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Always a Good Company - My 2009 Electric Blue Grande Punto 1.4 Emotion Pack

Discussion in 'Punto 1.4 Fire' started by ThePunter, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Couple of pics, One with the eyes bright with body soaked with light dirt..in between a hard run..on the way to Tada falls

    & Other one, near my home town..


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  2. sungoa2010


    Alloys speaks that above picture has taken after a looooong trip:)
  3. ha ha ha - u are right.
    and some how, in pics, I like dusty alloys than those sparkling ones.. ;)
  4. Auto Freak

    Auto Freak Amatore

    Lovely pics Punter! Exactly! Dusty alloys gives the car a dynamic hunkered down look!
    Have you added tints to your windows?
  5. Thanks Auto Freak!
    Yes- tints were there from day 1, from Concorde itself. And it was one of the lightest in stock at that time I guess. But still it was not light enough to my taste.
    Sun control film (~3.5k) was the only accessory added to the car for long, apart from Art leather seat covers (Rs 6.5k) that were also installed together there itself. Till universal arm rest was fixed, from the stockist near Calicut, almost after a year, in august 2010.
  6. Here is update on my latest visit details here (@29730 km).
    4th service -Done at TAFE, Greams road, Chennai.
    Coordinated by Tensingh, and Cruz.
    Booked my appointment a day before, for 29-Nov. confirmed it once again in evening.
    Reached SC by 9:20. The vehicle was checked, and I reminded of their early recommendation on elastic pads being weak, this time it was checked by steering to extreme left and right, and T mentioned no sound, so it may not be required, but will check inside and update. No other issues reported by me. specified that I would like to be present while works are being done, since there were other cars that came before, I was updated that my car will be worked on only during afternoon 2-3 pm. So i left to ofice, called C at 1:47, came to know that they already started, (unpleasantly surprised, since I had told them to call me), any way I was there by 2:15. Saw that oil was being drained and changed. I had about 1L old oil with me and had told them to use it first for oil change, and also provide me with new oil 1L or less, to keep with me. They did it, albeit with some confusion- they did not use it fully while doing the fill, so something was left, and only on my clarification, they used that also, (since once filled and then engine started, it again drinks some more..half L or so..to be topped up sooner). So, I got about 1 L 'new' oil in my can for future top up needs. Filters changed. I asked for a spare air filter, then changed my decision, told them I will visit after 6 months or so,and get it. My office is hardly 3 km away, and I need not keep an air filter with me for 6 months idle, so so.
    Suspension opening was almost to begin, and fingers were crossed. Before opening, it was noticed link rods were in bad shape. A tear in one end too, with dust and debris accumulated. So needs replacement. 3k wil be gone!! and since it is teared, EW doesnt apply is the update.!not sure of this. Once elastic pads was open, it was seen in a bad condition with similar to rust and all worn out, so certain to replace. 5-6k gone in air. while refitting the strut the left one had some issues- not geting tightened, verdict is it needs replacement. strut, so also link rods are not in stock, so a repeat visit will b required. They will order and update me. So it will be another 5-7k with labour, I believe for that visit.
    No tyre rotation done this time. Earlier there was a small alloy bend noticed on FR, and it was taken to rear, about 1-2 months back. So, no more rotation this time for the right side. Left side F and rear examined and it was told no "need" to rotate. wear is fine. tyre life will be 5 to 10k max more is the observation.
    brake disc and drum are cleaned. I had asked why to do this, anyway front pad is about to be replaced in another 5k or so, wrt its condition. and at that time both will definitely be replaced. so why bother spend 400 each and 'clean' them??. they convinced me- they win. so too about rear drum/shoes cleaning. 390+390 is the rate.
    Wheel balancing & Wheel alignment done. FL indicator bulb was replaced it was giving near white light instd of orange. i had left it like that even when i had noticed it before.
    work done by 6-630, had to stil wait long not<30min for geting invoicing done. not a pleasant experience. went out and had masala dosa and kaapi, since i was hungry sitting idle :)
    before leaving, found the replaced left indicator is not blinking, seems loose contact. corected, corrected again, and there it goes, in a tap. so again waited for anther 20 mins b4 they cud get it corected, the holder part. finaly left by 7:15 with my pocket 14.9k lighter.
    overall, it was surely a "better service experience" than the last 3, the guys here listen, care, get things clarified and doesnt give worries.

    2012-12-05 129.jpg

    2012-12-05 130.jpg

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    Just pasting the link to my previous service experiences here ->

    Second Service: Nov 2010

    Third Service: Nov 2011

    In fact a whooping discovery that I made during my latest service (4th one at TAFE) was that of a miss in my Service history.
    My third service made at ECR concorde consisted of 2 visits, the latter one due to parts non availability during the original visit.
    The details about this visit, i.e., tran fluid, brake fluid, PS fluid changes etc which are necessary to honour EW at a later stage, if required, were not recorded in history. There was just an entry in the history, but no details inside!!
    Currently I am following up with Concorde ECR since last few days about making this correction/ addition to the history.
    So far about 6-7 phone calls to and fro, still waiting!
    It is like this only!:hit:hit
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  7. sungoa2010


    what is part no 9999-9 (other item-9)? In my case that part no is coming against engine oil
  8. Hmm, really sorry! Can't recollect. As far as the items listed are concerned, i had confirmed one by one and was fine with all before ticking those.
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  9. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    ThePunter Sir , Your Punto's Pics are Good !! :cool:
  10. Can’t stop loving it..!
    Long gap between my postings. Well, no interesting rides happened in 2013, the last one being during Dec’12 when we had a family road trip to Hyd. It’s only city rides since then. Anyway, I will share some random musings here J hmmm,.. in reverse order? as I remember it
    Right now, since the last few weeks, have been thinking of how to prepare for the upcoming (November month it is) 48 months completion service. Ride quality has become bit rough. I may think it is due to both the service due proximity as well as some tyres hardening. Particularly going through hard surfaces with bit of loose gravel/sand is an irritant. Those small but sharp rubber?plastic humps too.(I hate Velachery O-bridge so much for this reason, it is much felt inside) SA had mentioned it since a year-but I haven’t given a serious thought. yet hope it is not a big threat. So, what about GT3? “I” have had perfectly fine experience with them so that confuses me a lot too. Hear /read much about how some others are superior w/r/t GT3 but if I never had an issue, why bother. Had just 2 punctures in the whole ~4 years’ time (touch wood) both noticed few days later to when it happened I think, but never was much noticeable too. Rain or shine, the tyres has held extremely well. Doing an insane 160+ in even more insane pouring rain is no joke, aah! ~200m of road to my house has been in shambles since quite some time; plus all other off-roading in Chennai roads. Never had a cause of worry. Also I think a handsome 1k less per tyre is welcome. The tire shop person at greams-road had this opinion ->”GT3 (or any brand) is all fine on new cars, but now since car has become older, properties have changed, so it is better to go for a better one like Michelin/Yoko/BS”. I don’t know if I can go by that opinion. May be there is truth. Didn’t seem like just a sales push to me.
    Unfortunately haven’t done an air filter take-out-and-clean since the last service. L Bad, considering the dusty set up here. will try do it this weekend.(?)
    Had found the engine oil level low when I checked it a month back. It was almost as low as, or more than the last tip of the stick!!. My quarter can of reserve selenia was not enough. So visited Ramkay@OMR very next day and had a top up. It gulped in an almost full 1L !! I was damn in awe ! hopefully I didn’t screw much things inside. It was all relatively small <1 hr city rides around this time, so hopefully engine was not put to extremes much. Also, short one indeed, but the staff was courteous and I am keen in going back to Ramkay for the service.
    There is some krr sound coming from right rear power window, when closed from full-possible-open position. The person indicated seems regulator needs change, but for now liveable.


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