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Amazing, Swift, Elite, Zestified Pointed - Its Punto MJD

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Pointed, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Pointed

    Pointed Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Tank like build
    Head Turner
    Mini Maserati
    Award Winning Technology of Engine ( Motor )
    Sporty Interiors

    This may be the first ownership review of this kind, ( thoda bore karunga but its different ) :

    1. Never thought of owning an European car because of their low value for money against the Japanese, Korean & Indian ones.

    2. Never ever thought of buying a Fiat car, most of us know the reasons, "After Sales Support" & "Availability of the spare parts" "Cost of the Spare parts" "Availability of Spare parts over the counter" etc etc.

    3. Buying a Punto wasn't my decision at all, its god who really wants that I should think differently ( This line is used by Apple & I dont prefer that brand too), but all cars & all brands exists because of someone like me exists.

    4. Punto

    5. Punto

    6. Punto

    Love this name

    & the meaning of it >


    Pointed like a Jet like a sharpen pencil.

    Maserati - yes you can afford a Mini version of Maserati.

    I was started finding my need of a car, thought that I like the car which is quickest in terms of 0-100kmph.

    which cars come in this category :

    Alto - NO Never , Alto is not a car for me for sure, ( loads of social pressure.)

    i20 Diesel - Yes this is the car for me,

    My second priority was Space - The Cabin Space & the Boot too.

    Elite really impressed me in all the terms, I was looking at. Polo never considered as listen many horrible stories for Spare parts unavailability & cost of parts specially the body parts & lights. I know that insurance & warranty is there for this but, i was not feeling that I can digest this.

    As I said my first priority was the quickest car, spacious & third dont want to pay the additional taxes like Excise duty on longer cars ( more than 4 meter) , & over 6 Lakhs as in Delhi the Road tax is almost double.

    Blindly the i20 elite impressed me a lot but thanks for their pricing in Delhi its ex-showroom is 6.10 Lakh so i20 Elite - bye bye ( road tax in Delhi )

    Before this I was preferring a Petrol car & after driving the Diesel MJD & Hy CRDi, it was decided that THIS time Diesel only, The first car was a Petrol which amazed me too because it was a XETA - Xtra effcient TORQUE advantage. Luckily TATA stopped the production of Xeta long back.

    So I related that I am looking a car with high torque in low rpms ( Xeta having highest torque in its segment at 2600rpm)

    Now Zest Revotron may be a choice but they really befool people. there is no 140Nm torque felt. It was sluggish than my Xeta. also the Shockers were like a boat. then tried the Zest MJD ( Quadrajet ). impressed with engine response but feeling too discomfort with its too comfortable shockers arrangement. then I realized there is something different which I am trying to find in a car, which was really missing in Zest & Elite i20. What was that.

    I took the TD of the Petrol Swift & found the car a piece of junk. & started considering a good steering feedback is important for me,

    Took a TD for the Petrol Grand, got confirmed that Maruti & Hyundai are not cars for me.

    ( Petrol cars was preferred so took TD of all Petrol car first , sequence is mentioned in reverse according to the feature needs).

    Searching over the internet, many time I written on Google's text box, " What I am looking in my next car" & obvious there was no good result.

    Then in a thread Punto was on the top for its RIDE & HANDLING. & In some other MJD was on top for the Drivebility ( In both the threads the Polo was not compared ).

    & Just filled in a news magazine website that I am interested in a Punto, & also in Fiat India website.

    Took the TD & gave many many thanks to God for making fair reasons for not to gone ahead for the following cars :

    1. Zest Revotron
    2. Zest QuadraJet ( The model under 6 Lakh having no exciting features ).
    3. Swift / Dzire - Boredom inside, low visibility & back seat space, light weight doors.
    4. Grand i10 Petrol- Sluggish boredom
    5. Grand i10 D - 1.1 Liter diesel - cant digest about drivability of 1100cc Diesel.
    6. i20 Elite - Overpriced, Worst Handling even at very high weight.
    7. Polo - comes with fear to loose temper on Germans.

    Punto - Its also having the same story as Polo but few were due to Tata Motors & few as my preference for low end technical job on road side. But I really felt that now roadside guys are charging too much high than a service centers & over the counter spare are taged higher MRP & almost 10-20% marginal with workshop price. no guaranty about originality too. So decided never ever give a touch of roadside mechanic to my car.

    Everyone who knows that Punto is Fiat's car : " Tu pagal ho gaya hai", I relate this sentence to love marriage " Tu pagal hai kya love marriage kar raha hai". & my answer is Yes where there is love, God is there.

    & finalized the Punto ----- No no no, not yet finalized,

    After listening too much " Tu pagal hai kya" so I though how much extra it would cost me to own a Punto in comparison to a Tata or Maruti car. It cannot be more than a lakh ??????

    I asked that discount to dealer & they said Ok. however I felt cheated & thought that I should ask for 1.5 lakhs. No fun getting discount of 1 Lakh, it was really easy job ).

    Now Punto is the best deal which money can buy. Heart bhi khush & Mind bhi...

    What I liked till date :

    1. Brakes
    2. GC
    3. Engine Characteristics ( refined over wide range of rpm).
    4. NVH - Diesel with least noise in the world, Zest & Elite was similar too but Punto I felt the road noise & outside world noise isolation also good).
    5. Wheelbase - Cabin space, big backseat window,
    6. Front Doors - Heavy Sheet Metal - It make front seat & dash side more practical. & more important the Safety feel.
    7. Drivebility even after the Turbo-lag
    8. Stunning Maserati looks of Grande. Curvy on back, sharp like jet on front.- must say Dont like the Evo - its more like Hyundai.
    9. Drag Co-Efficient, Ride & Handling - The best Drag Coefficient, The Best Ride & The Best Handling. ( This was the factor I was looking along with the High Torque at low rpm). & Only Punto have this surely. under 10Lakhs ex-showroom price atleast.
    10. Frontal Area : Sharp nose design, great Coefficient of Drag near 0.3
    11. Under body treatment

    Dont Like :

    1. Visibility : Visibility due to A pillar, Visibility due to C Pillar & Visibility due to Higher GC.
    2. Brakes are too efficient for city traffic, there is no mid point brake if the car is in low speed & a little push of peddle stops the complete car & scared if someone hit from the back ).
    3. Brakes in high speed : Due to High GC, felt like Brakes are not that efficient & car skids due to high GC & High weight of the car.

    I really dont like when people say " I thoght tu badi car lega" people think that Zest, Dzire, Eco Sports, Quanto, Xcents are big cars & Punto is a small car like Swift, i10, WagonR ) & I always smile because my heart was saying badi car ke chakkar main mat fasna" Personally I feel the smaller the car from outside, its better for maneuverability. & Punto is less wide than many of its competition with compromising on cabin space. It's all due to heavy Sheetmetal & no space for the water bottles & wine glasses.

    High GC is done at India level so the Italian Engineers dont have any idea, ( its adverse effect on Visibility, Handling & Braking things).

    My Pearl White car crossed 4300 on ODO in just 2 months, & I just love the roads, & my road partner, Punto MJD the real pointed car.

    Too much to write here but a bit boring sequence ( feeling not that much confident as much I do while driving ). Love Punto. Please also guide me about what more people write in Ownership review. So may be the sequence can be framed properly.
  2. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    You don't say?! ;-)

    You sound like a neo-convert to what we all here knew all along! Passionate. And correct.

    Congratulations on your fine discovery about cars in India, and about yourself as a 'car-guy'. :)

    Wish you'd gone for a Red Grande Punto: suits your passionate style better, if I may 'jurrat karoon kehne ki'. ;-)

    Anyway, welcome to TFi and do keep posting such strongly felt yet reasoned (dil bhi...dimaag bhi) updates on your Fiat. Enjoyed reading this first post!

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  3. Pointed

    Pointed Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3
    thanks prabhjot :

    Red was my top priority but as I mentioned, it was god who really wants me to own a Punto only, somewhere I feel, white will be going lucky for me. I was trying to get a red color in replacement last month too, but accepted white as my road life partner as it comes from god. The dealer was not having a Red Grande that time or they donot want to offer the red to September customers. They may like to keep for the November & December customers or its about lot with them.

    & Frankly I never seen a red Punto on Delhi NCR roads which did not turned orange, Red require more buffing polishing in a year than any other color. On pictures Red & Blue are great but White is for every reason & every season. The only thing that Pearl White is impossible for the touch up jobs, Red in Fiat Punto is a non metallic & easy on touch up. Being a NCR rider the touchup is one the most important factor to consider. Dont you think so ?
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 3, 2014 ---
    Mileage :

    Minimum : 11Kmpl - I was driving it like a Petrol car like my Xeta.
    Maximum : 24Kmpl -
    Normally going to Office : 18.5kmpl
    Heavy B2B traffic : 16.5kmpl

    Clutch & Dead Paddle : Long stroke of Clutch Pedal & Position of dead Pedal.

    Got replaced all 5 tyres with Bridgestone but 185/65/R14 reducing 4% on OD gives a better acceleration & better steering response. less side wall by 12mm means better handling on corners. Next wants the GC lowered to a European specs Punto. Anyone know how to do that ? What will be the adverse affect & what about the warranty ?
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2014
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  4. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Hi Pointed, very nice opening post.
    You did not really detail of your TD experience of Punto. But, we all kind of know what to expect.
    Congratulations.., keep remaining a :pagal: !!!
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  5. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Heartiest congratulations on the Punto. Your writing was hilarious. For starters to get more confidence as you get in driving, start posting pics of the machine in your ownership thread. This will slowly help others (I mean those sitting on the fences) to understand the dil vs dimaag dilemma solution.

    I would suggest not to alter the GC - did you get the older Punto or the Evo? Couldn't see anything mentioned in your posts.

    Happy mile crunching and drive safely.
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  6. Aviral singh

    Aviral singh Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    i test drove the new polo1.5 tdi ,and i noticed that the clutch was a bit heavy and the clutch travel was just a bit less then the punto evo,the pickup was very good from the starting,but now i have made my mind going to book a punto evo tomorrow,and just was confused about the colours,actually i have just seen three colours ie.white,tuscan white and the magnesio grey,but i liked the magnesio grey but it seemed to be a bit dull under the showroom lighting ,i would really be thankfull to you all guys if ,anybody could post some non edited pictures of the magnesio grey colour,i know there are many pictures on internet but was not satisfied.
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  7. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
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  8. Aviral singh

    Aviral singh Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    Okey thanks,and see how a small message from you makes such a difference,now I am pretty confident about the colour ,going to book it tommorow,feeling so happy,after three long months of researching or you can say waiting for the facelifted swift literally made me mad,but yes fiat cars are class apart,and believe me,now when I look at the swift ,it seems I have got now a x -ray vision and I can see the bare thin bones of swift :)
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  9. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    On this point, if you see that vast majority cars models dont come with side airbags, the Punto has proven better even on side impacts. Having said that a crash is always way too un-predictable IMO, even though crash test scientists and technicians have brought about statistical predictability in these. Happy and safe Puntoing in advance.. :D
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  10. Pointed

    Pointed Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3
    TD Experience :

    It was first time, I was inside a Punto & on drivers seat, I heard that this is best car for the excellent Handling characteristics. which was my top priority than the quickest car.

    The TD car was having a little bubbling & it was also pulling to left like every other Punto do. So SA told me that one tyre got punchured & car is on spare wheel ( Steel Rim on one wheel ). & due to this it's being felt. I also considered that as i was feeling lucky that before buying any car Punto is being TDed , while a 5 minutes drive to the highway, I noticed that this machine have bad shockers, but realized later that I crossed the Speed Breaker at the speed of 90~100. This car is not a great fun below 120kmpl. Even at 120 me & family always yawning. :meh:

    On reaching the highway ( actually flyway) we reached 170 within a minute, & I asked SA that is that the top speed, he said no sir this is TD car so locked at 3000rpm. like a snake we all were enjoying the zigzag drive at speed of 170. Superb handling was experienced & fell into love with its beauty with brain combination.

    Next day he insist to drive a Evo & promised that Evo is more fun, bought a Hot Red Evo 90Hp & asked me to cross the 210. but it was really disappointing other than the top speed part. Yes it was having a top speed of 220. But due to large & wide wheels & may be the higher GC, more noise & interiors all was really disappointing. & than decided to go with the Grande only, 76Hp only,

    found Grande is much better in following aspects :

    1. Tearddrop headlamps - New one is like Hyundai thing
    2. Rugby Seats
    3. Sporty Dashboard - Curvy dashboard
    4. Back Bumper - Interrupted curves
    5. Front Bumper - Pointed tip missing.

    Fiat India hired a Hyundai (Korean) guy for Evo for the fulfill the Asia demand. IMO ( very misleading thought ).

    The higher GC is really a big problem & found that this is the only reason the car belongs to highways & not the city. Vision is the most important to enjoy the driving & due to the higher GC, driver loose the confidence in traffic. & its dangerous too. This is the only reason of failure of the SX4. & same has been tried with Punto ????

    Problem faced till date :

    1. Turn Indicator Switch dont return itself.
    2. Pull to Left even after checking all wheel alignment trice.
    3. Little jumpy on the speed breakers or ramp, & IMO this is the secret of suberb handling, the shock absorbers always remain on top & no body weight make it down or something.

    Everything is having some negative & positive side, no doubt the ergonomics of the car is superb but there are some tricks which makes it Sporty car rather than a car commuting to the office.

    Some pics after lunch break
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 3, 2014, Original Post Date: Dec 3, 2014 ---
    IMG_20141122_111014.jpg IMG_20141128_170606.jpg IMG_20141012_211246_edit.jpg IMG_20141128_170536.jpg IMG_20141005_171910.jpg
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 3, 2014 ---
    Quick view IMG_20141122_111014.jpg A - Star IMG_20141128_170606.jpg
    Virendra Nagar : IMG_20141012_211246_edit.jpg
    Two beauties, SX4 & Pointer IMG_20141128_170536.jpg
    Yamuna Expressway, Nose comparision... IMG_20141005_171910.jpg
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