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Amore Mio Linea

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Fiat Fanatic Doc, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys, I'm from Chennai, a newbie to join but 've been following this forum for a long time. As my username indicates am a die hard Fiatian :carowning UNO 1.7 ELX(sold) then PALIO 1.9 D(still with me, done 70K till date from 2003) and now booked my Tuscan Wine 1.3 MJD after waiting all these days for the 1.6MJD to get launched :thumbs down!

    I owe a big thanx to all you guys out here to have helped me decide finally the Linea:clapping, when Parents and Wifey wanted a Non-FIAT car in view of the ASS being faced with our Palio .

    Checked out with all the Fiat dealers here at Chennai for a TD. Only Tafe-Reach Sales executive Mr. Venkatesh Babu promptly came up to my work place at the scheduled time with a TD car - BNW Linea. The other 2 dealers never bothered to even return my enquiry calls despite me calling them up again, the only reply i get is - " Sales Executives are busy right now sir, will get back to you so please leave your number. ":punch

    I simply get blown off my feet everytime i see a Linea on the road and I drool over it ! Though i have done TD of Linea 1.3 MJD earlier, it was a lovely feel to test drive the beauty again now. :wow

    It took a very long period (1-2 weeks) of persuation to convince Mom & Wifey to go for a FIAT car again ! They were of the opinion as to why a FIAT again when i face so much trouble with the ASS of my Palio and the scarcity of spare parts i face at times. Mom and Wifey were very very strong in their negative views about FIAT ! Though wifey always admired the sheer beauty of Linea amongst all cars till date and used to praise its beauty whenever we used to spot one on the road ! Dad left the decision in my favor as he felt i would know better what car to choose. Our seven year old Angel was for any new Car as long as its going to be in Apple green color or Pink color !!!

    Finally arrived at the showroom on 31st Oct evening with the 3 bigwigs as Dad was away at Erode ( my native ). Mr. Venkatesh Babu recieved us at the showroom and introduced us to their Fiat Sales Team Leader Mr. Dinesh. They were very very courteous and patient enough to explain and clear any kind of doubts the Ladies had ! They spent nearly an hour and half with us even though the showroom was busy with customers checking on both TATA and FIAT cars !

    Kudos to the Fiat Sales team at Tafe Reach as both Mr. Dinesh and Mr. Venkatesh Babu were so helpful in helping us take a decision to buy the Linea, coz Punto came into the limelight momentarily (courtesy- the Ladies) though it was promptly turned down by my daughter who was also eyeing the ARIA. Sometimes the sales team had to put up with the most silliest of doubts like- will this be the last batch of FIAT Linea to be manufactured and etc etc.....! But the ever smiling duo from the sales team gave all the answers required to convince everyone to go for the Linea ! One special note here - at no point was a TATA product recommended or refererred to us , sales team was very very professional, courteous and knowledgeable about FIAT cars ! :up

    Though there were last minute apprehensions, finally paid the advance of 25k for Linea 1.3 MJD E PK Tuscan Wine as both Wifey and daughter wanted this color and Mom left the decision in my choice:dance. Mr. Dinesh was very kind enough to tell me that though there was one car in stock manufactured in June 2011 ( VIN number ending in FMZ ), he would allot me a new car on transit already to the showroom from the factory manufactured in NOV 2011 ( VIN number ending in KMZ ). It was expected to arrive in 15days time. We thanked the sales team at the showroom and left in dreams of the soon to arrive Italian Dream !!!

    Hearty thanks once again to TFI once again to help me decide on the Linea 1.3 MJD and proud to be part of the Team !!!:clap

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  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Congratulations on your new Linea MJD. And welcome to TFI.
  3. PDI and Registration

    After my elaborate write up on my experience of booking the Linea the follow on is about the PDI exp and registration. ::T

    I was informed on 11th Nov that the car has arrived at the main yard and that I can complete my necessary bank works and come for the PDI on 15th Nov. Went with my friend to their city yard in Nungambakkam on Nov 15th , where the vehicle had been brought from their main yard in the suburbs. Carried with me the PDI checklist from TFI. With all the excitement i had to see her for the first time, It was a bit of an anticlimax :oops:, coz she was all covered in dirt and looking dull. Mr. Venkatesh Babu assured me it was normal for all the cars to be in this state of affairs after their transit from the factory. He said she would glisten in her full beauty on the day of delivery. To prove it he showed me few cars getting ready for the delivery that day which were gleeming, oh yes I was overjoyed to see 4 Fox Trot Aure 90hp puntos for delivery that day along with a Black T-jet :dancingalong with a line up of TATA indigo/indica/vista.

    Happy with the PDi except that I felt that the ignition console Gap was still prominent :sadblue for which the sales guy replied that he'll try to correct it during the service as the service station guys are knowledgeable in this aspect rather than the yard PDI guys. Tyres were Goodyear GT3 .

    Any info on this - whether the inginition console gap can be corrected ?:anyone

    The car went in for registration on Thursday and planned for delivery tomorrow as I was a bit held up with a conference at my workplace and moreover Friday and Sat were in-auspicious days !!!!

    Just went through the forums to know that the New upgraded Linea with a few more Gizmos is on the anvil in Jan 2012 :eek: ! Feeling a bit low and thinking shud i have waited for some more time ?:(

    Also that since the New Linea might sport the 16 inch alloys which will def increase the GC of MJD , should I change the stock tyres to 195/65/R15 ? If so where do i get a good deal for the stock tyres in chennai to swap for the upsize ?

    Delivery is slated for tomorrow at around 1 pm and I am getting the customery Mud Flaps, Sun control Film ( Garware ), Floor and boot Mats, OE car cover ( not tyvek ) as the freebies.

    Confused whether to put a reverse sensor ? If yes then whether OE or an aftermarket on but I wouldn't want one with the OVRM display but with a seperate display .:confused:

    Planning for Autoform Ucheer or Ufly seat covers at GP road. Price when enquired is varying a lot among each shop and some have readily available covers while others need to order !

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    Thanks a lot ramjn !
  4. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Congratulations to one Fiat fanatic doc from another!
    Happy motoring,enquire with Tafe if warranty will be void on fixing reverse sensors from outside
    Ensure that the guys fixing seat cover do not tear it in the process,kindly post the price too and also about the shop
    Have a happy sleepless night.
  5. Thanx Bala ! U sure bet that am already sleepless !!! Gud to knw another Fiat Fanatic Doc on the forum !!!:drinks
  6. Hey My Hearty Congrats Buddy .. Welcometo the group .
    After the delivery do find time to treat our eyes with loads of pics of the beauty ..
    Because once some one step into the driver seat of these awsome cars , they tend to forget the outside world :)

  7. Thanx Pal ! Oh yeah u said it right, we get so possesed by the beauty that we tend to forget the outside wrld. Already wifey is cross with for the past few weeks that am lost in some dreamy world all the time waiting for the Linea !;)
  8. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Welcome to the FIAT world doc...
  9. Thanx Srini ! This is my third Fiat Diesel and I love every moment being part of the Fiat Heritage ! Thanx again to all u guys that I was able to stand clear in my decision for the latest Fiat addition :car. TFI Rocks :up!!!
  10. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Welcome to TFI doc. :)

    Linea is a wonderful car for sure. And a great mile-muncher with excellent fuel efficiency. And i don't need to tell you about the looks! ;)

    Cheers and congrats.

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