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Always a Good Company - My 2009 Electric Blue Grande Punto 1.4 Emotion Pack

Discussion in 'Punto 1.4 Fire' started by ThePunter, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Yesterday I visited Ramkay for my Punto 1.4's 5th service (48month/60k km service) at 38xxx km. Reached by 9:30am and started back by 7pm taking delivery of the car. SA was sharath and full satisfied with way I was attended to, explaining what are covered, what are offered, taking for a test drive pre service etc. I was planning to stay back with the car (atleast during the initial part of service where all fluids get changed and also diagnosis of anything basically wrong is done) but later decided to stay back till delivery as it seemed that delivery will be possible the same day, though belt changes (bit time consuming) are also done. For 1.4 16V petrol belt changes are required per schedule, though the toothed timing belt can be just checked and replaced during 4th year and if not changed, then mandatory replacement at 5th year. Mine was found to be in a slightly harder condition and was changed. So also the aux belt. But acc belt for PSteering was as good and was not changed.(There are three belts, thus 2 were changed). Brake pads were towards their life end. Got them changed too. I got spare quantities of Engine oil and coolant for my top up purposes. Opted out of car wash and align/bal as I will be changin my tires in another month. Towards evening things were pretty clear to wind up by 5- 5:30. But still adding to my concerns, due to late clearance from parts dep and some cleaning (which I clearly said need not be done, to save time as well as it was not needed as requested by me) billing was delayed and I could get out only by 7 instead of the planned 6:15. So all plans of mine had to be changed wrt to a meeting at 7:30pm. Though (as an after thought) it was passable, I gave low marks for that glitch- rest all gave 10/10- true to my feeling. Still, I would say delivery on same day was done as per the tentative promise.
    Pics of bill attached.
    Met with Anand (as posted above) during mid day. What other nice time pass than getting a fellow TFIan to chat with in an apt place all sorrounded by Puntos and Lineas :).
    Met with another TFIan while I was waiting for billing. Maheswaran from Vellore with his Punto that was IN for glow plug issue itself. We both had enthusiats's discussion for some time in the lobby. And we were almost the last at the SC to leave tha day;)
    BTW anyone know what is this seen in the pic - the box type with 3 wires going to bottom. It is in the Rear right wheel well. Both of us were not able to make out what is it. Added, I didnt find this same box in the adjacent BNW Punto which was in a lifted position (it was there after the TW Linea in pic)

    photo 2.jpg

    photo 3.jpg

    photo 1.JPG
  2. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    That is the vapor trap. I believe only petrol cars are equipped with this. See here

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  3. Updating this thread after a long time. Really could not live up to my expectations to give an update every other /month atleast :-(

    Latest addition (or I can say only the 4th addition- i.e., apart from the seat cover and sun films which were during delivery, and later the arm rest )- the Sun films are back!! I had peeled off my 3M CS35 (which in itself was lighter) a few months back when the sun film check were becoming an every other day affair in Chennai. Today, with temperatures in Chennai getting to take your nerves down especially during my 11 am kinda daily commute, decided to check out the 3M CR70 films for the front at 3M near Nandanam. Felt comfortable seeing an i10 having the same over there. The place was also having just 2 more cars so he offered to take up the work immediately and free me in an hr. So agreed for CR70 on front WS alone (come with 5yr warranty). Will think about RE70 on the sides, but later. Any way, it will be only 3M films, considering it performed good with the last set, also while peeling off it did not leave any marks and was an easy job to do.
    Immediately after getting off and driving with the film ON, felt the heat lot less inside the cabin, especially even when the car was left in the front park in the sun for the previous 15min, and AC was able to chill the cabin better. 8.1k cost including VAT for Punto, that is considered in the B segment for these jobs. Hopefully I stay out of the radars of the enforcement (faulty, this time) in the coming days. Alas, today I could not check the night driving conditions with front film on, as I had to leave early.
  4. Got all the 4 old tyres changed today 20-Jun-2014 at “Lal’sTyres” at Whites road. Old Goodyear GT3’s had done 43535 km in 4years, 7 months. Had noticeably became harder since almost 1year.
    New ones are Vredestein SPORTRAC 5 (195 60 R15 – same spec as old GT3 OEM tyres) 46/13 manuf.

    Hope they are good and even better in all respects similar to the old GT3’s as personally experienced so far.

    Total 21200 (Free alignment/Balancing/new Nozzle –400 4Old tyres). 2 more free alignment check-up at next 2k and 4k km. (was 6200 around Jan’14. So it has come down and waiting was fruitful huh.
    Called and reached 3:55 pm. Started back exactly in an hr.

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  5. Came back after a weekend drive to Coimbatore- first long highway cruise after the tyres change.
    Just one word about the tires - Great !
    Was waiting to put a word or 2 about the Vredestein tyres here, after the purchase. It is a month now and has run 2000km all in city except this last weekend drive. The change was from 4.5years old GT3, so no wonder I felt great driving the new ones, in terms of comfort, grip and noise. No issues at all in high speeds. Went and crossed 160 this time and felt as comfortable as always before. One or two very hard brakings (no heart in mouth situation though) and it took perfectly well, so too many of the fast curves. Noise I felt almost same or so. But that would be because, even in GT3 I never felt it was excessively noisy, though many other posts here says it is. I always take it as combined of both wind and tyre noise. There were some light rains, wet roads as well and there too, the tyre lived up to its promises. And with the good rates at which I got it, I feel I had a great purchase.

    This was also first time I travelled through the finished stretch of Ulundurpet to Salem road. (Yeah! it feels it is so much of time I took up a journey towards KL, or that route, as the route is finiished several months back, by now). All for the timing of the day (4:45am to <12noon towards Cbe, and 2:30pm to 9:30 pm towards Chennai ), the best condition of roads... and not to forget these new tyres- I had a great run both ways. 475kms in 6hrs with avg of 75kmph+ after taking off the 2 full half an hour breaks. Before the journey I always estimated an hour more than what Google maps suggested 7.5hrs. Not any more, for this stretch. :)
    2 pics below Vredes1_1.jpg
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  6. My car is going for the next scheduled service tomorrow. I have made booking at Ramkay OMR. Plan to be there at the SC while the service is being done, like last time.
    Car completing 5 years this month. Odo runs at ~47550km now
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  7. Had a very good and satisfying experience at Ramkay service today. Reached SC at 930am and started back at 5:45pm. Stayed back and witnessed each and every step taken.
    Major highlights:
    Had reported suspension roughness and during TD the technician reccommended check and there were leaks at rear strut mounts so replaced both.
    Front was better but still had slight leaks when inspected so didnt took a chance, replaced them too
    PS belt was not replaced last year(chose to) and so also somehow PS oil was not replaced too. Did both this time.
    Brake drum and disc cleaning
    FR Lower arm rubber has a very sligt tear-reccomended for next time.
    2door handles/locking was bit rough- corrected it.
    Didnt touch tires, opted out of TA/TB, and car wash, but still got a complimentary wash :)thums up & was neat)

    And also all routine service tasks.

    Only grouse being the bill- that got higher due to the suspension works
    Stood @16k total ( after using a 1k service discount coupon)
    Billing tasks took lesser time than last after I had mentioned about the same today morning itself. Gave almost all 10/10 in feedback. Ravi was the SA today; interaction was very good with considering all points
    Trying to attach the invoice copy.
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 11, 2014 ---
    Bill attached

  8. Updates from the last year. Air filter was changed after 6 months from last service, also oil top up was done couple of times during this period.
    Wipers were replaced before monsoon and before going for the scheduled service during November every year. Horns also needed attention as one side was not working. Towards this issue, the horn pad contacts were cleaned gently and they returned to normal working. There was a bush found to be torn in the underbody connected to the exhaust pipe, which was changed.
    Total = 2639

    Scheduled service was done before the rains set in at Chennai. Due to this soon after vehicle completes service and in few weeks vehicle gets soaked in mud and grim all over. Seriously thinking that I should change this schedule to somewhere around February. That should help to keep the car fresh a bit longer outdoors. All fuids filters were changed. Compared to earlier year, it was noticed slightly lessser oil consumption, still 1L spare that was got during last service was used up before the current service across 3-4 top ups. Havent thought of a full and detailed diagnosis check up for this level of oil consumption yet. This time I got alignment and balancing also done at FASS first time too lethargic to go out to another shop this time. km 57186 Total= 9539.

    3 weeks after the service, one night while returning home from office, felt some lack of pull along with the check engine light blinking. Just before this moment I had heavily decelrated from 80-90kmph to around 20+ kmph remaining in 5th gear and in the next throttle input i felt lack of pull, immediately realized the wrong high gear (there were unexpected set of heavy potholes and broken roads due to previous days' rain and hence it was unexpected in the otherwise familiar route) and slotted into second, but still the lack of pull remained and light started glowing. (The reason I mentioned about this deceleration in 5th gear is, when I later checked about EOBD failure scenarious, I somewhere read about such high gear with low speeds combination as a possible reason). For the next few days I could not get the car checked at FASS since it was heavily raining and flood days in Chennai. Really prayed that this doesnt result in some major repair. During these days 2-3 times the car was started normally but still pull and slight rocking vibration was felt, but never had a chance to take the car out. So one dry day a week later, went Ramkay and on check with OBD Scanner it readily pointed to ignition coil failure in 2nd and 3rd cylinders. It was a sigh of relief to certain degree since it was nothing major. Since each coil cost about 2k+ decided to change just the 2 failed ones and not the entire set of 4 coils, although I think that may be a slightly better off case since it is a 6 year old car and never coils have been replaced. Also being non mechanical item it can never be said that it is at its end of life. Repair cost total = 5597.




  9. Dhinesh S

    Dhinesh S Timido

    Punto Evo 1.3
    @ thepunter,

    Hi buddy I am planning for punto evo emotion petrol. Can you share some mileage figures of you car(Both city & Highway)

    Both Diesel and petrol are of almost same price in emotion variant.

    my monthly running will be around 800Kms. Suggest me to choose one which will be economical in long run.
  10. RaviHegde

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    14.62°N 74.85°E
    Grande Punto 1.4
    Mine is Punto E-Pack 1.4 FIRE (2010 model). Completing 6 years this Jan end. When I was in Bangalore city mileage was 9.5-10 kmpl mostly with AC. Now I have moved to a small town to pursue ambitions of becoming a farmer. I am getting 18.2-18.8 kmpl without AC with around 30 km daily run.
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