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Amazing braking perfomance of my Linea

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by saugdas, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. saugdas


    The ABS and breaking efficiency of my Linea got tested yesterday. But am praying to GOD I never face this again.
    Route : Trichy - Madurai expressway (home to office – so I know this road upside down).
    Speed of my Linea : 90 to 100. Don’t know why I was driving slow yesterday even if I was getting late for office when my regular speed in this route is 110+. Just thanking GOD.
    The truck in front : Moving on the left lane at an estimated speed of 40 to50.
    Started overtaking the truck from the right lane and then – when I have already crossed the truck by 1/3rd through, it started changing lane to the right sharply ::OO obviously without noticing that I was so close. On the right is the road divider and on the left to front are the rear truck wheels!! First time in my life experienced what death can be!! Reflex action made me slam the brakes to the full and nerves ready for the crash. Holding the steering wheel tight so that it does not steer out of control. In my mind, I decided, let it crash, but at least it should not get out of control and hit the people standing on the divider (it was close to a bus stop and people waiting to cross the road – glimpsed those frightened faces). The car just screeched for a sec or two & kept sliding over the road for a few mtrs and came to a standstill without wavering for a cm on the right or left. Had it moved even an inch on the right or left, either side of the car would have gone. No extra stress felt on my hands on the wheel. Was still not sure if my left front was scrapped by the rear of the truck. Could’nt believe it was so close! I never had so many feelings and thoughts in those 2 secs. (Crisis does make man more efficient).
    Immediately took up speed, stopped the truck and gave a good piece of my mind. :hit Seems the helper was driving the truck with eyes fully red!! India will never change. :A
    Could’nt believe that there was’nt a single scratch on my darling. Kept on checking so many times. Except the burnt smell of rubber from the tires there was nothing unusual. Relaxed for a few mins and then continued to office. Checked the car again once reached office and thanked God. :dance
    Upon reflection, was really pleased with the breaking performance of my Linea. 90 to ZERO in 2 secs and 10mtrs and right on track without any pressure on the steering wheel? :wow Obviously did’nt have a stopwatch and measuring tape ready otherwise could have applied for some records maybe…. But that’s not important….Just want to say Thankyou Linea :clap , Thankyou FIAT :clapping and now heading for a temple.
  2. viveksonkhla

    viveksonkhla Amatore

    Noida, India
    Linea T-Jet
    Re: Amazing breaking perfomance of my Linea

    Don't give entire credit to the car buddy....you showed some amazing reflexes and situation analysis was lightning fast....Remember on the road its the complete package that makes the difference...a good driver with a good car is all it takes to come out of situations like these.

    Great job.....
  3. Re: Amazing breaking perfomance of my Linea

    My dear friend, thank God for the good stars.
    Its not only the car but your driving skills and good reflexes saved you.

    Drive safe.
  4. Re: Amazing breaking perfomance of my Linea

    Unfortunate incident but glad you and your car came out unscratched.
  5. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Re: Amazing breaking perfomance of my Linea

    Thank god you and your beauty are safe.

    First credit to you as a driver, you did not get nervous in the crisis situation. Second to the car.

    I recall my 1999 event, those were the initial years of my driving had Matiz, was driving down from Yercaud to Salem, i do not recall what the hell it made me to think, i stopped engine and in second gear the car was moving. At one point i wanted to hit the brake and gosh -- brakes did not work. Only then out of a flash i realized, breaks work when the engine is on !!, quickly started ignition and was saved from a disastrous impact. Since then i never drive with engine off and i ensure to tell any newbie driver never to switch off engine while driving !!
  6. saugdas


    Re: Amazing breaking perfomance of my Linea

    Thanks friends. Yes, it is a combination of my stars at that moment, the car and then my driving skills. I recall an incident 3 yrs back when i dashed my Aveo against a big (BIG!) goat and i can very well compare the difference between the two situations. My Aveo did not have the ABS and at the same speed but more distance to respond, i did not feel comfortable in jamming the brakes. So I released it, hit the goat and broke my front bumper+grill and damaged the a/c unit. You can very well understand what happened to the goat. That time i made up mind , for the next car, ABS and airbags are 'must haves'. And i think it was a wise decision.
  7. saugdas


    Re: Amazing breaking perfomance of my Linea

    Thanks Vasudev for sharing this. These are a few things which should run through our brains as a refresher course time to time.
  8. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    sorry bit late here but , you said screeched/sliding !! i wonder if abs is right on, then screech shouldn't be there ? please correct me if i am wrong.
  9. saugdas


    Good point Jaydev: This same thought came to my mind when i was reflecting on the issue and after going thru some threads on the net, this is my conclusion on the point:
    As a fact: still today i can see the right tyre marks on the road at that portion when i pass each day ( a good point: it reminds me and makes me more cautious ). And when i recollect those 2 secs, there was a distinct noise of tyre on the road which was very clear. And the tyre marks on the road is a proof that the rubber was rubbed against it. ABS does not allow the wheel to get jammed, neither it will make to rotate freely, or else the car won't stop. What it does is it allows the wheel to turn and lock at a very high frequency of millisecs so that the car stops imm without leaving the track/skidding off the track. But as a human being, you will not be able to feel in millisecs, what you will feel is the car is sliding , but in full control. The tyre makrs again proves that the the car was sliding for at least those 6 to 7 mtrs of the marks.
    This creates one more question in my mind today: There was only one tyre mark , which I am not sure belongs to which wheel? Front or rear?
  10. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    Linea 1.3
    Linea ABS rocks

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