notes from u guys here on TFI affirmed my decision !!!:up
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  2. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    Hi @Doc,

    Great to see such a passionate Fiatians. Congrates for the new wine. Enjoy !
  3. Hey Guys !

    Sorry for the long Hiatus !!! I was a bit busy with my work and was out of Chennai for some time ! Yeah so lets continue with what i had left out with !:D

    Reached the showroom -Tafe Reach @ Anna Salai on 21st Nov 2011 with the three ladies at around 2 pm and was greeted by Mr. Venkatesh Babu. The time of delivery was rescheduled to suit my daughter's school timings ! I was taken to the delivery area where my eyes frantically searched for my beauty. Was a lil disappointed when i couldn't set my eyes on her but was happy to see a 90HP Punto being handed over to an excited customer who was more than happy to see the object of his desire in flesh :sadblue ! It was followed by the delivery of an Indica ( i am totally restless by now and god save my poor nails ):firey.

    At last around 3.15 pm my beauty rolls in for the customary process of pre delivery decoration and to welcome me aboard :clap. She was all shining and my daughter was jumping over the place with excitement with dad controlling himself not to let loose of the child in him take over :dancing. She was decorated with a yellow lace and garland. I finished all the other formalities and was handed over the invoice, manual, extended warranty, RSA blah blah. Freebies given along were Car cover, Carpet mats, Boot mat, Chocos and after a great negotiation, the OEM Door sill accessory . I was charged even for the Ganesha Idol :A. Reason accessory division seperate from sales division !!!:uh

    Mom received the keys from the SA and the puja was done there in the showroom. I was then explained about the features by a gentleman whose name i dont recollect :grin:. A snap of the family with the new addition was taken by the delivery person.

    And yes yes yes it was my rendezvous with Amore Mio Linea, for which i was waiting all these years.:wink:. My driver was counting his stars, while oggling my beauty, on his chances of riding her some day !!!

    Loading a few pics of my beauty. Sorry for the pic quality as i was more than excited than ever before to drive the beauty soon home that i never bothered to adjust the camera settings !

    DSC02843.jpg DSC02824.jpg DSC02830.jpg

    To be continued with my ride to Gp road and the heart breaking incident of seeing my beauty ripped apart for the Seat Covers and PU Flooring :cry:
  4. Guys,

    I thot of sharing a few pics of my 2003 Palio 1.9 D ELX. She has done around 73k kms now. :car

    Picture 082.jpg Picture 083.jpg

    Sorry again about the pic quality - taken from my iPhone 3Gs.
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  5. Kind Attn Moderators

    Please move my posts to the appropriate thread if you feel so.
  6. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Red carpet welcome to you and your lovely Linea, congratulations and best wishes, Fiat Fanatic Doc. Explore and enjoy your Linea. Start a separate ownership thread.
  7. teky

    teky Esperto

    Congrats doc, it's a fantastic colour. Do take care of it as it tends to show swirl marks easily.

    So you still have the palio with you, I like those alloys, simply stunning.
  8. Thanks Raviji and Teky !

    Right said Teky as i feel i am already facing swirl marks :sad1

    Yeah I do still have the Palio with me for transporting Wifey to Office and Lil' Angel to School :p
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