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Alternater Whine audible through Blaupunkt THA 475 AMP

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by azeet_kumar, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. i forgot to mention, try to reduce gain a little. lets see if this reduces the whining
  2. punto9033


    Thanks azeet for sharing with me but i am not able to reduce yaar now a days everyone are getting frustrated to sit also in my car because of this sound. Did you get any solution.
  3. Yes , but wait till i get the noise filter from Sonic Electronix
    Do These till then :
    1. reduce the gain
    2. power your AMP directly from battery using thick cables.
    These two steps actually reduced the noise significantly from my system. but it is not completely gone. That is why i have ordered for a noise filter.
    i am planning to mount my amp in front left footwell so that length of wires can be kept minimum.
    one thing noticed : i am using infiniti reference component in front and these speakers are of 2 Ohms. These only are giving problems (noise comes through these only) . Rear once are rockford fosgate 4 ohms speakers which does not give any such prob.
    what is your config?

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